Harry Styles To Become A Ballerina? One Direction Star Wants To Take Up Ballet!

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Well, THAT’S something we didn’t expect to be writing about today.

Yep, it really is true, our very own Hazza is thinking of taking up dancing – ballet dancing at that.

Apparently, he’s after being just like Mick Jagger, and hopes to emulate his dance moves.


I mean, we don’t mind because you know, he looks pretty damn hot in a tutu 😉

An insider has revealed that he’s spoken to Jaggers’ personal trainer Torje Eike about taking it up.

The insider said: “Harry wants a career spanning decades like Mick’s and to have that he recognises that fitness, health and developing his body is the key.

“He spoke to Torje about Jagger’s intense routine of kick-boxing, running, weights and, most importantly, ballet.

“That’s the Achilles’ heel in Harry’s training. He can’t dance and neither can any of the 1D boys – their choreographer recognised early on that they shouldn’t dance on stage.”

Soooooo why would Hazza want to be prancing around in a leotard then? Now, that’s a question.

We all know that 1D are under an intense fitness regime at the moment, to be in the best shape possible for their tour.

And that’s where this has all come from. The boys have been getting into shape with personal trainer Mark Jarvis, and Jarvis’s boss Ramzy Khachik suggested ballet.

He thinks it would be a good way for the boys to channel their energy into something that will make them hard workers, and help keep them fit.

He said: “Nobody works harder than ballet dancers. It’s all about grace, stance and strength.

“Harry sees how supple Mick is, how he manages to stretch his body and do contortions.

“It’s a brilliant art form and will get more grace into his movements – if you’re graceful you can get away with minimalistic moves, which is what their choreography is about.”

Who knows, next time you see 1D in concert, they might be floating around in pink tutus and ballet shoes.

Yeah, we doubt it too. But, who knows maybe we could have the next Billy Elliot on our hands?

What do you think about Harry taking up ballet? Yay or Nay?


  • Morgan Abbe

    Lol no.

  • Kelsey

    I take ballet so we could duet together

    • Jenna

      Me too! Imagine him doing lifts and stuff!!! :) AH!

  • Ruchi

    Hell No! I love my boys just the way they are

  • Lolo Awad

    -_- I don’t think this is true , they say that because he jokes like that -_- people believe every thing

  • Kylee Styles

    I’m fine with harry doing whatever he wants. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy

    • brianna horan

      True luv ya harry

      • Harry’s Cupcake

        Of course if he is happy I’m happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kendra <3 1D

    nay im a horse

    • Riel Whittle

      Lol hay is for horses :3

      • kendra <3 1D

        Lol true

  • Saratomlinson#

    Wouldnt mind he would look good as a ballerina probaly …. Omg there’s two lady bugs on my wall!

  • vanessa

    He might look good in tights… ahhh

  • Nikki Horan

    I think that male ballerinas are sexy. Haha I looked it up online and I think they are called “Dinsuers” but I’m not sure. XD

  • Pia

    He can wear everything*-* haha

  • Nialler4ever

    Well, if that’s what he wants to do…
    Some people who don’t like One Direction, a.k.a. The Wanted, may start pinning gay rumours on him again for doing ballet. :(
    Um… I’m not a big fan of the idea tbh, but if that’s what he really wants to do then good luck to Harry.

    • Jenna

      Don’t worry….real men dance!

  • hollie

    Harry would totally be a kick-ass ballet dancer!!! 😀

  • Thesslarryship

    It honestly doesn’t matter to me. Alot of people do ballet to get into shape, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Alannah

    I doubt this is true. it just doesn’t seem right

  • directionnerrrr

    wowww harry as a ballerina..!! LOVE IT..!! <333 😀

  • Ann Evans

    I do ballet

  • Hannah

    Yay! I’d love to see a flexible 1D. Flips and stuff can be done easier if they do ballet! Just be careful!!

  • Howis1D

    I would so wanna go see him dance to swan lake 😀 <3 And if he wants to dance, let him dance :)

  • Jenna

    First off, don’t make any rude comments. Real men dance ballet. Most ballet dancers are stronger than sports athletes. Football players take ballet, etc. Also, this article kind of annoys me. Boys don’t wear leos or tutus! Ugh! I hate it when peeps stereotype ballet, but whatevs I’m not bitter just a little annoyed.

    ANYWAYS! I think it’s great. Have fun Harry, but be prepared to work hard!

    (I really hope he takes ballet. He would look sooooo hot!)

  • Lucy stephens

    he can do what he wants

  • Abigail

    I’m fine with him taking ballet!:) it would be AMAZAYN if they did flips and other stuff on stage!!!!!!:)

    (If I ever get to go to one of there concerts)

  • Brynn_Nevins1D

    “And now, introducing professional ballet dancer and performer, please welcome Sir Harry Styles with “Sugar Plum Fairy”.”

  • One Direction Fan

    Well.. Uh, I didn’t see that coming.. But uh.. Whatever floats your boat! It would help you guys get into shape even more!
    If your happy, I’m happy :)

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    Ballet is a good dancing to help with strength. Hell, football players did ballet. It’s a good dance for strength and I think Harry should take it. Hell, I think all the boys should take it. It can be part of their workout.

  • Ya$hika

    Is this done kind of a joke?! Cause this is FUNNY!!! Harry taking up ballet and them dancing around in PINK TUTUS!! #nay #nay

  • Tom Havrilka

    That’s great and his choice so as long as he’s happy it’s all good!

    But seriously… Guys don’t wear tutus even in ballet. Or at least not where I’m from!

  • bella styles

    okay I love harry he is like my 1# person but tutus are not his thing