Harry Talks About A Change Of Haircut

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Harry Edward Styles – the man with the legendary locks of lust. Will he ever change his hairstyle though?

Harry Styles hair - sweet!

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Louis said:

“I can’t see Harry changing his hair,” before Liam quickly butted in to say “I reckon Harry’s gonna go my way”.

Zayn quipped: “I mean, what can he do with it? What can he do?!”

Harry then decided to speak up on the matter, saying: “It would have to be gradual, I’ll be like ‘I’ve stiiilll got long haaaaiiir”.

In came Louis: “Yeah, no hair at the top and just curls at the side!”

Leaving Harry to finish with “Just one piece of hair”!

What a sweet look that would be!

Would you like to see Hazza with Liam’s locks?

Or what about a schmoozy blonde quiff like Zayn (used to have). We’re big fans of Zayn’s ex-blonde-quiff by the way.

On another matter, Harry has been apart from Taylor for well over a week now – isn’t it time for his next girlfriend?

Place your bets below!

Pixie Lott, first on our Harry Styles prediction list :)

Here’s one to get you started… Pixie Lott. Yes? No?

  • Harry4ever!!

    I don’t want Harry to have Liam’s hair (don’t take that the wrong way Liam) and then Liam’s hair wouldn’t be special?! Harry, we all love your curls, but you cut ur hair the way you want your hair cut!! Also, just wait for a girlfriend for now!! Even though we want u to be happy!!

  • Ashlee

    I luv Hazza’s hair. He shouldn’t change it. And no I cannot see Harry with tht chick

  • 1D~Lover
  • Emma


  • daniella berrios

    i think we all know the answer to both questions……don’t change the perfect hair…..and…….please no new girlfriend!!!

  • Josie Miller

    i love his hair and no girl friend

  • kathryn

    I luv his hair and noooo

  • donya

    no harry plz don’t cut your hair….!!:(you look good

  • michelley

    if he changes his hair, it should be too drastic! liams hair is taking too long to grow back :( and i dont think he NEEDS a girlfriend just because he broke up with one.