Harry Talks About A Change Of Haircut

Harry Edward Styles – the man with the legendary locks of lust. Will he ever change his hairstyle though?

Harry Styles hair - sweet!

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Louis said:

“I can’t see Harry changing his hair,” before Liam quickly butted in to say “I reckon Harry’s gonna go my way”.

Zayn quipped: “I mean, what can he do with it? What can he do?!”

Harry then decided to speak up on the matter, saying: “It would have to be gradual, I’ll be like ‘I’ve stiiilll got long haaaaiiir”.

In came Louis: “Yeah, no hair at the top and just curls at the side!”

Leaving Harry to finish with “Just one piece of hair”!

What a sweet look that would be!

Would you like to see Hazza with Liam’s locks?

Or what about a schmoozy blonde quiff like Zayn (used to have). We’re big fans of Zayn’s ex-blonde-quiff by the way.

On another matter, Harry has been apart from Taylor for well over a week now – isn’t it time for his next girlfriend?

Place your bets below!

Pixie Lott, first on our Harry Styles prediction list :)

Here’s one to get you started… Pixie Lott. Yes? No?

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