Harry Wants To Shave His Hair Off – Should He Or Shouldn’t He?

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Harry is famous for his beautiful, luscious locks, and many a boy in this world has tried to emulate him – even Liam admitted he copied his hairstyle a while ago.

He told his best buddy Nick Grimshaw from Radio 1 during a recent interview that:

“I want to shave my hair off, and no one will really let me. Everyone’s telling me not to do it. And my argument is, like, I think my popularity is in my face, and not my hair.”

Wooah Harry slow down one minute – you can’t just go shaving your hair off like that!

Perhaps start with a trim, maybe a “short back and sides”, and gradually work your way down. Give us a bit of time to get used to it at least.

Or perhaps go for something a bit more “out there” – a bit of Scrillex anyone?

Harry continued with the interview:

“I was reading a magazine today, and I saw this big article in the back, and it was talking about men wearing tights… because basically it just feels really comfortable, so I’ve been putting them on under my jeans.”

“So I’m just wondering if you could get me some good ones. Like, some crotchless ones. Just because I’ve been stealing my sister’s. The thing is, I’m not sure if I’m ready to bring them out.”

We’re….. like…. speechless….


We don’t quite know what to say. Directioners, say it for us in your comments below!

  • Harry’s amazing

    ok its a joke

  • Paigepenner

    ok seriously it was a joke they were playing a game on the radio jeez

  • Lauren_faye

    It was a joke guys but, even it he wanted to we cant stop him, as much as wee like his curls!

  • Hannah


  • Future wife of Harry Styles

    No! harry should NOT shave his hair of!

  • iloveswac

    U can tell its not true. Girls like him for his hair only. Why wld u do tht.
    And He looks like jb justin bieber so noooooo. Personally I dont fink his cute btw

  • LilyDirectioner


  • I LOVE HARRY<3 !!!!

    Yo, it may be fake but even if it isn’t you should like harry for who he is deep downn, not for his poularity or hair or even his beautiful voice or face. It what inside that really counts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/genesis.styles Genesis Styles

    it was just a joke people 

  • Amy Gonzalez10

    oh thank god!

  • Arleth 1D #1fan

    oh thank god its not true i was getting scared but either way i would still love him but i wont stopnloving him just bcuz he doesnt have all his hair he is still the same HARRY STYLES  all thought…. we will have to get used to it …   :(

  • Kellwright

    No he shouldn’t.!!!! 
    His gorgeous with hair than without, but i’ll still love him for whatever choice he make.!!! <3

  • nobody

    it shouldn’t matter if he does or doesn’t harry is his own person and can make his own choices. i am pretty sure he is an adult. I think it will take some time if he does for fans to get used to it but i dont mind.

  • Tailamac

    Harry should not shave his hair his hair makes him hot

  • Tailamac_123

    Harry is 19 this year he is so HOT

  • Kateb1

    Joke or not Harry can do what ever he wants, I d love him with or without his curls even though they are amazingly cute!

  • Kateb1

    Anyone else find it ironic all the ads surrounding ths article are about hair loss, wigs, conditioner and just hair in general….
    Lol 😀



  • Peaceluvparty623

    Omg this was a joke y r they saying tht he was actually wanting to shave his head n wear crotchless tights??

  • Noodlebug25

    If he shaves his head i will fucking murder him

  • tania

    yea dont shave your hair  we like you because of your hair ill you cream to make my infection of one directoin and go outside on cold days and get bebeir fever again

  • Pushi90210@live.com

    Hell nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Melinda

    Good i hope he never thinks about doing that

  • victorialuvszayn

    AAhem! Harry shouldn’t cos the hole point of his name is “HARR” so he shouldn’t. If does imma go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • victorialuvszayn

      *harry imean

  • Castillobriana806

    If harry really did shave his head (i know it was a joke) I really wouldnt care like come on its.hair I would drag his ass back to houston and keep him in my attic

  • Hristina_mch


  • Vianney

    dont shave ur hair u will look  ugly

  • Fellow Directioner (:

    it was a tottal joke!!! they were playing Call or Delete! he was calling his old hairstylist as a prank! man the things pleople come up with!!!

  • Emmy Styles

    keep his hair please

  • http://twitter.com/siratjeh1 siratjeh

    Type your comment here.harry should shave his hair bald I think he knaper with it

  • Guest Isabella

    No Harry Shouldn’t shave his Harry

  • Kaitlyn Rules


  • Baby_boo_bear1

    No. His curls are amazing. And a girl needs something to hold on to(;

  • FuentesaO1

    To be honest harry should get it his hair a trim but his hair is gorgeous I have never seen a guy with that kind of hair so harry don’t shave it

  • Amal_yucut4

    ppl its all a lie sso yea get ur facts right

  • Ashtonchism

    Joke or not, I think Harry she be able to do what he wants with his hair. I mean its on his head?? Shaving his head would prove who the true directioners are, the fame should be based on his talent and personality, not hair style. I will always love Harry, no matter what.

  • Katja Knudsen


  • EmilieRK

    Please don’t! Your hair is unique! I’ve never seen someone with her like yours! :-)
    It’s extraordinHARRY!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000871390210 Cæcilie Bergmann Engers

    With or without your hair you are still the best singer ever. We love you curles, and we will still love you without them. Your curles arent the reason why we listen to your music. 

  • Mbroussard1221

    No Dont!

  • Bethanygoordman

    if you shave your hair off i will still be your fan no matter what you do:)

  • Laughatlols

    Good it’s a joke, but Harry is free to do whatever he wants

  • Vanessa

    It’s none of our business what Harry decides to do, it’s his body. If he wants to shave his hair then he can. 
    But imo he shouldn’t. It’s his trademark and it wouldn’t suit him.

  • BoyDirectioner

    No, Harry! dont do it! Your hair is beatuful! DONT DO IT!! please!! :'(

  • Hoovershamaya

    Its not real he said that on Call or Delete!!!

  • Mariejoe99

    Noooo dont shave your hairrr! Trust me your hair are very beauttifull like this so plz dont change love u
    xx :*

  • Xiomara <3

    Babe, this was part of the radio show he did with Grimmy called, Dial or Delete. He certainly doesn’t want to shave his head! So please listen or read carefully. Directioner all the way!!!


    Well, this is a bad article but because he said this just to prank his friend from back home and as for the crotchless pants he said that to prank his stylist. It was all apart of this game he played on a radio interview.

  • guest

    it was a joke…he was playing a game on the radio and had to prank call his stylist and hair stylist 

  • Alexis Styles1D

    no dont delelt

  • http://twitter.com/dream456hayley hhhHayleyyy☼

    If he did shave his head ( i know its not true) He would still be beautiful(: 

  • Bbear0803


  • Caroline

    no..but even if u did i would still love u for ur personallitty…..i cry every day just bcuz you dont know i exist

  • Mikayla Freeman

    I dont want him 2 i love his hair the way it is 

  • Alexis(:

    It was a joke. But when he was younger.. He did have 2 wear his sisters tightes in a play 4 school. It was in the book Dare to Dream:Life as One Direction

  • http://twitter.com/Aleisha_Jane Aleisha A.

    it was a joke lol he did call or delete prank calling users in his phone ahahaha

  • One Direction = my <3's!!!

    Guys calm the f down its a joke!And if he did shave off his curls if you were TRUE directioners you would still luvvvv him:)

  • Ashley Khan

    No Harry :( don’t!!

  • scotlinismyname

    Although we know it was a joke Harry can pull off many things but i just don’t think a bald head and crotchless tights are one of those things! sorry Harry

  • a directioner from norway<3

    harry, please don’t do that!!

  • harry<3

    We love your curly hair<3 don't, don't don't!!!

  • Cameron

    no harry dont shave your head 

  • yairin

    dont shave your hair harry i love u

  • Grace

    wait, this was posted at the end of may in 2012, how am I getting this now in 2013?

  • http://twitter.com/xxStacey_Gx Stacey Greene

    Harry it is ur hair u should do what u what

  • Guest

    If he shaves his head he will lose SO many fans. He is famous for his hair. Your face i s gorgeous, too, Hazza- but PIPE THE F*CK DOWN! If you shave your hair I guarantee you that you will lose aLOT of your fans. Your band is changing enough no one needs you to shave your head. Just— TOO MUCH!