Harry’s Latest Cougar Denies Anything Happened – YAWN

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We’re getting a little tired of all these Harry Styles stories in the press. The latest woman reported to have had romantic clinch with Harry is ITV reporter Caroline Whitmore.

Harry Styles linked with Caroline Whitmore

Talking with The Sun, a source said:

“Harry was the only one of the boys to kiss her — and he did it twice. That started the rest of the boys teasing him in front of her saying things like, ‘Ooh — a kiss for Caroline. It wouldn’t be the first time’.”

“Harry tried to brush it off but the lads kept teasing them and making funny noises and dropping hints they were an item.”

After Caroline had interviewed Harry, she said:

“He was very sweet. He was the only one to kiss me and twice! He did blush.”

Thankfully though, Caroline took to Twitter to deny anything had happened, saying:

“Lovely lads but clearly I don’t mean that like todays utter rubbish.”

We never believed it anyway!

We’d much rather think about Larry Stylinson, LOL :)

Can anyone name all the women that Harry has been linked with since being in One Direction? Start guessing below…