Haylor Skyped “Up To Five Hours A Day ” Over Christmas

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Haylor are currently together in New York, where Taylor Swift is getting ready to perform at tonights HUGE Rockin’ New Year’s Eve gig in Times Square, where over 1 MILLION people are set to cram into the streets to ring in the new year.

Haylor in England

The ‘ball drop’ is a traditionally popular event and joining Taylor on-stage will be Carly Rae Jepsen and Train amongst others.

A source revealed to The Sun that:

“Harry and Taylor spoke online up to five times a day while they were apart.”

Haylor SURE love each other don’t they :)

Haylor dancing

The source added:

“They got their families involved too, so it wasn’t just them locked inside their bedrooms for hours on end. It was a good opportunity to familiarise their families as they were all together at Christmas.”

Hazza forgot his passport – perhaps making the pair slightly nervous of whether they’d be spending NY in NY together.

Elsewhere, our little five cherubs have been named “Britain’s Most Popular Live Act”, ahead of mega-bands Coldplay and The Rolling Stones.

The stats have been revealed by ticket website Viagogo.co.uk, ahead of the hotly anticipated One Direction 2013 Tour.

Have you managed to bag yourself any tickets?

  • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

    I hope that people realize that this is likely to be another BS gossip story before they start ranting…

    • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

      Ik I’m just sick I haylor tho haylor that everything is about them that’s personal an private stuff and this site shouldn’t be saying that. We need 1D updates cu this is a 1D updating site not haylor. They need to create another one for haylor updates not this one!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/hunt_maris Maris Hunt

    e_e i’m tired of hearing about Haylor… Please, stop.

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails

      It’s the new hot topic, especially because it gets people riled up. Plus not that much is happening right now, celebs are at home for the hollidays, and you get very little gossip…

      I also think that this is pure gossip, 100% not verifiable, but very effective to get people talking.

      I would like to add with no ill feeling to people who are unhappy with all things “Taylor and Harry”: you are also free not to read it. Just skip it if it’s going to put you in a bad mood, there is no need to torture yourself.

      • sabrina

        That is really true why wud u click on it if
        u dont support haylor.????? O_o

        • Bloooop

          Because it’s freaking annoying jeeze. what’s wrong with her just commenting?

        • Hedayah Krakra

          Y do u care

    • sabrina

      If you are tires of hearing abt it then why did u click on the link and read it????? I dont really care who harry is with as long as he is happy

      • Hedayah Krakra

        Y do u care u r like the only person I know how is happy for haylor

        • sabrina

          Im not happy abt it im just saying that u shudnt be posting things that r mean fo do thay stiff somewhere else!!

    • Sarah

      YesX3 whenever i see Haylor in the title of news i remember how much i hate people who are looking for any chances to use others for their goals!!!!

      • Hedayah Krakra

        That’s exactly wat I say so mostly every body hates haylor they just like harry

    • Hedayah Krakra

      I am not tired I just hate it

    • 1d_sister

      I really fail to understand why people can’t stand Haylor!
      Me and my best friend(she hates Haylor) did something. We asked every teacher at school about Haylor’s picture. About how they looked together. Obviously all the teachers said “uh…um… Cute, really!”
      We told them all the lovey facts of these two and all the teachers said that they are very cute!!!
      Conclusion:- Only particular Directioners can’t stand Haylor.
      All sensible people on earth know that Haylor is mega cute!!!
      But of course, we did not tell our teachers about Taylor’s past!!! That could’ve changed their answer!!!

      • Zoe Staines

        your wrong

        • 1d_sister

          think twice before you say something

      • sophie

        exactly, if they knew that taylor is a boyfriend addict then they would know haylor is bad

        • 1d_sister

          but can’t we just forget her freakin fast and support the two of them?!

          why can’t people stand them!?

          just bcoz they freakin like Harry’s looks??!?!?!?!?!?!

          well, get over it now!!!!!!!!
          ……………….(i gotta calm down)…………………………….

          look, sophie..

          Haylor is not bad…

          you people have fixed it in your mind that Haylor is bad for everyone.

          Remove that statement and give them a new start.

          Imagine Harry seeing your comments …..

          He would immediately hate you!!!

          Why? Obviously bcoz he would think you r a bad minded person!

          Think of it this way…

          You people say that she’s gonna break his heart in the end and all that blabber…

          But Harry’s wiser and smarter than you…

          he knows this…

          if you think that ur comments are gonna warn him, then stop commenting sh*t about it!

          he is better warned then you think!!!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/Chloe_styles_ Chloe Styles

        Okay why the heck would u even ask ur TEACHERS about HAYLOR, just… what?
        And how they look together doesn’t really matter, it’s the matter about how they actually are together.
        And ur conclusion isn’t right, I bet AT LEAST 1/2 directioners doens’t support Haylor, some just say that they are happy as long as Harry is happy.
        R u saying I’m not sensible.
        And u realize that ur going against urself there -,- Exactly, Taylor Swift dates stars when their stuff is popular. For example, Taylor Lautner during Twilight, now Harry from One Direction.
        But, I think everyone has their own opinions, and I think just arguing here is useless, we can change nothing.

        • 1d_sister

          Chloe, I’m not dumb!
          Those 1/2 Directioners you were talking about… They just want Harry to stay single!!! My best friend…. She’s one of them!!!
          Alright! Agreed that Taylor dates people based on their fame…
          But why don’t you understand that you are hurting her feelings when you say that she’s bad for him!! Can’t she be in love…
          Imagine you were in her place…
          Won’t you cry all day when you read stuff like those?!?!
          People like you have fixed it in your mind that Haylor is bad!!!
          God!!! Get a grip!!!
          Why can’t you stand Harry’s happiness?!?! And you call yourself a true directioner?!?!!!
          You know what… Personally, I HATE TAYLOR! But spare her BCOZ she’s in love!!!
          Think twice before you say something, Chloe!

    • sabrina

      Its gossip it annous people and thats what its meant to do make peolpe upset angrt happy excited or have any other feelings

    • Zoe Staines


    • samantha

      i know me too

    • http://twitter.com/hunt_maris Maris Hunt

      Well their relationship ended quick anyways

  • http://twitter.com/Gab_by1d Liam Please Followme


  • Jamie

    -_- i just don’t like them. seriously.

  • love1d4evr

    Why Taylor???
    Why not me???

    • http://twitter.com/FabulousNails FabulousNails


    • Sarah


    • Hedayah Krakra

      I know right.(I am saying I know for me to date harry not u lol

      • 1d_sister


  • MaryDirectioner

    Me to ! It’s all time the same… Haylor here, Haylor there…

  • Dhfbxhtjfjtbchtf

    I want r Harry back

  • Dhfbxhtjfjtbchtf


  • gaby’s1D

    i hate haylor

  • http://twitter.com/miica11alex voina monika

    I don’t like haylor …but we’ve got to admit that she isn’t a bad person …in fact she’s a really good one …..but if she messes with harry it won’t be good for her.

  • Ananda

    Nossa… Eles são fofos juntos… Mas isso pode ser um namoro so por vausa da midia sei lá….


    Maybe this mean they really are together. So maybe some of the Directioners should stop talking about her so badly! I know no one wants to see their favorite guys in the world date, but they are soo just get over it. They don’t want to die old and alone! And if they even thought about dating some of you they would be arrested because you’re not legal age for them!

  • Emily

    I don’t get why people are against Haylor? I don’t know much about Taylor but why all the hate? Is it because of her or is it specifically those two together that people don’t like? 0.o

  • raestar

    this is disturbing,this private relationship has to reveal, it’s ok to hang out but they’re not get s*x after the eve XDD

  • Tiffany

    Can we get more about one direction instead of haylor haylor and haylor! I’m already trying hard to delude myself into thinking that I only want Harry to be happy when in reality I wish he’d spare some time he spent on skyping for video diaries or interacting with fans. Spare me from haylor okay? I’m a fan of 1D, Harry Styles, NOT Taylor Swift. Don’t make Harry and Taylor a 2 in one package please!! I really can stop disliking haylor if you’d just stop bombarding me with their photos seriously!

  • amazing#1d

    oh shut up, its SO CUTE!!!!!!!

    • @Stef_Belew

      Irrelevant Peasent.

      • janine

        Lmao Louis much?

      • amazing#1d


      • amazing#1d


  • Darcy Styles

    I’m tired of Haylor I’m getting off this page…call me back when her new song about him is out…

  • LeAnn

    seriously? everywhere i go this is all i see HAYLOR THIS HAYLOR THAT im really tired of them. she should just skip to the song writing part

  • http://twitter.com/1DRAWKKS FollowMeLZLNH

    If you guys want Harry to be happy just stop with the hate he will decide on his own I she is not the “ONE” it’s their life their discussion so can you just stop with the hate. If you love Perrie and Zayn, Eleanor and Louis, maybe Danielle and Liam, maybe Niall and Demi we need To be supportive for them and as true fans we shouldn’t hate sooooo please stop all the hate and bs + it’s really freaken annoying

  • http://www.facebook.com/AllyBear.H Albria Haulcy

    Omg their spending New Years together

    • haileyhaileyhailey

      Oh yeah like they haven’t already. I’m sure that when they’re together they just sit around playing checkers all day.

    • Hedayah Krakra


    • Sarah

      Hum !!! yes maybe but i prefer to think just some kissing happend NOT MORE AND SERIOUSE things!!!?

  • Ramina

    God dammit. Anyone else notice taylor dresses like an old lady??!!

    • OliviaStyles

      Hahahahahahahaahahahahhaha omg yes!

  • http://twitter.com/Roman_1D Bri1DBieber

    The more you guys talk about Taylor the more I wanna throw a f*cking rock at her .-.

  • OliviaStyles

    Why does Harry go for someone who just dates every man she sees. He should know that she will just break his heart badly. Poor baby. I love you harry. Why dont you dump her and go out with me!? Hahahahahahaha

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    I don’t really like Harry and Taylor together but I feel like we have to support Harry. If he saw any of the Haylor hate I’m SURE he would be upset, and I know I don’t want him to be. So y’all, think before you speak/type.

  • http://twitter.com/DeeK1999 Dee Cheyanne

    I got tickets for Christmas! I miss the old Harry. The one who was always with the boys. I like Taylor and all, but he spends too much time with her.

  • Victoria

    Really for five hors I’m getting sick and tired of haylor I don’t want them to be together

  • Guest

    Uph…..tired of all this HAYLOR drama…!!…i don’t have any hate towards Taylor or Harry..!!…But seeing them together is not just right…maybe bcoz she is knwn for breaking men’s heart….but here she is not only breaking Hazza’s heart but ruining the whole band…if Taylor wasn’t there….then Harry would of course enjoy this New Year Eve either with his family or would be with the band…!!..aNyway directionerss…If this Drama still goes on…then..Get ready for a song of Taylor Swift describin’ our Harry..!!

  • Di_Styles

    5 hours? Pshh, I stalk 1D 24/7.

    • Hedayah Krakra

      I stalk them more than u do cuz I bet u don’t stalk them in school which I do but I don’t care if I get caught and I stalk them in the bathroom an when I am sleeping I dream about them so ha

  • alexa<3s1D

    Haylor was just a big mistake , everyone you should check out “the haylor song” on youtube I love it

  • Jasmin Mendoza

    Taylor is nice and all but she is hogging Harry ! She doesn’t let the boys get enough attention from Harry and is tearing the band apart , if she lets Harry spend more time with the boys I would like Haylor , not saying I hate them but I would like it batter if the happened

  • esmeralda nunez

    When I first heard that harry was dating taylor I didn’t like them togetherbut then I read a story onnhow all the hate can get to some people and inlike taylor and dont want her to harm herself so I stopped hating hecause I felt bad and I now could see that harry seems happy and as long as harry is happy I’m happy so stop hating on taylor if don’t like haylor keep you’re opinions to you’re self okay cause some f you’re words hurt others in ways you will neve know
    love, Esmeralda Nunez

  • 1Dlover

    This is dum just stop with oh haylor this o them tht just let them live there god bame life in peace

  • esmeralda nunez

    tSorry if I spelled some things wrong in my last post… if you’re smart enough you’ll understand what I meant to put thank you (:

  • @Stef_Belew

    Guys, don’t worry. I’m a Harry girl, and I hate this, but in a month, She is going on Tour, and will be all over the place, and then in February 1D are going on tour and they’ll also be everywhere. But, they won’t be able to see each other, and the fact that their both realIy famous superstars, is a very slight chance they will stay together much longer. They will both be on tour for a year away from each other so let them enjoy it while it lasts. Cuz it wont be long.

  • heishly

    I love Harry.And I like Taylor.SEPARATELY.I just hope neither of them get hurt

  • Ashley Rodgers

    I agree, I don’t care who Harry or any of the other boys are with as long as they’re happy. I mean, it’s their life not ours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bella.torez.9 Bella Torez

    As long as Harry is happy I’m happy: )

  • http://twitter.com/IGoOneWay1D Christine Says Hi :]

    Ugh I just don’t ship them, I have no support on this relationship! But Taylor is a nice girl, her reputation of guys is what worries me

  • janine

    I’m going to be honest, I simply am jealous! I noticed that before she was with Harry nobody gave a damn about her background with all the guys she went out with but now that she’s with Harry she’s suddenly a whore! I’m not going to fake it like some people are like “if he’s happy so am I” no cut it out with your fake bs! Some truely believe this but others just fake it. I don’t like haylor! Haylor not taylor I think she’s a good singer and all but I don’t. Think her and harry make a good couple. My opinion everyone has their own but I don’t like Haylor!

    • Niknaz


  • http://twitter.com/love1dlovepink sarah

    I hope One Direction makes a special guest appearance at the ball drop tonight 😀

  • Zanys#1fan

    Please stop I am tired of hearing about this dnt nobody like taylor swift and she is makeing people turn against harry and I am being serious people I knw tht like harry are turing againat him because of her

  • jojo chambers

    I am getting SO TIRED of hearing ” Haylor forever! ” or just Haylor! I’m love you Harry, but I can’t stand it anymore!

  • Jari Styles

    I don’t like Haylor!

  • Hedayah Krakra

    Talor swift is using harry to make her o,d boyfriend jealous. Shes gonna break Harry’s heart and I will start cring. I cry if I hear one direction’s song.

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Uph…..tired of all this HAYLOR drama…!!…it’s gettin’ into my nerves..!!..i don’t have any hate towards Taylor or Harry..!!…But seeing them together is not just right…maybe bcoz she is knwn for breaking men’s heart….but here she is not only breaking Hazza’s heart but ruining the whole band…if Taylor wasn’t there….then Harry would of course enjoy this New Year’s Eve either with his family or would be with the band…!!..aNyway directionerss…If this Drama still goes on…then..Get ready for a song of Taylor Swift describin’ our Harry..!!

  • @N@M

    Haylor……………..please stop….theres to much information

  • http://twitter.com/HeliaAngel Helia Nicks

    Harry y doesn’t he see that Taylor is using him i’m scared that harry break down!!:(

  • directioner 4eva


  • angel

    Im crying

  • angel

    Im crying

  • megan

    does taylor creep you out as much as me with this skyping thing?

  • vicky13

    Haylor should just break up we want the sweet harry back.

  • Vanilla

    Am i the only one that thinks harry and taylor looks cute together?

  • Georgia Woolley

    I hope Taylor’s not using Harry

  • Hallie Lavin

    please don’t give me any hate about this post in just saying my thoughts which I have the right to do! I’m happy that Harry is so happy, I’ll say that but I feel that Haylor is getting more attention than is needed… don’t get me wrong they are cute together but why don’t Zayn and Perrie get as much attention? Or Louis and Elenor? Just sayin

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiara.pengue Kiara Pengue

    For all you directioners who think that harry should dump taylor, why do you care, its harry’s life if hes happy then you shoudnt judge if you guys are TRUE directioners then you wouldnt judge hazza it is his choices. im not saying i ship them im just saying that you souldnt judge them. and right now they’re happy so stay calm but if they break up and she writes a song about him then yeah you can attack.

  • samantha

    i am so sorry harry that you are holding hands with haylor :(