Holy Flirt Alert! Harry Styles Now Dating The Inbetweeners’ Emily Atack!

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Harry Styles at the Embassy in London

Another week, another new love for Harry Styles we’re sorry to report, and this time friends of Hazza are saying its serious.

Emily Atack, star of The Inbetweeners and Dancing on Ice, has supposedly been dating Harry since One Direction returned from Australia, and at 22 she’s much nearer to Harry’s age than his ex Caroline Flack and all the gadzillions of women he’s recently been linked with.

Emily Atack from The Inbetweeners

Speaking with The Sunday Mirror, a source said:

“They’re perfect for each other, they really are. They’ve been getting to know each other and keeping things quiet but they’re close. Harry has always had a crush on her and hoped he could get it together with her and they eventually did.”

If the rumours are true, then Emily will have to say goodbye to Harry for a few weeks as they dash off to America to start their debut headlining tour.

The pair are said to be besotted about each other, and the source added:

“Harry is spending so much time out of the country he finds it hard to settle down and make a long-term relationship work,’ the friend added. But he really likes Emily. She’s thinking about going to see Harry during the tour and they’ll be speaking to each other all the time.”

Interestingly, Emily tweeted over two years ago about Harry, saying:

“Does Harry from One Direction HAVE to be 16?! Let’s pretend he’s 18 at least! Then there would only be One Direction he would be going… to the bedroom!”

We presume to do a spot of revision together, right? Or possibly to admire each others posters and bedroom decorations?

Directioners, what do you think to Emily?

  • Alexis bills

    If Harry’s happy then I’m happy I’m just glad she’s closer to his age than Caroline flack was


    AWWWW :( now 4/5 of 1D is officially taken :,(

    • 1DLover

      I think 5/5 are taken

    • TanaLoves1D!

      you got it wrong, if it is true then there would be 2/5 of 1D taken, your obvi not a directioner if you forgot Louis & Liam had a girlfriend as well!!!

      • Samantha

        No. U aren’t a one directioner. Zayn has a girlfriend too. Only one left without a girlfriend is Niall. Get ur facts straight.

        • 1DLover

          Yeah and I said I think

  • 1dLuva

    This website really pisses me off… First this website said harry was dating Lily Harplen, then this website said he was dating Emily Ostilly and both of those stories were FALSE and this time this website is saying he’s dating Emily Atack so since the past stories of Harry’s love life were false, this story must be also so don’t always believe what you read!

  • Bobbie

    I think they’re cute together. Ya I’m sad now cause ALL of 1D don’t OFFICIALLY have gfs but there are very strong rumors… :( I’m happy if they’re happy tho… I guess… :/

  • Mrs. Styles

    Dangit… Noooo!!! Well im happy for him! <3

  • Giselle

    looked her up on google she looks like a porn star :/ oh well trust harry

    • 1DLover

      She does

    • Najmox

      IKR , i love harry but this girl ISN’T RIGHT FOR HIM. lol

      • Harry styles

        i agree she isnt at all right for him

        • 1DLover

          Totally agree

    • Natalie ❤’s 1D :)

      Dude, ikr! Personally, I think she’s just going to break his heart eventually. But that’s just what I think! I don’t know anything about her, but she does NOT seem right for him :\ Let’s just see how things work out, and if he’s happy, then that’s all that matters right? :)

  • Jocelyn

    Oh hell NOO!! Sh**t’s about to go down! This girl will never be a good couple with him people say they look like a cute couple .. B***h PLEASE!! She has some droupy @$$ eyes and a wide ugly smile and a huge Ass forhead … Shell Never Be compared To Directioners <3 harrys better then she will ever be and I know this comment is rude and mean but I'm sorry I cant help it my hearts finally broken </3

    • Liam’s Bitch

      Calm ur tits

  • Uh. Yeah.

    Looked her up on Google. She’s a slut. Come on Hazza, you can do better >.<

    • Harry styles

      i agreee he can do 200 times better then her not to hate but look at her she looks like a slut herself……

  • Denise

    Erm… the rumors might be true… might.. I googled him and Emily and I saw the Harry Styles look-a-like, NOT Harry… Or so it seemed, but I recommed checking it out for yourself… ;D

  • 1D fan

    Jocelyn u need to get a life!!!!! And ur name is the name of an old lady who has an electric blanket. At least the name Emily is better than urs. Harry likes her but He will hate u if u say things like tht. And besides why wld harry want to date a girl with an electric blanket!!!???!! 😉

    • Najmox

      Shutup 1d fan.

  • 1D fan

    It’s not true. He is a “look a like” execpt He is uglier than harry styles and thts sayin somethin!!!!! And if it was true why isn’t there a pic of them together:-)

  • Jass1D_

    This shouldn’t actually make me feel devastated -____- Now 4/5 of them are taken. If I hear Niall has a girlfriend, except if it’s me, it’ll depress the hell out of me. -____-

  • Directioner

    As long as harry’s happy we as fans should be happy for him and support him (:

  • Chelsea

    Actually not surprised about this. But really, Harry? I gather that he moves on pretty fast :)

  • niall horan

    guyz, zayn and me r single so then it would be 3/5

  • Macy

    if you guys are true fans, you must be happy for harry.
    he likes that girl really much, and he deserve to be happy.
    we need to suport him! we all love him!

  • Melisa x

    I am jealous on that girl :$
    But if their belong together, and if Harry happy with his new love. Its okay.. Than I’m happy for him..

  • vanessamarie

    Yall are all dumb. Why are yall mad or upset about the fact that he’s in a relationship? It’s his life let him do what he wants with it. None of you even know him and you’re all obsessed with him just because of 1D. Yes, I love the band, and yes, I like the guys but noone knows any of the guys well enough to be mad or jealous or upset about any choices they make in their lives.

  • Trinity

    Hmmmm…I think its….ummm…..uh…..FALSE!! No…maybe its true…uh…I have no deakin idea all I know is its PROBABLY false and a bunch of directioners including me are heart broken :/

  • Semra Styles

    OMFG she has such a huge forehead and why cant he date a fan!:\

  • Natalie ❤’s 1D :)

    Okay, my heart is officially shattered beyond repair. First, Niall is linked with Ali McGinley and his dad leaked that he has ‘always had strong feelings’ for someone, and now Harry. Now all of One Direction are practically taken. My heart is in so much pain right now, it isn’t even funny </3 But if my boys are happy, that's all that really matters, right? :)

  • Marty Miles

    That’s obviously a rumor.. He’s dating with me u.u
    Ok, seriously If its real I hope I’ll be happy but honestly I don’t like this girl :/

  • harry_fan

    i love harry styles so much i would go to the end of the world to see him he is the oxygen i breath without him i am lost in the dark sea if he is happy with her then i am happy for harry i wish she makes him happy all the time i love you harry <3<3<3<3<3

    • Hellokityluvr

      That is exactly how I feel I luv harry wit all my heart and would anything to see him but I would rather see him happy if I ever got the chance

  • lilly

    well as long as hes happy that should make every1 else happy and plus u still got ur imagination 1Directoners much love 2 them!!!

  • Oreocookiebaby

    Oh wow Emily not hot at all. That’s nasty!!!!

  • taylor rossabell

    Emily is ugly!!!!!!!!!

  • taylor rossabell

    Happy to write harry broke up with Emily!!!!!!! When I looked at the news for harry styles it said they broke up yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taylor rossabell

    Personaly i think selena Gómez would-be a Great girl friend for him. Forget selena and justin . Harry and selena!!!!

  • gina lee

    Emily sucks !!

  • Cheer101cheer

    dont go for emily

  • gina lee

    Emily is not cute at all .

  • taylor rossabell

    Lol emily is so ugly with her wide forhead . Lol

  • taylor styles

    Harry hot

  • Katehennessy

    why are you happy that they broke up? are you fucked up or what? harry deserves to be happy, hes allowed to date you know!!!!!

  • Syafarina I

    i’m strange seeing face emily atack, perhaps she is short-_-

  • http://twitter.com/Monicaa_Styles BelieberDirectioner™

    sorry but she is ugly and weird !

  • Lucia

    I search her on google and she looks like a porn model that girl is gust not tight fore Harry I’m glad they. broke up

  • taylor styles


  • I LOVE HARRY<3 !!!!

    I REALLY LOVE ONE DIRECTION,and wish I was the one dating HARRY!! But I’m not but the least me and u guys can do for him is accept the girls he like and cares for, I’ve never met him but I belive that he would LOVE if we acceptwd his gielfriends!!!

  • Juliamessinger

    Isnt right for him at all

  • Orianna_bubu

    noooo harry :C im Getting sad nd about to cry ! WHYY WHYY HER! SHE LOOKS LIKE A PORN STAR”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001060728209 Katie OneDirection Tweedy

    Yay!!!! one more single!!!!!

  • hanna

    y’all should at least be happy that he is happy i mean do you want him to be depressed or something i mean you all are very crewl geez just give them some space and leave her alone i mean i don’t like this either but oh well get over it

  • Directioner forever

    Im happy for Harry, hes young. You really cant blame him for being in love.. hes a normal gorgeous talented guy..he dates a girl, his choice. Be happy for him! 

  • Arleth

    that girl is not good for him i am lol jk but no joke they do not make a good couple ok im being honest….

  • Tiffanycampos12

    i love harry and all but people should stop saying that they happy that they broke up maybe he really does like her it breaks our heart but it mught be true

  • Paulinannn

    If he’s happy and you really are his fans, you should be happy for him too! :)

  • Briannalindsey

    Ik! I’m happy too!! I didn’t like her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/negei.areej Areej Khan