Hot New One Direction Interview & Posters in July’s Top of the Pops Magazine!

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One Direction fans, get yourself down to the newsagent today and grab yourself a copy of the latest Top of The Pops magazine. There’s a big feature on ONE DIRECTION with an exclusive interview, 5 HOT posters of each boy, and a lovely front cover photo to swoon over :)

Here’s a quick peek at the interview, you’ll have to read the full mag to find out all their secrets though:

Will the new album give us any surprises?

Louis: I think it will shock you. It’s not the typical boy-band sound. It’s edgier than that.
Zayn: We’ve got a sound, One Direction’s own sound.

Own up, have you been misbehaving since we last saw you?

Harry: No, we’re good boys!
Niall: In the evenings, the giddiness kicks in. It’s kind of like we go mad. We were sitting in the studio yesterday all trying to make each other laugh, and Zayn was making faces behing the producer’s back. It was just pure childishness!

We hear you all went skinny-dipping – explain yourselves!

Niall: We were doing a photo shoot and it was kind of boring, so Harry said we should take off our clothes and run down the beach. We did one lap with no clothes on, then some man with his dog turned up and the dog started sniffing round our clothes.


The boys talk about releasing their debut single very soon, so as we exclusively revealed last week, this is still on track for the beginning of September.

We’re getting so excited at 1D suddenly appearing everywhere that we don’t think we’ll be able to cope when they fly right to the top of the charts and 1D mania is truly upon us!

Photos courtesy of Top of the Pops magazine.




  • bridie

    Have just purchased last edition of TOTP Mag……No posters of 1D
    Second purchase of mag posters were enclosed. but already lost £2.99.
    Again bought six copies of latest TOTP mag and guess what, not one mag has latest 1D
    posters inside…………..Only nearly £18.00 wasted…………Is this a ploy for 1D fans to buy
    TOTP magazine!!

  • Chloe Sunshine-Styles-Tomlinson-Payne-Horan-Malik

    I bought this yesterday, the interview is really good, and the posters are probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know what the person above me is saying about there’s no posters, because there is a poster of each member! <3

    • Lilz

      hey please can you tell me where you bought yours from, becasue i cant sind the magazone anywhere? thankyou would be big help! xx

  • Lilz

    heyya, i’ve been looking for this magazine for two days now and cant find it!! where did you 3 buy them from?? thankx from Lilz xxxx

  • Love You Zayn Malik Xxx

    I luv you Your Magizine Is gr8 i luv it xxx I luv the posters i have already got a huge poster of one direction which cost 15.99 i luv it and Them XxxxX : ) : ) <3 <3 <3 <3 X

  • Harry Styles super fan!

    I <3 this mag! Got my copy, the posters were LUSH! (especially Harry! <3) this website is brill! <3 <3 <3 :) xxxxxx

  • jamila

    i just love this band lyk helllll …. especially zayn, liam and harry .. 😀 <3 <3 1D roxx <3 😀

  • Leah

    It looks great but i looked evry wher for it and couldnt find it can any1 help me i love them very much NIALL! <3 could you tell me where i could get my copy from if you can still get one???

  • http://facebook Vikki (Biggest 1D Fan ever)

    i want them posterss i love one direction they are amazing i saw them in the xfactor tour i loved them sing grennad and i love there song got to be u and there song one thing well i love all there songs x

  • Kytukytu

    were do you get that magazine from?