How Would You Feel If You Got One Direction Tickets?

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Well doh, we know you’d feel pretty damn amazing wouldn’t you!

Here’s a neat video from a Directioner called Hannah, where she gets given some surprise tickets to a One Direction concert.

Watch it below:

Pretty cool huh!

We’d love to see more vids like this, so if you’re going to a 1D concert, why not film your day and then stick it on YouTube?

Email the link to us at, and if we like it enough we might feature it right here on the site!

One Direction are set to play two gigs at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto, Ontario tonight and Thursday, before they move on down to Detroit this Friday.

  • Felicia Stylinson

    I Would kind of Die!!!  Love them so sjhgdadksftbkeycsfgnröf much!

  • @1Drocksforever

    if i got one ticket i think that im the most luckiest person

  • Lena Salvesen

    If I got any tickets it would have done my life completely!!

  • Brittney Dudycha

    I would feel like the luckiest person ever, they are my idols and not everyone has a chance to see their idols

  • Rakelperez

    i would feel that i´m living in a dream and my heart stopped in a few seconds

  • Denalilerch

    You are so lucky! I really want to go to their concert in Atlanta.

  • Supertomlinson

    OMG! I wanna go their concert so badly :(

  • Amal Malik


  • alejandra

    i really want to go so bad but my parents dont let me, so overprotective

  • True Directioner

    Girls, Girls, we all wana see them thats why where on this site! But think about it their are  billions and billions of girls that drool over these boys so, try not to get your hope up!!!!

  • #1Disawsome

    If that happened to me i would be crying and i would call my friend and then go to school and rubb it in all the other girls faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet hannah had an amazayn time at the consert and her outfit was so cute!

  • Shayla Mille

    i would be like AWESOME but i wouldnt go all fan crazy! some people take it way to far… would be great if i got tickets..but i wouldnt freak out.

    • MaccKynzee

      Then you aren’t a real fan. If I got One Direction tickets, I would be balling my eyes out

  • Cgjino

    i would be shocked, scream, and would probably get teary eyed because i would be so exited 

  • Molly Robinson xx

    I Love Harry Styles xx

  • Molly Robinson xx

    it would mean the whole world to me if i had one direction tickets LOL xx

  • AlexisHoran

    omg….if i got one direction tickets i would be the happiest person in the whole entire world. I would cry my eyes out!!!!!!! i love them so much, these boys mean the world to me!

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    I love 1D alot would kill to have a ticket! I have like tons of posters ans would love to get them signed. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION.

  • Emily

    I’m like the only 1D fam=n in my whole school ! And I would totally freak out if I ever got tikets ! But my mom says to keep dreaming and thats what I will do !
      – Emily <3

    • Emily


    • Caitlin Payne


  • Ariel Horan

    If I had to cut both my arms off to get tickets to see them I would easily!!!

  • Morgansarah30

    I love the boys so much and have ALWAYS wanted to see them in concert!! But the tickets cost to much! I wish they would do a tour with really cheep tickets!!! But til then I guess ill keep dreaming!

  • Sharon Slankard

    I would do anything and I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to go to a One Direction concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except maybe kill someone….. wait, no i would do that to!!!!!

  • Autumn Gardner

    I love you one direction. I would love to meet you guys in person im only Ten years old And worship you guys every day 

  • True Directioner

    Ok Ok let me just make this easier……. WE ALL LOVE THEM!! No duh why would they be on this site if you didnt? I doest take a brain surgeon to figure out WE ALL WANT TO SEE THEM! All we can do girls is hope, not beg on the internet for tickets. K!

  • Red Ninja

    If your age is still on the clock you cant see One Directions c*ck. Lol I love my friends

  • Directioner

    I love one direction! i whould really like to meet them in person but i know that will never happen so i guess i will just keep dreaming . I LOVE HARRY STYLES!

  • Amanda Nicole

    I really love One Direction and would love to go to at least one of their concerts and also meet them but that will never happen:( but I can till dream

  • Angel Inglis

    I wish I got some tickets :( I would LOVE whoever gave them to me, it would also be my first concert ever!

  • Nalina Styles

    i feel dam awesome . best feeling ever

  • Camilla

    I would love to get 1d concert tickets!! !! I love 1D and all the boys <3
    Best feeling ever! <3

  • 1Dlover

    I wish my mom and dad would do that 4 me 

  • Denise Azadeh

    I’m fangirling just watching this video! Hannah and her friend are really lucky girls! I wish my parents would do something like this for me :(

  • Lackermann

    im not kidding i would start screaming and then crying and then i would die because i would be in the same area as ONE DIRECTION

  • Caroline

    OMG!! I literally started crying watching this because I’m going in June in Atlanta, and was thinking about being in the same room as them. :) <3

  • Jasmincasey1d

    I want those tickets please!!

  • Elisabeth

    I wil be the luckiest girl in the world, and crazy and happy !! I will love to get some ticets of one direction! <3

  •óttir/1795600143 Rut Tryggvadóttir

    i would feel like a new person an older girl i feel like an six year old but i am an twelve year old and this ticket would change every thing my life my future and my friends and my beautiful  country Iceland so i don´t want those tickets i need those tickets 

  • Omaima A.

    I want ticket !! Please *____*

  • Harry Styles

    I need a ticket please How I can have a Ticket ?? Please Help me *___*

  • Harry Styles

    I want Those Ticket Please !! Please !!

  • Harry Styles

    I Love you Guys, You’re Amazing <3 <3 I want to go to your concert !!

  • Harry Styles

    Could you give me a ticket please:))

  • Guest Isabella

    I would flip if I got One Direction tickets…

  • Autumn Gardner

    I would cry bcuz i love 1D im only 10 years old but……. my birthday is coming up soon so i would do anything to get those tickets 

    • Sammiarnn

      I would feel like te luckiest girl in the world if I got 1d tickets!!!!!

  • Onedirection1011

    i was supossed to go to the one in fairfax cause i live there but my mom didnt get enough money in time so i couldnt go and probaly wont  but thats fine because whoever goes really does deserve it because if you support one direction i support you if you get tickets im extermly happy for you because yo do deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • One Direction Only

    How would I feel…I can’t really tell but I’d like to get one and let you know how I feel about it…the only thing I can guarantee is that I would have a huge smile (cheeky one) on my face…my love to all Directioners in the world,love you 😀 

  • hannah bilyea <3

    Its my DREAM to meet one direction, but just to see them in concert performing in front I my eyes just sining, I would DIE! I love you one direction and ill do anything to get tickets to see u guys and idc if its tickets to next years concert I just wanna meet them or just see them!!!!!! I love all five of them!!!! <3

  • Mariana

    I bet those girls felt sooo happy!!! LUCKIES:-D

  • Hannah Lowe

    I would cry there m FAVORITE band in the world I would do any thing to get those tickets!!!

  • isabelle ♥

    My Birthday is on June 3, and I’m from other country, and idk if theyre going to do a tour here ;((((((((((((((

  • momo

    I love you One Direction

    • #1fanofHARRY!

      I love one direction they are like the hotest guys on the planet earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      harry I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikkimouose367

    I would like be so excited and scream a little but i will try to stay calm but i will be screaming inside!!!!  I love them so much!!!!!

  • F.O.O.D

    I think *le dead* would explain most of it 😀 But I`m sure that if I ever get tickets, that will be the happiest day of my life, I`d feel luckier that 1D themselves…I`ll scream a bit, I`ll dance around singing WMYB, or Save you tonight, or whatever comes on my stressed mind…maybe I`ll cry…than I`ll sit down & count the minutes left till the concert :)

  • Erin

    I would scream and i would be so excited and I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Also it would be the best day of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Destinyarmstrong

    I Would Faint, Scream, Yell!!!!!!!! I’d go nuts for those tickets!!!! I’d probably go around killing people just because I’m excited! !! One Direction is my everything in life!! I have everything that involves them!! I looooooovve them soooo much. And I would die just to meet them!! Especially my husband Harry Edward Styles!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amal_yucut4


  • Kristy

    I would cry my eyeballs out & freak out & panic , i would pass out for a moment , & re-awake ,  OMG That would be the best thing that would happened in my life, !!!! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION AWWW<3 <3

  • zabby

    i think it would be awesome i love one directions music i wish i could tell harry,louis,niall,liam,and zayn how talented they are!

  • Karisaa Seraa Marquez Styles

    -If I Won One Direction Ticket’s , I’d Be The Luckiest Girl in The World ! I’ll Never Regret a Moment Of My Life ! Seeing All Of One Direction In Person Would Be The Most amazing Moment In My LIFE ! ! ! I Would Scream at The TOP Of My Lung’s & Cry Like I Have Never Cryed In My Whole In tire Life ! I Knoeee Theey Get This almost EVERDAY , But Im Their Most Biggest Fan In The Whole World ! I Have Tryed Too Win One Direction Ticket’s None Stop Since Theey Went On The Radio! I Stay Up all Night Till The Morning Trying Too Win Theem, But No Luck. I Cry Every Time Someone Win’s Theem On The Radio Because I Knoe It Would Never Be ME Whole Win’s . ); Hopefully I Will Win Some Eaither This Year Or Next Year. It Dosnt Matter , As Long as I’m One Of Thee Many People In The Fan’s . <3 

    -KarisaaseraaMarquezStyles <3 I LOVE YUU ONE DIRECTION ! <3 Please Make My Dream Come True ! ! 

  • Lmorros

    i would literally wet myself I LUV 1D SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH
    btw im only ten and ive got heaps and heaps of one direction stuff

  • Courtneypate123

    wish i could afford tickets, just to see them sing live without watching it on youtube! i enter as many competitions as i can!!! 😛

  • Janelle

    I would be extremely gratefully that I would have that opportunity to go and see one direction. Me and my friend are true directioners. I ❤Harry and she ❤Louis but we still love Liam, Niall and Zayn.

    • nialls girlfriend lol


  • alexia williams

    i whould cry my heart out if i got tickets and got a backstage pass its my dream to meet niall and cody simpson someday backstage

  • Kate Horan

    i would SCREAM and cry because i love them so much and i hope to get frontrow tix someday for my birthday!