Irishman Nialler Wants To Bump Into Bruno Mars On Tour

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Niall Horan playing guitar in Montreal, Canada

Nialler and the boys have began their US leg of the extensive tour, which will take them all around North America.

Being on a certain tour path means they will only see certain people for months at a time.

Luckily for Nialler, Bruno Mars will be on a similar touring schedule, so he hopes that they will bump into each other on the way.

That would be pretty awesome and we’re sure a Twitter pic would go up immediately.

Niall tweeted:

“We are on the same route around the states and Canada as @BrunoMars. Would love to go see him! #moonshinejungle.”

There would have to be some super tight security to be let into that gig.

Maybe Bruno would ask them up on stage for a quick sing-song?

Close-up of Niall Horan playing guitar on-stage in Montreal, Canada

1D has been in Canada recently and it sounds like they have been having some of the best shows yet.

Niall tweeted:

“Montreal! Unbelievable gig! One of my favourites of the world tour from the start! U were incredible!”

The 1D boys danced to Robin Thicke’s summer tune ‘Blurred Lines’ as well as re-enacting The Inbetweeners dance as well.


  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I hope they do meet them!!!:)) and did yall hear Louis confirms Zayns tattoo of Perrie is henna or some thing like that which means it will go away or wash away in 6months….!

    • Sarah Payne

      I i did not hear that thanks for clearing that up :)

      • Ania Lynn Prather

        Your welcum….!:))

    • Alannah

      I meant to reply to you when I said I didn’t hear that. I asked how you were sure. I mean, did Louis tweet that or something?

      • Ania Lynn Prather

        No he didnt tweet it but i think he talked about it in a interview or in the tattoo shop when they were walkin out….!:))

  • Stini2526

    i hope he meet him

  • Jolouis H. Seclinson

    me too

  • Abigail

    I hope they meet!!!!!!:)

  • Ya$hika

    Nialler loves Bruno, he should meet him and in the same way wet should get to meet nialler too…! #Another1DSmash

    • Riel Whittle

      Bruno was in DC a day before they were! What are the chances huh? So close 😉

      • Ya$hika

        Yeah, you got that right! 😉

  • hollie

    My favorite band and my favorite singer!!!!!! It would be sooooo sweet if they could meet up 😀

  • Imperial Battlemage

    These sscum will be gone soon, Imperial Legion will remove them! #PRAISEBETOBASEDTALOS

  • Riel Whittle

    Where is the post with vids from last nights concert in Hershey?!?! I really wished I could have see it though its today as well… Last concert close-ish to me 😉 till next year… 😀

  • Simal Sami

    Henna clears up in no where close to six months much less than that more like 2-3 weeks a month highest @ania lynn prather

  • Simal Sami

    Depends how long u leave the substance that leaves the print on for

  • Alannah

    I didn’t hear that. how are u sure

  • Riiaa Horan

    us directioners should help niall to meet bruno mars like we should start a trend or something

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    Ania I think Zayn didn’t make a tattoo of Perrie and yeah I hope they will meet