It’s Confirmed – Zerrie Are An Item! (That’s Zayn & Perrie, OK)

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It’s the news that might break the hearts of directioners worldwide: a source close to both Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are indeed seeing each other, and are now happy for the world to know.

Speaking with The Mirror, the source said:

“It’s true – they’re a couple and are happy to come out and tell people now. They’ve only been dating for a few months as they were just friends before then. That all changed the last time Zayn was back in the UK in February, when they met up and realised it was more than that.”

Zayn and Perrie met last year during the X Factor finals – which Little Mix went on to win, and the pair have kept in touch whilst One Direction were busy touring the globe.

Zerrie went on a date to the cinema last week, prompting speculation that the pair were together, but Zayn apparently denied it was true when speaking to a radio station.

Perrie tweeted about the cinema get-together, saying: “Just went to see avengers assemble and it was #boring. Good night though! xD @zaynmalik”

Zayn then replied: “@PerrieLittleMix yeah tonight was fun lets do it again sometime 😉 x x”

Speculation has been rife that they have in fact been dating for months, but they’re now ready to make their relationship public.

We think the couple make a good match, and we’re ready to see Zerrie in the papers every other day – hopefully not falling out of nightclubs!

Are you happy for Zerrie?

  • Jess

    Noo ! it’s Don’t Even Fit Together ! Shit She is Ugly B*tch ! i Hate Her
    Why Zayn Why ? :'( Anyway if Zayn Were Happy i Happy For Him

    • Emily

      Have some respect please! I think shes gorgeous, and im happy Zayn found someone

  • olivia bates

    eyy you well suit

  • Lala Melato

    Okay, now it’s just accept. For sure, brazilian fans are sad, nut, for me, if she really really loves him, I know that they will be so happy together!!! For me, if Zayn or any One Direction boy is happy, I’m happy too. I WISH ALL GOODS FOR YOU!!! Kisses.

  • Kim

    Awwwwww…..I think they are sooo cute together. I love every boy in One Direction and I think that because they are happy I should be too. Which I am. They look so cute together. She is really pretty so I don’t understand what all the hate is about with her being ugly. He’s a good looking young lad so of course they are gonna look good together! I really hope they last because I don’t think they are those kind of people who do it for the tabloids. I wish them good luck and I hope they last. AWWWWWW!!!

  • Leanne

    Hope they have an AmaZayn time together….hehehe (Im smart).
    The Avengers was pretty cool though, a bit scary 2!

  • Monaaa!

    I’m veerrryyy happy for themm!! :’)!!

  • 1D fan

    Um yeh thts uh really nice!:-)

  • Min ShinKi

    F*ck u Perrie >_______<

    • Mrs.Malik

      Amen. F*CK YOU PERRIE.

  • Jasmine

    Im upset that their dating … But that girl deserves no hate. Their a couple now and nothing you say is going to make them brake up! So stop giving them a tough time and deal with it! Im sure Zayn would appreciate it! Ok? Ok. Xx

  • kiran t.

    If ur happy zayn we all are;)hope it goes well!

  • zayn

    Wow zayn shes 18 and she looks like she’s 30 wtf!!!

  • One Directioner

    I think its adorable… why can’t you guys just leave them alone? He just wants to have a normal relationship! If you want them to be happy, don’t get in the way of their personal life! :)

  • Caitlin Payne

    I don’t like her!!! I don’t think she’s pretty at all!!! But if Zayn is happy then I am happy for him too!!! (Oh well, but I know they have one thing in common that I know of….they both have the same kind of hair!!!:-) Haha!!!)

  • Lainey

    Dear haters,
    If u guys were real one direction fans (directioners) then u would be happy for him. Trust me i dont like her either but if she makes him happy then im happy. So stop swearing at her and believe this, if u liked someone, ur friends would be happy for u wouldnt they? So if we are his friends then stop hating on her and and be happy that Zayn has something that he loves.
    Hope this helped,

    • Sexci Soloway

      totally agree!!!!

  • lama

    i agree with one directioner !!!
    cause zayn has a life where he’s free to go anywhere with out being chased by fans , and free to date anyone he wants and he loves :)
    p.s. they look soooo cute together 😉

  • Danica

    I Think It’s Adorable . I’m Happy For Them ..
    If Zayn Is Happy Then I’m Happy Too ..
    And If You Really Love Zayn You Would Be Happy For Them No Matter What .
    Don’t Get In The Way Of Their Personal Life! 😉

  • aya

    i really dont think their dating cause just because they went out to the movies doesnt mean they are dating. i do that alot with guy mates and its nothing more than a day out with a freind so people should stop speculating if he was dating her he would have mentioned it in the australian/ newzealnd interviews when they asked. and he would take a girl number at an australian radio station so yeah..

  • Giselle

    at least shes got the same hair as him :3 everyone should support him no matter what, even if they did break up or whatever he wouldn’t want to date a girl who would call other girls ugly b***hes and sluts.. its direspectful! if hes happy, im happy xx

  • emily

    if you love/care about zayn, you’ll let his relationship life be.
    zerrie forever. <3

  • Random Person

    Aww(: I’m happy he has a girlfriend! Stop all the hate!

  • Sexci Soloway

    wow…she is cute and they look amazing together.. yeah i wish that was me lol but he is happy. i love Zayn and im glad he is happy im smiling…Zayn you light up my world like nobody else.

  • zayn’s fan :)

    fuck ! that’s a MISMATCH zayn .. :( how come you choose that girl .. you’re such a handsome and i dont like that girl .. it cannot be … IMPOSSIBLE ! there are many girls there that you can choose , instead of that .. she looks 3O YEARS OLD …

  • zayn’s fan :)

    DISAGREE ! TOTALLY :) choose the best girl Mr. ZAYN MALIK ! i have a crush on you .. many of us ! so choose a girl which is simple and pretty .. many of you are dreaming ! I AM ONE THEM :) ♥ ♥

  • Judy

    I’m not happy tht he’s with her and not me, um but it’s none of our business to knw if the guys are in a relationship or not… Ya we dedicated but look harry’s fam. had to move out for a little but cuz the fans wouldn’t leave his parents hz! Thts ridiculous… I think tht we can b head over heels for them but not to the point were their ”girlfriends” are getting horrendous tweets and have to delete their twitter account! So my point is tht I’m happy for Liam and Louis and I guess zayn too! What I’m sayin is tht it’s none of our business if they with someone or not… So keep your nose outta peoples asses!!! BTW… Love you guys… Niall Liam Louis Harry Zayn

  • shaymaa

    noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! why zayn why!!!
    for god’s sake i love u so much !!!
    but drectioners must always remember that he told us::he’ll date a model but he’ll marry a fan or a normal girl

  • Emma M.

    Wow, people don’t be so harsh!!! Instead of hating on Perrie you should be happy for Zayn and that he’s found somebody he cares about. As Directioners its our job to support the guys against the haters, so that means being nice to their ladies!!!!! Zayn I LOVE YOU and I hope everything works out between you and Perrie!!! Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam I love you guys too!!:)

  • Mrs.Malik

    Im sooo sad. I think he is not happy. She is sosososooo ugly shee looks like a boy. it’s just awful.He broke my heart and im mad and sad and i dont know what to say. She is just disgusting. I’m sorry if this hurts somebody,but I can’t help myself. I think i will die. THANK YOU ZAYN.

  • Selina

    Zayn, so longs you are happy then I am happy, one thay it will be me xD Kidding, but I’am serious about that with you are happy I am happy, Perrie I wont hate you, just dont make him sad :)