It’s Girlfriend Hatin’ Time As Eleanor Calder and Emma Ostilly Get Trolled

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Well, perhaps Emma Ostilly isn’t Harry Styles proper girlfriend (yet), but Eleanor and Louis are certainly an item, and only yesterday naughty fans sent her pictures of Louis with his ex Hannah Walker.

Louis didn’t react kindly to the news and tweeted: “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest. I’m reading through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”

Showing how much he cares for his current beau, Louis tweeted Eleanor: “Love YOU ! xxxx. I couldn’t be happier right now, so let it be :) Thank youuuuu x.”

Miss Calder received some nasty messages, and a group of fans also managed to get “Louannah” trending on Twitter – to which Louis was none too impressed with.

For Emma and Harry, it seems that their fledgling romance is off to a tough start, as she was forced to shut down her Twitter account after a stream of abuse – with some fans even setting up Facebook groups called “Anti Emma Ostilly” and “I hate Emma Ostilly”.

Photos of her and Harry emerged over the weekend, and certain directioners / directionaters were not impressed – sending death threats to her as well as calling her a prostitute, with one fan even tweeting the same message 60 times: “I hate you, you are a f*****g b****h :)”

Nice, not.

Emma then posted the following photo of her and Harry – probably annoying people even more.

On a brighter note, watch this awesome video of One Direction singing “Moments” live in Australia. Brilliant! (Or should we say Brilliam?)

What do you think of the abuse dished out to both Emma and Eleanor?

  • Katy

    First of all yall are f-kin Mean and This Is Unessarcry, I love them both and wish they were mine but They DO NOT deserve this you go good reason to dislike them

    • Bobbi

      Agreed. If people do that then there is no hope for them and they will eventually stop trusting their own fans, and THAT WOULD SUCK!

  • amaZayn012

    First of all this should be no ones buissness instead of louis and harry’s. Plus think of someone ruining your relationship. Would u like that to happen to two of our one directions. Just be good one directioners. P.S we should not be putting a comment its only making the situation worst. Think???

  • Larry Stylinson Fan

    I think its just dang plain rude!! What happens if there girlfriends were you!!! Wouldn’t you feel hurt about being abused of something you didn’t do wrong :( and anyways I like Harry Styles and I don’t care if he has a girlfriend or not. And that’s why were a called fans a.k.a Directioners to support them not to destroy their life or reputation…. True Directioners would rather support them then to make bad comments about there girlfriends!! :((

  • Ashleigh

    Leave their girlfreinds alone, put your self in their shoes and think before you do anything weather you would like it or not. If the answer is OR NOT then don’t do it, if the answer is that you WOULD LIKE IT your just a f*#kin mean ass bee with an icth and, you shouldn’t clam that you like/love one direction. ‘-‘ ;(

  • Ashleigh

    To everyone that are being f*#kin mean ass bee with an icth to 1D’s GFs stop it now. As my mom always say think to yourself; if you were them would you like it or not; nad if the answer is OR NOT then don’t do it but, if the answer is that you WOULD LIKE IT you are just f*#ked in the head and, you need to learn some kindness bee with an itches. But i love you 1D and your gfs. xoxo

  • Haley Stevens

    Hating their girlfriends is not gonna make them love you…

    • Ashleigh

      Right on girl, if you can’t see those girls are making happy you must be blind.

  • natasha

    Agree,fcking leave them alone,their happy together,if their happy i’m happy for them too,i love Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson :)xxxx

  • Amee

    dont believe that use are real DIRECTIONERS. the boys didnt ask for use to be hating on them and their girls the way use do, so if you dont like then GAP IT EAH! (NZ language) :L let the be! lol, they’ll chose you IF they want you 😀

  • Anna02trinh

    dont think that “DIRECTIONERS” would say that. Shame on you who did those things.i’m happy 4 emma and harry and eleanor and louis. 4 u guys who done those things dont bother calling urself a DIRECTIONER.i’m really ashamed of those people who done that.and ppl who didnt do that im happy 4 you and we have 2 support emma and harry and eleanor and louis oh and this is 4 emma and elanor:YOU GUYS ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE THEM THEY ARE WONDERFUL GUYS AND PLEASE DONT BREAK THEIR HEART THERE IS NOTHING YOU GUYS SHOULD BREAK THEIR HEART 4.Byeee!                                                                                                                                                          -Anna