Jake Bugg Insists One Direction Insults Were ‘Nothing Personal’

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One of the many faces on our onedirection.net dartboard is the ever so horrible Jake Bugg.

Anytime he’s in the press he seems to have a go at our boys in some way, and we’re bored of it and we don’t think he’s any good either.

But anyway now Jake has been sort of nice about the boys, for the first time, we know how much that must have pained him, but it shows everyone comes to like our boys in the end.

In an interview with Gigwise, Bugg has gone back on his words when he said: “I mean, [One Direction] must know they’re terrible.”

He said: “With the One Direction thing you know, it weren’t personal. Someone said they were like The Beatles, which I thought, you know, is ridiculous.”

He continued: “The thing is about The Beatles is they wrote great songs, so it’s not a personal thing, it could be about any band.”

Well did your parents not teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all Jake?

About his ‘honesty’ he said: “Some people do play it safe and it works for some people.

“For me, if someone asks me something I’m gonna give my most honest and truthful answer and I’m not afraid to give my opinion, as long as that doesn’t involve anyone personally.

“I don’t mind speaking about me personally, but anyone else that’s just unfair.”

So you give your truthful answer if it doesn’t involve anyone personally, yet you have previously named our five boys. Hmmmmm bit hypocritical there Mr Bugg.

If you think this bit of being ‘nice’ is going to get you off our dartboard, then you are horribly mistaken!

  • Nikki Horan

    He has the absolute right to have his opinion, but I know a LOT of people who hate one direction. Do one direction care? No! The boys are WAY above that level of stupidity. The lads won’t stop being who they are just because of a bunch of haters! They have their many, MANY fans to live for! Haters don’t phase is directioners or one direction, so why make a big deal about it?

    • Tildisen <3

      The best thing someone has said on a loooong time!!!=D < 3

    • Concha Romão

      You’re the second intelligent Directioner I’ve ever met in my life (thank you for existing) and I can only wish you succeed in teaching other fans that they should not be bothered if not everyone enjoys their music (for clearly many many people don’t). Have an splendid day and life (:

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    All this 1D hate from other celebrities is getting boring .-.

    • 5secondsof1d


    • Annabeth Chase 37


  • Riel Whittle

    Well I don’t think he ever said that they stink or their families ect. It was just their music stunk and that’s reasonable right? Not that I agree but he did state his opinion and I commend him for that :3 doesn’t make him my favorite person though

  • Karlzz1D

    Lol. && how much press is he getting from this? Not much at all.. Just a bunch of hate && maybe a few stories written about him. Guess his pathetic plan backfired for him! For real though, this is getting lame (the amount of hate 1D is getting). Some people can’t just be cool. It’s alright, though. The boys are higher than them, anyways c:

  • victoria e

    when will 1 celeb say something GOOD about 1d

  • Abigail

    STOP THE HATE! ITS GETTING REALLY ANNOYING AND BORING!!!!!!!!!when will a celeb say somthing good about 1D!?!?!?!????!!???????

    • Concha Romão

      When they manage to do something good to the music industry.

  • Michaela

    Ugh he’s so full of crap.

  • Anastasya Ho

    EW! Jake is a cool name, but Bugg is just disgusting! And that face is horrible! What’s with all the hate BTW? Gross.

  • marmar margs lominoque

    it’s getting so boring gosh just stop

  • valentina

    “No,that wasn’t nothing personal,it was just way to make myself more famous,because…you know..nobody knows me..” haha,that Jake Buggs me a bit.

  • valentina

    ugh..he’s so ugly..I can’t look at his pic..

  • Eliana HarryMou

    I agree Mrs. Emma Tommo

  • Niall William Malik

    Jake Bugg just want attention!

  • RandomlyObsess

    Jake Bugg is actually really talented, he just doesn’t like One Direction’s music. If anyone has heard his stuff they’d know his opinion makes complete sense. Plus, Jake writes his own songs, he just has opinions like every person out there does. People obviously will not like One Direction’s music as much as we like it, that’s a fact. People need to get a life and stop hating on people just because they don’t think the same as them, it’s foolish.

  • Annabeth Chase 37

    Ugh this is becoming tedious! The boys have people who like them and people who LOVE them and people that don’t like them and people that hate them! Some people express their opinions. But to be honest I don’t think the boys are going to let the haters get in their way. If people want to hate, fine hate on. But if you look at reality, they have WAY more fans than haters, so they have way more good stuff to read than all the na stuff. If they do read some of the bad stuff, then I would bet they come and read all the good stuff to brighten their day! so I just ignore all that hate and I always pay attention to the good stuff!

  • Alannah

    I hate this dude….who does he think he is???

  • Concha Romão

    He didn’t attack ‘your’ boys. He attacked their song writing abilities (which is null). And pretty respectfully I may add. If it were me someone asked the opinion on comparing 1D to The Beatles I wouldn’t have been half as nice as he was…