Jake Bugg Says One Direction Have ‘Meaningless’ Tunes

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Prepare your ammunition Directioners!

Our favourite ever person (NOT!) Jake Bugg is on the One Direction warpath again!

We thought he had changed his mind about our boys after his last interview where he was actually quite nice about them. But in a recent interview, he has taken to slagging off One Direction……AGAIN!

He told the Daily Record: “I get female attention, but not on the scale [One Direction] do, I wouldn’t want to. There are always going to be boybands around. In a few years there’ll be a new one and then another one after that. People love the controversy of social media but what I said was nothing personal against One Direction.”

“I could have gone for any of those bands like Union J or whatever their names are. I write songs and they don’t. I don’t hold anything against them as individuals or as people because I’ve never met them.”

Oh dragging Union J into this now are we Jake? Do you really want two lots of fans after you?

He continued: “I’m sure they’re probably nice guys. I’m just not necessarily a fan of what they do. I have an opinion and, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to what I say.

“I write my songs and I go do my gigs. They can sing as many meaningless tunes as they want and probably make quite a bit of money from it. But that’s not the way I go about things.”


‘Meaningless songs?!?!?!?!?!’ Have you not heard Little Things?

And if you’re not a fan of the boys then why do you constantly bring them up? We just think he’s jealous of 1D’s success, because quite frankly he’s awful!

You are messing with the wrong fanbase here Mr Bugg! We thought you had learnt from last time! But clearly not!

Who wants to be the first to throw a rotten tomato at Mr Bugg while he’s in the stocks above? Form an orderly queue behind us!!!

To cheer everyone up, here’s a video of 1D’s best ever tour moments!

  • Kylee Styles

    He’s just jealous

    • Samantha Sancen

      Yeah cuz he said tht they get a lot of female attention and he doesn’t so yeah (jealous jake)

  • Kinsey Quinton

    Meaningless, huh? I’m sorry, last I checked, Little Things was saving lives and What Makes You Beautiful actually boosts girls confidence.

    • Alannah

      I completely agree!!!

    • Samantha Sancen

      I’m sure he doesn’t have ears!

    • Stini2526


    • Sarah Payne

      Yes definetly

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      omg ikr!

    • Concha Romão

      They. did. not. write. those. songs.

      Also please dig deeper on your knowledge about WMYB:

      ““What Makes You Beautiful” begins with the observation that the girl is “insecure” and the band “don’t know what for.” However, despite the entire song essentially being a list of compliments, the band members never encourage the girl to stop being insecure. In fact, the chorus croons, “You don’t know you’re beautiful, Oh oh, That’s what makes you beautiful.”

      The band is telling their target audience of teenage girls not to be confident in their appearance (even if they are as beautiful as the girl from the song), but to remain insecure because low self-esteem is literally “what makes you beautiful.” Is that really a healthy message for young girls to be absorbing?”

      • Kinsey Quinton

        They DIDN’T write those songs? Huh, dear, I think your the one who needs to up her knowledge on these boys. Maybe, that’s what the song says, but I know how the song makes me feel. So you’re telling me I don’t know my own feelings?

        • Concha Romão

          No. They didn’t. Little Things was written by Ed Sheeran, I Want and Irresistable were written by Tom Fletcher, What Makes You Beautiful was written by someone whose name I don’t remember and so on so on.
          I’m saying that maybe you should pay a little more attention to what they’re saying instead of the amount of eyeliner they wear!

          • Kinsey Quinton

            Yeah, they didn’t WRITE those songs, but what does that have anything to do with the meaning behind the song?

          • Concha Romão

            It’s not the meaning that may have to you when you hear it. It’s the meaning it has to them. Which is null. People with low self esteem have leaned on music forever. Why do you think John Mayer has so many fans? And why do you think the vast majority of those fans are girls? Because all those artists tell them what they need to hear and they’ll believe it even though they don’t mean it. I’m pretty sure they’re happy for helping every girl who ever considered suicide and gave up on those thoughts because of them, but that wasn’t their point. They didn’t mean to do that, for they only did as they were told. They only did what their producers knew would sell. Jake could sell as much as them if he started dressing more “swagily” and applied gel hair and instead of singing about his problems told everyone they should love themselves because they’re beautiful and stuff. You know why he doesn’t? Because music actually means something to him. Because he wants to send a message HIMSELF, not having someone send their messages through him.
            Take the 1D books as an example. You can’t possibly tell me you think they’ve written those yet, it’s their names on the cover. They’re just taking other people’s jobs. It’s not plagium just because they pay for it. They buy stuff and resell it. And that’s not art. That’s theft.

          • Kinsey Quinton

            Is that so? If you really feel that way, then why are you even here?

          • Concha Romão

            Like I’ve said before:

            I’m here because I can.
            Because like you have the right to diss Jake, I have the right to defend him.

            And because being a fan doesn’t mean I have to stand by everything he says or does (he’s only human – he WILL eventually do things that shouldn’t be done – and just because I like him doesn’t mean I should encourage him to do those bad things) and reading about things through other points of view helps me form my opinion a little more righteously (in this case about the person he is and if I should be a fan of him as an artist alone or of him as a person).

  • Nana Styles

    I’m the first one to throw a big tomato but not a normal one !! It’s gonna be a tomato full of cat , dog , bull , and lizard poo !! With some dead flies , pieces of rotten meat , and some pigeon poo on top !!! Now that’s gonna make a perfect match to him!! It’ll make his face look better !!!!

    • Aastha Ginodia

      Hahahaha i completley agree with you!! Tell me how much for the special customised tomato for Jake Bugg? 😛

  • Saratomlinson#

    Really meaningless tunes zayn said little things is not about one certain girl it’s about every girl because they all should know there beutifull well he said something like that

    • Samantha Sancen


  • LKells

    ……… I dont know what to say here, but I would just listen to what Jake is saying and he said if we dont like his opinion than don’t pay attention to it!!
    I’m not saying I agree w/ Jake but honestly don’t draw attention to what he said if you don’t like it! JUST IGNORE HIM!!

    • Concha Romão

      AT LAST A SMART DIRECTIONER! I’m a fan of Jake, but your point is 100 valid and I congratulate you on it. Thank you for talking some sense into these illiterate bimbos!

      • LKells

        I am a big fan of Jake as well, and thanks for calling me smart ^^ this is just simply my opinion , I’m glad you agree

        • Concha Romão

          The pleasure is all mine! You’ve restore my faith in fandoms (:

  • lesley

    last time i checked there songs have hit #1 he is a jelouse idiot the all have beautiful meanings he is a jelouse freak i love one direction

  • Nikki Horan

    Oh Jesus, THIS guy again? Who is he to tell us?! I personally haven’t even heard of him before. He is just like everyone else who dislikes one direction: jealous.

  • Nialler4ever

    Hmm… Jake is a bit jelouse on the fact that he has very little fans compared to 1D. No one even knows Jake. 1D does helps in the music writing, but there are a bunch of other famouse artists who don’t even write their own songs. 1D aren’t writers, they sing. Their talent is singing so that’s what they focus on. It’s like saying a heart surgeon is no good because they don’t know how to preform autopsys. 1D is famouse for their singing voices, not their writing skills.

  • dasi lda

    If he don’t like 1D, why he continues to talk about them, let’s see his work!!!!!
    How stupid are some people, REALLY!!!!

    • Concha Romão

      Your English is giving me cancer.

  • Samantha Sancen

    He said tht 1D get a lot of female attention an he doesn’t so he is so jealous

  • Directioner ∞

    he’s very bipolar , he just wants attention from the media

  • hollie

    Relax fellow directioners, i’ve heard Jake Bugg’s music before and it’s his tunes that are meaningless, NOT one direction’s!!!!!!!!!! 😛 he is just jealous that he doesn’t have as many fans, or as many girls throwing themselfs at him 😀

    • Concha Romão

      Yeah, but he does have a much bigger chance of having a LEGAL affair with a fan than 1D and their 4 year old super insecure and suicidal and with total need for confidence boosts (sarcasm at its max) fans.

      • hollie

        No offence, but are you a directioner, or a fan of Jake Bugg’s? Or are you both??? I can’t tell:/

      • hollie

        I have listened to several of Jake’s songs, but I have never listened to Broken. I will look it up. Also, I want to thank-you for telling me about this song and giving ur opinion, even tho I don’t agree with ur disliking of One direction! They don’t write their songs for the most part but they do co-write them as well as sing them! And I would never base my opinion on the fact that you like Jake’s music! I’m not like that;) Everyone has different opinions:)

        • Concha Romão

          Today has been a good day. You’re the third proof of intelligence amongst Directioners. Be very proud of yourself! You are very welcome, the way I see it good music deserves to be shared!

          • hollie

            Thanks:) and I loved the song!!!!!!!! I’ve just added Broken to my iPod x)

          • Concha Romão

            I’m very glad you liked it (:

      • A’alyciaP._1D


        • Concha Romão

          It happens and I’m one to talk about it. I’ve tried killing myself 3 times and I did not find comfort in what 5 guys I don’t know from anywhere were told to say over a stolen guitar riff. I had to find comfort in proper medical care. I was in a psychiatric hospital for almost a month and am still to the day seeing a psychiatric and a psychologist and almost about to start my new psychotherapy.

          I am a Grinch. Because it’s not people like me who are a problem to suicidal people. It’s people who fake suicidal thoughts and depression to get the attention from boybands (and I had many of those back in my hospital: girls who pretended they were addicted to cutting, starving or purging when they could perfectly go without a razor, starvation or inflicted vomit making fun of everyone who was TRULY addicted to it without even realizing) that do really get in the way of troubled people. And I will not let those people win in this world, for when/if I have kids I don’t want their health to be jeopardized in function of fake hypochondriacs!

          • hollie

            It is very sad that u tried to kill yourself, I really like you and your comments are very meaningful to me. You have done several things for me. Most importantly, you have changed my mind about Jake and his music. Even thought I don’t really know you I feel like we are friends! You are very beautiful and caring and don’t let anyone tell u different! You are NOT a grinch, you are an angel and a princess and I care about you! I’m soooooo glad I met you!=) if u ever need someone to talk to I LOVE one d and I am always on this site sister ♡♥

          • Concha Romão

            I really truly deeply appreciate your comment from the bottom of my heart!

            I am glad you’ve come to enjoy Jake and his music. It is completely fine by me that people are into different music than I am and even though that may not come across very much I like hearing other people’s opinions and sometimes I even care about them and that helps me grow as a person by forming my own opinions on stuff (that’s part of the reason why I don’t read news on people I enjoy written by people that enjoy them as well only, because they’ll always be inclined to say everything that the artists says or does is correct even though it may not be), but I do really think that more people should try and give less known artists a chance to prove what they’re worth no matter how ugly they may be.

            I get that feeling as well (: And I want to thank you so so very much for all the kind words you’ve said to me and even standing from other position try and understand my opinion! I’ll be sure to check by more often so we can keep talking (:

            Have a wonderful day, darling!!!

          • hollie

            Thanks:) and have a wonderful day too darling!!!!!!!! 😀

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            I have failed at suicide 4 times. Not everyone can keep up an act forever

          • Concha Romão

            I could say that I’m sorry to hear that you want to die, but as a fellow person with suicidal tendencies I must say that I’m sorry that (if it really is your desire to die) you can’t get your wish to come true. As for your last sentence once again I couldn’t understand what you mean by it…

      • Lynnie Lucas

        This Jake Bugg guy needs to die along with the fans that bad mouth one direction. Screw you and your Jake. That’s my final word on the matter.

        • Concha Romão

          So this is how you support the suicidal Directioners by telling other people to kill themselves. Round of applause for the biggest dickhead of the year!

          I’d be glad to screw Jake. This is my final sentence on the matter as long as it concerns you.

  • Lynnie Lucas

    HE gets female attention? Please, don’t make me laugh. Also, Little Things and What Makes You Beautiful have saved some girls from SUICIDE so please, spare me the garbage about them being meaningless. Also, when was the last time Jake Bugg had a number one album in 37 countries? Oh right, never. And when was he the number one artist in the world? Again, never. He’s so ugly and untalented, that he probably can’t help being jealous.

    • Concha Romão

      I’m a female and he has my attention.

      Little Things was written by Ed Sheeran and the other one by some guy called Savan Kotecha and although many people may say that they were close to killing themselves, they weren’t if all it took for them not to do it was a stupid boyband.

      And when was that time that Jake Bugg got the NME’s award for worst band? Oh never, 1D managed to snatch that award aswell…

      Yes, he is ugly. But don’t you dare for one second say he’s untalented because he has more talent on his pinky than the amount of makeup 1D have to wear in order to reach the charts (and God knows that is quite a lot).

      • Lynnie Lucas

        Oh, okay brat. So why are you on this website if you’re such a directionater? I’m sorry, last time I checked, One Direction is THE most popular british boy band ever. Read the articles on here if you’re so insistent on picking on every little thing. And that award for “Worst Boy Band” is a joke award show so don’t be stupid. Next, Jake Bugg is one of the least talented people to walk this earth, just under the Wanted. Don’t you dare pretend that he has any talent compared to 1D because he doesn’t. And what kind of female pays attention to low life losers like Jake? Oh right, a low life loser like you. Have a good life, you’re wrong.

        • A’alyciaP._1D

          I like you.

          • Lynnie Lucas

            Thanks:) Sarcasm is my second language. :)

        • Concha Romão

          I’m here because I can.
          Because like you have the right to diss Jake, I have the right to defend him.

          Popularity doesn’t mean anything. Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan are also famous that doesn’t mean that what they do is good to be done.

          I don’t care about the articles that talk of One Direction. I couldn’t care less about them. I care about the articles that talk (and lie) about the artists I care for.

          It’s as much of a joke as everything else. Let’s face the facts: they buy their songs from other writers and still face plagium charges (The Clash, Grease…) and if they were ugly, fat and old they wouldn’t have 10% of the fans they have (I’ve checked with all of my 1Dfan friends).

          The Wanted are just as talented as One Direction. And I don’t think they’re untalented at all to be honest. Harry and Liam have great vocals. But that’s all they are: great vocalists. Not artists. Not musicians. Just vocalists. They might as well volunteer for back up singing. Jake on the other hand as actual talent. His vocals are not by far as strong as Liam’s. I’ve been seeing The X Factor for years and Liam is pretty damn amazing. But once again: Jake is not all about the vocals. He has some of the best 19 year old composition skills this world has EVER seen. He does it all by himself and he does it pretty damn well.

          You know what? I am in fact a low life loser. But at least I’m not half as thick as you are. And I don’t have a music taste that my whole family (and even yourself in a few years) are ashamed of.

          You too. Have a very pleasant life (and I really do mean it.) Be as happy as you want, be as happy as you can and please keep in mind that the opinion of someone who listens to One Direction doesn’t mean much to the world.

  • Dani Styles

    AHAHAHAHA….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG. I just listened to Jake Bugg for the third time.. I swear his music gets worse every time.. he sounds like a dying octopus. JEALOUS MUCH? ooh i have a name for him… jealous jake. haha that sucked but no omg what is this bullshit? does he even have fans? like at all? and he looks like a hamster. omg im dying right now.

    • Tildisen <3

      No!! A hamster are like millions times more cute..!!

      • Concha Romão

        Get off the internet and take on some intensive English classes and then come back and comment because your comment is making my eyes burn with the blood of the grammar you’ve just murdered!

        • A’alyciaP._1D

          Shut up. U need to get off. When u can learn h ow to respect others choices and opinions. Maybe I should spell it out I know it’s hard being surrounded by people who normal. Stop bullying people and get off when u u can have a big girl conversation

          • Concha Romão

            No I needn’t. I can stay for as long as I like.
            Judging by that grammar ‘Tildisien <3' is around the age of 10 which is nowhere mature enough to be able to judge people properly. She has every right to her opinion, just as we all do, but opinions are like virginities: just because you have them, doesn't mean you should give them away.

            You should really spell it out for me because I didn't understand a thing of what you said.

            I will respect other people's opinions when they have suitable arguments to stand by their opinions. And one's opinion is not a valid argument for said one's opinion. Just because you think hamsters are cuter than Jake that doesn't make it true and just because he isn't cute doesn't mean he isn't right so if after reading an article on how One Direction will NEVER be The Beatles the only thing you can say is how the person who said it is not cute you might as well not say a word.

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            She’s 14. I didn’t say I had a problem with his appearance. No they will never be the Beatles andthey are fine with that and so am I. I can say anything I want. Jake just said something offensive to the boys which is pretty much saying offensive things to us. I have the right to defend the boys like you have a right to defend him.I stand by my arguments. The more u defend the more I gonna defend them. Like you said just because you have ur opinion doesn’t mean u have to share it.

          • Concha Romão

            I’d say good for her, but I’m going to say bad for the Universe instead for it seems that our schooling system is failing pretty badly…

            You may have not, but I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place. Also, they do have problems with his appearance, for clearly it seems to be the only thing that matters nowadays (let’s hope you all look like Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr).

            Exactly. They will never ever ever be The Beatles and that’s what Jake said and if you think that’s very offensive then I advise you check a dictionary for the meaning of offensive. You can in fact say whatever you want, but so can I which gives me the right to advise you not to (and gives you the right to tell me to piss off if you so want to do it).

            Also, Jake didn’t say anything on the boys. He commented on the boys’ work and their work alone. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with you or any other fan (just like the conversation we’re having right now doesn’t have anything to do with our parents for example no matter how much they may care about us).

    • Concha Romão

      He does have fans. And by far smarter than you from what I can see from this comment. He has fans who listen to him because of the quality of his songs and lyrics and not because his face can easily be converted into a Ken doll. But I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about good music since your username includes ‘Styles’ and your defending One Direction. I just want to let you know that your idols have claimed to be fans of his music. Have a very nice day!

    • Orla

      1. Matter of opinion. I think Jake’s guitar playing and singing is beautiful. I also think that One Direction are some of the least talented manufactured robots I have ever come across. I’m sure you’d beg to differ.
      2. Jake isn’t jealous. Jake doesn’t care. You’d understand that if you bothered to watch the interviews that he said these things in instead of just assuming that it’s true because a website told you.
      3. Yes, he has fans, not as many as One Direction, but in my opinion Jake’s fans are nicer, more polite and he has a big range of fans. (Some young teens, some aged 20-30, some middle aged and some even elderly!) Whereas the majority of One Directions fans are girls aged 3-16)
      4. Looks don’t matter to Jake or his fans. Personally, I think that Jake is very handsome, but again, I’m sure you’d beg to differ. Just because he isn’t good looking to you, doesn’t mean that he isn’t to anyone else. I don’t find any of One Direction good looking at all, but that doesn’t mean that no one else does.

  • DayanaDirectioner

    He’s just jealous

  • Abigail

    I HATE HIM! he is just jealous! He just wants attention! He is also REALLY ugly!!!:(

    Ps:1D is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000× BETTER THAN JAKE!

  • Lani

    He must feel ugly and worthless…

    • Concha Romão

      At least he doesn’t have to find comfort in 3 year old girls who own the complete set of his Barbie dolls.

      • A’alyciaP._1D

        3 years olds Barbie dolls?!?! U must betalking yourself. If u hate them why are you on here. This is where directioners share their opinions. If u don’t respect that then get off. Geez calling people out isn’t worth it. Have u caught on to that or is your brain the size of a mustard seed.

        • Concha Romão

          Nahh although could perfectly well be a 3 year old my idols do not have Barbie dolls for sale on Toys R Us which is lucky for if I went to buy 5 of them for 20€ each and regret it in a year when I realize that this was the worst phase I could have ever gone through I would be very angry at myself for wasting 100€ of the money I should have been saving for my future…

          I don’t hate them. I hate their fans who think that by editing the faces of people who diss them into soon-to-be-dead-men they’re protecting them (which they aren’t by the way, they’re just showing how immature they are) and I have every right to talk back to every single one of you if I so damn please (and I do, for I have nothing better to do and testing how far you can go to defend your undefendable theories can be quite amusing).

          My brain is in fact the size of a mustard seed. But as they say: good things come in small packages.

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            Tbh I hate that picture.I hate all their editing photos. I’m a goofy person so you can expect my”theories” to be amusing I’m not making “theories” I’m speaking the truth. Your “defences” are quite amusing too. I don’t have to buy posters or dolls to show my love for them. I actually saving for college. I may never buy a 1D doll because I want a future. That’s everyone else choice to buy plastic and paper. Not all good things and good people come in packages. You have to earn those good things.

          • Concha Romão

            Then why do you keep on coming to this website if you hate what they post? Aren’t there like 3 million different sites on One Direction?

            Actually by assuming I’m 3 years old you are not basing your theories on the truth while as I, who know 3 year old Directioners and people who have in fact bought their whole doll set, am.

            I’m not saying you do. I am completely fine with your love for One Direction and the way you express said love as long as it does not interfere with me and I can’t help, but to be upset at this website for feeding wrong information to many minds who can not think by themselves.

            And I think it’s a really wise move saving your money for college, but as both of us know, many MANY Directioners don’t share the same wisdom.

            Your last comment didn’t make sense, for what I meant by the “good things come in small packages” comment was that the content of my brain (which I don’t earn, I just get as I live in spite of deserving it or not) is as important as it would be if my brain were any other different size.

  • Brynn_Nevins1D

    He makes me laugh.

  • kendra <3 1D

    One direction songs are meaningless. well your face is meaningless

  • Howis1D

    This guy is bugging me so bad right now

  • Ailynnn

    Did you guys notice? Only some insecure boys hating our boys… Meaningless songs? Well Maybe you re talkin about your music dude. Get a life.

  • Artsy Chic

    he is just a jealous jerk who is attention seeking, we directioners should smash this Bugg, cuz all he is: is an inconsiderate pest

  • 1Dlol

    I went on to Twitter and gave him a peace of my mind he has no heart and if u agree fallow me on Twitter and i will fallow u back

  • 1Dlol

    Oh and my Twitter is @AaryaNicole

  • Anastasya Ho

    we have a lot of people on our blacklist girls.
    One Direction hate Blacklist
    1. The Wanted
    2. Jake Bugg
    3. random person that we don’t care about
    4. other random person
    5. other random person
    and so on. Get your Nerf guns ready gals, we have a lot of shooting to do. Today, we are not girls or fans of One Direction! We are the army and supporters of One Direction! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

  • brianna horan

    Man the liar is short lol

  • A’alyciaP._1D


    • Concha Romão

      Backstreet Boys, Take That, NSYNC, Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus (Shall I go on?) what do all of these have in common? All of their fans eventually moved on to the next sensation. Miley’s fans moved on to worship Justin Bieber and then 1D came along and no one cares about him anymore and it’s just a matter of time until Simon Cowell comes up with some American swaggy duo to overcome 1D and in 3 years time you’ll be cleaning your room and you’ll find some old posters on the back of your shelves and wonder how did you grow out of them and try to go back to listening to their albums and realize that they’re not as good as you thought they were and you’ll throw the posters away and move on with your life not remembering how many times they may have saved your life or reached #1 in the charts…
      How dare you tell someone to write better music when the people you adore don’t have what it takes not even to write terrible or mediocre music?

      • A’alyciaP._1D

        U r about wrong everything. 1. I will never “grow out” of them. They could be dead,I could be dead. 2. My parents don’t allow posters. 3. I never liked Miley Cyrus our Justin Bieber. 4. 75% of us here had never even knew him. 5. There will never be a band like them. 6. I have no time to argue because I’m busy and I never will. 7.He had no right to call anybody out but himself (you 2) If you have nothing better to do than argue with me. Wow cuz my life is pretty pathetic. Good bye

        • Concha Romão

          1. Look back at the previous years of your life and tell me that you’ve never grown out of any band. Not even one? I know I have!

          2. If you will never grow out of them then when you move out you will be able to put posters on your walls.

          3. So is One Direction the first band or artist that you like?

          4. Even though your whole comment makes as much sense as One Direction being famous, this argument stands out so much that I can’t even understand what it is supposed to mean…

          5. Yeah yeah wait two years to come tell me that.

          6. You clearly have no time to argue. No time at all. Clearly.

          7. He has every right to state out that comparing One Direction to The Beatles is absurd. No one will EVER come near to The Beatles specially not a bunch of Ken dolls who can’t write any songs at all (some of which who can’t even sing even though it’s what they’re paid for – if you disagree be my guest to check out Louis Tomlinson’s X Factor audition).

          Yes your life is indeed pretty pathetic.

          Good bye. Have a very nice day (:

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            Oh thx you 2!!! :) and fyi I have acually he was the first audition I looked at. Louis sings like an angel and so do the rest of the boys. Actually they were my first favorite artists.behind the Beatles.They aren’t Ken dolls these guys saved my life. I’ll wait 20 and come tell you I never lost love for them. It’s not looks that I like it’s personality. Thx but not as pathetic as yours!!! :) Hope you sleep well!!!!

          • Concha Romão

            What are you? 5? I mean how can you like 2 bands in your life only and how can 1D overcome The Beatles in that twisted mind of yours?

            Louis sings like a what??? You must clearly be def. I don’t enjoy their songs, but as a fan of X Factor I loved Harry and Liam’s auditions and I quite enjoyed Niall’s, but no one in their perfect mind can possibly say that Louis did good in his audition. No one.

            They totally are. They even have their own Ken dolls, you don’t get that by looking like me for example! You need to look good (and a little bit fake) in order for people to think that you’d look good as a doll (or to have a legion of doll-playing-age fans, that will work as well). How did they save your lives? By being paid to sing something that someone else wrote? That they don’t even freaking mean? C’mannn man grow up!

            It’s not looks? Then think of them as ugly, fat, old men. The next time you listen to one of “their” pathetic songs think of Wagner and then tell me you enjoy it just as much!

            No, I’m pretty sure it is… Mine is super pathetic as well. Clearly, as I have nothing better to do than sit here and talk to someone with the equivalent IQ of a retarded seal, but yours still beats mine!

            You too!

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            Lol it’s funny because I was think that too but now I’m thinking more of the age 2. U must be the one with the IQ of 4 because seals are one of the most intelligent species. No I don’t like only 2 bands those are my top 2. Fyi they could be old ugly and bald it’s not the music it’s then who saved my life. No they are British legend. They have broken records that haven’t been broken in like 40 years. They have passion for what they do. They write songs for their family and friends. I have thanked. Mr.Carl Falk and the others for their songs.U me to grow up?! u talk but can u act.wtf is wrong with your brain. Grow up and face the facts. (Cyber bullying isn’t cool.) U call everyone out butt yourself. Just go on please is best. (Or do I have to spell it out. I know u go through a lot being special and all)

          • Concha Romão

            If you could maybe start typing things in the right order it would be easier to understand your comments, but okay!

            Tell that to the retarded seal I have in my backyard for I believe she will very much appreciate to hear it while as I actually don’t.

            So, think back: pre-2010, 1D weren’t around yet. Did you think then that anyone could over throne The Beatles as your favourite band back then? Well, it happens. I used to think that I’d be a Galaxy Defender for the end of my days and then Arctic Monkeys took the crown, and then The XX, and then Vampire Weekend and now Bon Iver and now Two Door Cinema Club is kind of about to take the lead and in two years or so a new band I had never heard of will release an incredible single that will play on my radio station every morning on my way to school and without even realizing I will have a new favourite band…

            It’s not the music!!!! Well that’s one way to contradict what Jake Bugg says about their music being meaningless…

            They are NOT legends. I love Bon Iver with all my heart, but I would never say they are legends. Aristídes de Sousa Mendes, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Madre Teresa de Calcutá, all of these yes, are legends. They are legends for what they have made for Humanity and don’t you ever try to put One Direction up there with the great for it is outrageous!

            THEY DON’T WRITE SONGS. Is that so hard to understand? They do not freaking writes the songs they freaking sing. They buy them from other songwriters. It’s like they were fashion designers, yet the designs are given to them and they only add the colours. It’s all they do.

            Actually a lot is wrong with my brain. I may even start a website such as this one for the things that are wrong with my brain. If all else fails then I’ll start making stuff up. Just like this one.

            I am trying my best to grow up day by day and to be honest if you think my current self is terrible, you should have met my 3-year-ago-self. You would have HATED me more than you hate The Wanted or whatever other bands that have dissed 1D.

            So you think I’m doing this to be cool? (Also, you’re one to talk about it). Surprise honey: I’m not. I’m doing this because I have nothing better to do with my time and because I like to defend the opinions that ought to be defended.

            I call myself out very often as a matter of fact. When I believe that I’m pushing the boundaries I back off, but in this case, I’m not pushing any more than you are and, although you may say you are more (and it’s completely fine by me if you are – I have enough flaws already), I am very stubborn and I will not back off from this argument unless if you give me arguments that will invalidate mine (which so far you haven’t darling).

            I do go through a lot being special and all, thanks for being so understanding!!

          • A’alyciaP._1D

            I don’t put them up there with legends. They will NEVER be up their with them. But they will go in the history books. The music mean something to us. But the fame will never change them (I can see it hasn’t changed Jake) I don’t hate u or think u are terrible. Flaws everyone has them out doesn’t matter how many you have. I’m stubborn too and if you’re serious about that website I need to do it too. I really don’t have to give u a good defensive argument because you’re not. I thank you that you make that apriority

          • Concha Romão

            Except you did.

            I’m sorry if you truly believe that honey, but they never will. I highly doubt that they will still be around in 10 years and I am completely sure that even if they are they will not have half of the fans they have now and like you will not write history books on things that happened two years ago they will pretty much be forgotten by the time that history books write on our decade…

            Jake is a pretentious douchebag. I am a huge fan of his music and I am not afraid to admit it. He says “I have my album out and if people like it cool, if not, I don’t really care” when of course he cares. He wouldn’t be having dinner on his account if no one liked it, so of course he cares, but he does think he comes across like more of a cool bloke so he says all of that. I don’t know if it’s fame or not, but he is and I’m pretty sure that if you try to see past 1D’s qualities (which I don’t doubt exist) you’ll also find some things you’d rather weren’t there.

            I was serious about how I have enough brain damage to fill a whole website, not about being willing to actually write it all down for other people to read it…

            Once again the text is all messy and I can’t understand it (starting brain damage blogy-ish thing – OCD).

            What am I not? I mean, I know I’m not many things, but what are you specifically talking about?

            You’re welcome (even though I don’t really get what priority you’re talking about…).

            Haha I’ll make sure to get one in the near future so I can introduce you to her. Her name will be Kate by the way.

            Except you obviously do. Why else would you be hating on Jake Bugg?

            The brain observation was in other comment, if you don’t reply to that one I’ll make sure to clear that out in the next reply I send to this one.

            Musicians who aren’t songwriters are like fashion designers who aren’t drawers, writers who aren’t thinkers and chefs who don’t actually cook… They’re just puppets. They give their images for other people’s work!

  • Serenity

    Tell this peasant who is in reality a dried up piece of cow poop to get a life. Does he really have anything better to do than sit on his ugly, fat bum and say things like this? No life! LOL! WOW! And I’m surely positive his so called ‘Music’ isn’t even close to having a meaning, otherwise sounding like a screaming chicken, just like he is! This idiot probably gets littering tickets just for walking around! I mean really, stop!

    • Concha Romão

      1D like his music. Also, he was standing when being interviewed and actually you’re the one sitting on your ugly, fat bum and talking crap about other people you don’t even know, not even their work, just a person that you don’t even know like at all.

  • Ya$hika

    Gimme everything rotten, my aim is quite good…right on his face. He really needs to get some senses into his brains. If he doesn’t wanna then we know exactly how to do so!! RIGHT!!??

  • Amy


  • Cait

    eat a dirty sock, jake bugg!!! no one messes with US or our uber hot boys!!!! i’ll take u down AMERICAN style!!!! *pulls out shotgun*

  • 1Dlol

    One Direction does mot have meaninglesstuned The Wanted does

  • liz

    jealous much?

  • liz

    yeah 1d get so much attention!!!!! but i didnt know that there was a bug named bugg before this

  • Phillip Yousif

    This guy is a meaningless scumbag!!!

  • Nia malik

    Believe me jake, you really don’t want crazy directioners AND j-cats on your bad side!

  • Niall William Malik

    Jake Bugg is just jealous. His just trying to get attention!

    • Hannah

      Why would jake bugg just want the attention when he doesn’t give a crap about the media and just cares about HIS music #justsaying

  • Riiaa Horan

    pleasee the meaningless one is your songs! i think your song almost broke my eardrums and for your information one direction songs is far from meaningless because you know why? THEIR songs saved more than one lives compare to yours, if you were a girl you would understand what we go through

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    whats up with jake buggs at first he said that they sucked then he said that he was just playing and now hes back to his hater phase! seriously make up your mind…. one direction is friggin incredible and you need to deal with it

  • niallersluckycharm x

    I agree with Kinsey wmyb actually helped girls feel confident

  • littlemissmerlin

    *hurtles tomato*

  • directionerfromnarnia

    Here we go again… :S

  • Concha Romão

    LITTLE THINGS WAS WRITTEN BY ED SHEERAN! You’re proving his point: the so called meaningful songs 1D sing aren’t written by them. They DO NOT write their own songs. Their success is based on other people’s effort. And if they weren’t half as skinny, young and attractive as they are they wouldn’t have made it half as far as they have. You may not like Jake Bugg, but he is 100% right. And as long as the media keeps bringing them up in Jake’s interviews he will keep saying the truth!

  • Guitar

    All Of You Can Shut Up
    Last Time I checked Jake Bugg Made His Living Like The Old Ways
    Not Through Over Popular X factor Crap. I look up to him as the start of my music career, I play In a cafe every Saturday morning to afternoon and Tuesday evening. I also get payed for It and Have enough money to buy my own CD cases and CD’s. I hope one day to be nearly as good as Jake.

  • Aimey Jean Ellison

    True musicians actually write their own music and sing heart felt songs without the aid of voice coaches, digital enhancements and all the other fluffers that come with a boy band entourage. Please tell me how a pop boy band whose balls have literally just dropped know anything about love and the meaning of life let alone sing songs on the subject.

    Chat to your parents about real music kids… Bob Dylan, The Doors, U2, Bon Jovi, UB40, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Don McClean… And new talents such as the amazingly talented Jake Bugg, Tom Odell, and Florence and the Machine to name a few. You will still hear the music of these great legends on the radio.. Why? Because they made organic, original, heart felt music that represents something a little bit more than a pubescent crush.

    In 5 years time this over commercialized and over rated boy band will be just like any other boy band in the past. Take That, 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Nsync etc etc etc.. History doesn’t lie, and sadly always repeats itself until the next pop boy band pops up like a pimple.

    You girls seriously need to find something else to get involved in and support an actual good cause… Like PETA! And to the editor and copywriter of this website, you should be ashamed of yourself by encouraging fans to sabotage another musician’s concert.

    • Hannah

      I’ll drink to that! You basically summed it up in one comment! Jake Bugg is amazingly talented with beautiful, unique vocals and he can freaking shred the guitar man! You just need to watch Ballad of mr Jones for that proof! To all the one direction peeps who heate Jake Bugg… WHAT THE HELL YOU HAVE NEVER MET HIM! JAKE BUGG SAID SO HIMSELF-“I have nothing against them personally” and to whoever said that Jake Bugg dissed the fans well clearly not as he just gave his opinion on one directions music and nothing about them as people or there fans so if you still want to support your incorrect argument then be my guest but come back with a quote to prove me wrong!

      By the way thanks everyone because this hilarious( and pretty deep in some places) argument has thoroughly entertained me for about and hour! Cheers guys!

      • Hannah

        Sorry for the spelling mistakes by the way eg heate meant to be hate etc also watch Ballard of mr jones live and I think I will have proved my point!

  • Aimey Jean Ellison

    True musicians actually write their own music and sing heart felt songs without the aid of voice coaches, digital enhancements and all the other fluffers that come with a boy band entourage. Please tell me how a pop boy band whose balls have literally just dropped know anything about love and the meaning of life let alone sing songs on the subject.

    Chat to your parents about real music kids… Bob Dylan, The Doors, U2, Bon Jovi, UB40, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Don McClean… And new talents such as the amazingly talented Jake Bugg, Tom Odell, and Florence and the Machine to name a few. You will still hear the music of these great legends on the radio.. Why? Because they made organic, original, heart felt music that represents something a little bit more than a pubescent crush.

    In 5 years time this over commercialized and over rated boy band will be just like any other boy band in the past. Take That, 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Nsync etc etc etc.. History doesn’t lie, and sadly always repeats itself until the next pop boy band pops up like a pimple.

    You girls seriously need to find something else to get involved in and support an actual good cause… Like PETA! And to the editor and copywriter of this website, you should be ashamed of yourself by encouraging fans to sabotage another musician’s concert.

  • Orla

    Lol. Ed Sheeran wrote Little Things, so that argument is completely invalid. “We just think he’s jealous of 1D’s success, because quite frankly he’s awful!” Why would Jake be jealous of 5 guys who are older than him and don’t even have half the talent that he does? Jealous? Pfft. He writes songs about real life and his experiences. He isn’t a bunch of x factor rejects that were put together to make Simon Cowell money. Also, Jake never said “frankly, they’re terrible!” He said things in his own opinion, whereas you idiots are saying your opinions as facts. ‘Facts’ that are definitely not true. Jake is a true artist and if you cannot see that, you must be truly dense.

  • Micaela

    Jake bugg is the best and i love him so much! he is right!!! (im not hating on 1d,) BUT in this case, jake is right……….. im sorry directionersss..