JLS & 1D Form X Factor Supergroup

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Well well well, make sure you tune into X Factor this weekend for an amazing treat. Supergroups JLS & One Direction are planning to sing on-stage together, performing a mix of two of their biggest tunes.

According to sources, both bands have been rehearsing a mash-up of “What Makes You Beautiful” and “She Makes Me Wanna”, commenting “It’s no secret that JLS & 1D have both been booked for the final – and we’re ratcheting things up a notch or two. Both groups thought it would be a great idea if they did a song together.

Current X Factor group Little Mix are favourites to win the show, and if they did would become the first band to do so. The final is to be staged at Wembley Arena in front of 10,000 fans, and it’s proving to be a night not to be missed.