LATEST: Have Haylor Split After Holiday Argument?

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Harry Styles flew back to England yesterday after his semi-romantic break with Taylor Swift (she spent half the holiday with him).

Now it seems that the couple may have split up during a particularly heated day on the island.

Have Haylor split up?

According to The Mirror, Taylor left Harry after an “almighty” argument, later posting the following strange tweet:

“Till you put me down.”

The tweet was retweeted over 30,000 times – and to this day no-one really knows what it means.

Harry himself hasn’t tweeted anything since January 5th, and before that his last tweet was on January 2nd, so he’s not giving us much to read there.

After Haylor were spotted together on the island early on, Harry was later seen enjoying himself in a hot-tub with Richard Branson and Not-Tom-Cruise, adding to the speculation.

The Mirror added:

“Harry did plenty of partying and was definitely enjoying himself hanging out with the guests. He returned to Virgin Gorda in the early hours looking like he had a raucous night.”

It was only 8 days ago that Haylor passionately kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve, an act seen by MILLIONS all over the world.

Harry and Taylor at Times Square in New York

Perez Hilton seem to think it’s definitely over, stating a source that says:

“They are both really busy and never in one place for long. Harry’s really upset about the split and is really sensitive about it. Loads of his friends told him to be careful and that it was never going to last, and he feels a little foolish now that it’s fallen apart so quickly.”

Is it all over for the pair already? We’re not so sure so aren’t making any judgements just yet. Is it time for #HaylorBreakUpSongTitles?

What do you think?

  • Guest

    So what im hearing you say is that Taylor is gonna release a new song soon? Watch out Taylor.

  • 100%directionergrl

    Ok 0.0 now you guys r scaring me

  • 1Ddonthatecelebrate

    Some people are happy they broke up personally I’m sad I feel so bad for him if u were a true directioner you would be too ill believe that he will pull through it though

  • Haley1271

    Finally I never really liked Haylor but I supported them

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

    I bet that’s the name of her next idiotic song anyone agree?

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb


  • Nicole Styles

    I knew this was gonna happen! Poor Harry! This means war! US DIRECTIONERS DECLARE WAR AGAINST TAYLOR FREAKEN SWIFT AND HER SWIFTERS OR WHATEVER HER “FANS” ARE CALLED! (Sorry if any taylor fans read this if you feel offended then sorry but Directooners get MAD when any girl messes with ANY of our boys!) :( :/ 😐

  • gisel

    even if i was jelous i fell bad

  • gisel

    even if i was jelous they make a good couple she wrote i knew you were trouble for there break up

  • † Ro Directioner †

    To tell you the truth I do not like or liked Haylor relationship and if I end up really good is something if Hazza decidierion and would have to aver heard his friends to me in a magazine called Your I have an interview with Taylor saying that their relationships do not last long so if you’re single Harry is best for you but if you keep wanting to grab God’s sake

  • Kailani Hays


  • Olivia Wagy

    Taylor has no clue what fandom she is messing with directioners are known as the deadliest fans around #powertodirectioners <help trend this:)

  • Maddi Jade

    I love you harry! i am here for you!!! we all are!! WWlll here we come!!!

    directioners are so going to win this thing!!

  • Maddi Jade

    Taylor if you write a song about harry everyone will hate you!!!

  • Maddi Jade

    especially me!!!!!!!

  • Sakura Mae Garcia

    he called me louis

  • Carolyneluvs MrPayne

    Who said Taylor dumped him????!!! OMGOSH!! YOu guys it was just a fight. We dont know who started it. JUst cause she dated him doesnt mean she gonna dump him and write a song. You guys are talking trash bout her jus cus she broke up with him. SHe wrote songs bout guys who she dated and broke up with, but that doesnt mean anything. Call me crazy, but you guys are over reacting and being selfish.

    • person

      Shut up she’s nothin but a hoe!!

  • alexa<3s1D

    How finally I thought they were gonna be sierious get married and harry wou leave 1D sooooooooooooooo happy now right guys

  • amanda styles

    Directioners, this is our time to attack! And by that i mean that if harry is really hurt, we tell him the reasons why she wasn’t the one! Ok? FOOOR NAARNIAAA!

  • kayla

    i kno som of u mite disagree but i think selena and harry should go out so Sarry or Helena but im just sayin

    • person

      Not to be mean but harry could do wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!

    • person

      Not to be mean but harry could do wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!

  • Michela Guerra

    In the war of best break up song for “Haylor”, I’m for HARRY. #teamharry

  • Victoria Segouin

    Is this really over? After almost 2 months? This is the best news I have ever gotten! Although I am happy, I am feeling badly for Harry. I sorta know how he feels…

  • tessa harvey

    I’m happy about it but then I wanna cry coz I feel bad :(

  • 1dlol1d

    I am so mad taylor its on

  • liz

    What the…….. Taylor your really mean you should be a lonely girl because you need no one harry styles is the best guy and if you don’t like guys that hang out with friend then you need no one

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    This could be a rumor tho

  • 1dlol1d

    I will be in taylors window ready to see her piss her pants

  • Alyssa Horan

    “Till u put me down” that’s from I knew u were trouble 0.O :( don’t worry harry all of us love you..

    • Brittany Cope

      Ohh I didn’t even think of that! Well if she’s hinting toward the “I knew you were trouble” thing then why did she date him anyway? She’s puts herself in these positions

  • Bri1DBieber

    Why does everyone think that her song will be straight forward like “Wrong Direction” She has never been so straight forward……It would probally be something that made Tay/Haz that broke them- WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT HER SONG! F*CK THAT! IF SHE WRITES A SONG ABOUT MY HAZZA I WILL LITEARALLY WITH MY OWN FIST STRAIGHT UP AND PERSONALY KILL HER ( REMEMBER: This is NOT a Threat it’s just something I say when I’m p*ssed off)

  • batmans wife <3



    how much u wanna bet shes gunna rite another song bout him….i told you it want going to last i mean hello it’s a relationship with Taylor swift….. she even said that she never had a long relationship…

  • Mrs.LarryStylinson

    I love u and all but since Haylor uve been a little foolish dating an 18 yr old!!

  • TheKierahStyles1

    Ok… As Much As I’m On The Directioner Side, I Think Some People Are Taking This Too Far. Things Happen And Its Not Our Falt cus Matter Of The Fact Is… We All Saw It Coming and its really nothing to dwell on. I Really Do Feel For His Being A Person That Has Had Their Heart Broken; IT HURTS ALOT Mentally and physically. Again I Am Totally On Harrys Side, But Its Being Taken WAY Out Of Context. And I Think That Some People Could Cool It. BTW. Please Dont Hate If You Dont Agree, Its My Opinion and honestly i am a a true directioner…
    I Still Love Harry

    • FabulousNails

      No need to attack Taylor IMO. It gives her attention, and she can attract pity from other people and fanbases.
      Plus it gives 1D fans a bad name.

      Ignoring her is a much more powerfull tool…
      I really hate that she had to tweet about it using one of her song lyrics. I don’t hate her, but this is a bit attention seeking. Let’s not give her the attention she seems to crave.

    • FabulousNails

      No need to attack Taylor IMO. It gives her attention, and she can attract pity from other people and fanbases.
      Plus it gives 1D fans a bad name.

      Ignoring her is a much more powerfull tool…
      I really hate that she had to tweet about it using one of her song lyrics. I don’t hate her, but this is a bit attention seeking. Let’s not give her the attention she seems to crave.

  • Lindsay Styles :D

    Im shocked….

  • bellahoran

    I thought haylor was cute! It could of been a act, who knows. Taylor maybe a player! Haha idk.

  • veronica

    Why are you guys being mean? I mean I don’t Halor at all but dpsemt mean you have to give her hate on twitter and Facebook! Dont like her okay fine but Dupont make her cry or urge her to kill herself just cuz her and harry broke up… I’m mad but just don’t say things that you might regret later on

  • Miko Sim

    OMG! !HARRY! ! OUR INNOCENT AND LOVING HARRY! ! C’mon, guys, do u want to kill Taylor? If yes, i will grab the head and pull it out while u guys break the body… I will ask my doggy (eat anything )to eat it up… Especially the brain… But before that, i will spoil the face and smash it with a hammer… Taylor – your death is coming soon… So, R.I.P…

  • Brittany Cope

    It wasn’t going to last anyway.. Taylor goes through 5-10 boyfriends a year! I don’t know why her image is “innocent”. Even though I don’t like her I don’t want her dead, everyone needs to quit overreacting…

  • amazing#1d

    Hmmm. I didnt think that they were going to break so fast!!!!!

  • one direction lover for ever


  • i_luv_1D_14

    If their. Over then finally cause I can’t see them together at all look at the photo above harry doesn’t look happy at all and Taylor just look all smiley soo their is something behind it this relationship 100%

  • Directioner7

    Taylor Swift is going down. Big time.

  • ジュリアナ

    He’s a fool for falling for her and an ass for lying to us.

  • disqus_uNQILrrvmN

    i think. taylor swift doesn’t take thier relationship seriosly and she can ruin thier carrie just because of her fulisness and idioty.

  • Maddie

    guys he doesn’t need us starting stuff with his ex. Yes,that makes me seriously aggressively motivated to where i would just love to punch Taylor in her face but he just needs us to support him right now. yes,we tried to warn him but he couldn’t help himself. We’ve all had those times. I say just forget about her. If she comes out with a song about Harry then ignore it,don’t buy it or even act like it’s out. We all knew she was just after him for a song. And if we do start this WW3 then thats all the more reason for her to complain about dating him and she will make us look like insane psychopaths. We just need to support our boys and forget about Taylor.

  • Maddie

    i just want the boys to be happy. all of them. and if that means Harry is still with Taylor and that this break up thing is a rumor then oh well. If Harry Styles is happy then i am. No matter who he is with. Sure, i won’t be over excited if they are still together but i don’t think i’m going to hate on Taylor any more. Harry deserves better then us starting stuff with the Swifties and hating on Taylor.

    • NicoleLuvsU

      You just said EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to say, but couldn’t come up with the right words to say it! bravo…
      Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly. :)

      • Maddie

        thanks:) i just want to see ALL the boys happy and them not to have to worry about us killing or threatening their girlfriends,no matter who.

        • NicoleLuvsU

          Me too. TRUE directioners are happy for the boys whoever they’re dating, and realize that they aren’t acutally gonna marry them someday! lol.
          It’s the fangirls who go crazy and say “I’m gonna marry them, their mine and nobody else’s” and hate on thier girlfriends, that give ALL the directioners a bad name. 😛

          I just wish they could to be able to have a girlfriend without being hated on, like normal boys do. Because I CARE for them!! Its their lives, they should be able to date whoever they want without their gf’s getting death threats. Sheesh! 😉

  • Daniela Velasquez

    I knew it wouldn’t last, Taylor is not a long relationship girl and is good to Harry to go on and find his real love somewhere else, but now he should just wash his teeth, he have kissed Taylor a lot. I was bored of Haylor it wasn’t real love …so I’M HAPPY! and Harry if you read this…don’t cry over someone who don’t deserve your tears

  • Illıllıẍ Cräzÿ Giřl Ẍıllıll

    End :'(

  • Casey Styles

    “I went in the wrong direction” “I told him penises don’t go up the butt, he didn’t believe me” “He called me Lou”

  • disqus_qxms0WuGjy

    ‘Til you put me down is a part in I knew you were trouble.

  • Sarah Styles

    If she write a break up song about him i’m going to kill her!

  • McKenna Green

    im glad its over >.<

  • Macey/Mr.Pervy:3

    in all the haylor pics ive seen, harry dose not look happy.

    • NicoleLuvsU

      I noticed that too, and I just want him to be happy… it didn’t look like they were really in love. I hope he finds someone else who TRULY respects and loves him!!

  • Jamie

    Isn’t “till you put me down” from her song i knew you were trouble?

  • NicoleLuvsU

    I just knew Taylor was gonna break Harry’s heart…. I could tell it wouldn’t last, as much as I wanted it to, for his sake. My poor Hazza… :(
    I’ll always support you Harry! Hope you find someone else who really loves you… I know you will someday. And I’ll still love you just as much then ♥

  • larry lol

    can’t end something that never started

  • Orly Tsamezeu

    Taylor you need to watch your back every minute cause directioners vs. Swifties, swifties got no chance. You are going down, like a frown:-(

  • Love1DMia

    But do you have to remind us?

  • Directionerforeva

    I do want Harry to be happy but him being with taylor just used to hurt me very much now u ppl can judge me that I’m not a true directiner and all but being a true directioner doesn’t mean that u have to ship every freakin couple . I wish he know Taylor was trouble for him . How many agree ? Comment below

  • Sing it!!!!!!!!

    Taylor u seriously need 2 find a guy u will b happy with stop dating a new guy every day!!!!

  • Kelsee

    She already did its called I’m alright! She is retarted!

  • Sara Flaum

    U wonder why directioners get a bad name-im a directioner and a swifty-and reading all these comments makes me ashamed to call my self one of u, cause we can be upset over it, but there is no reason to make threats, plus it isnt only taylors fault, it is both of theirs, so ppl back off and leave them ALONE!!!

  • Lizzie

    Ew I hate haylor so much. It’s just not good AT ALL and if you comment saying Harry was happy… you’re wrong. He’s never happy with her, absolutely no picture of them together with Harry smiling