Leona AGAIN Refuses To Deny She’s Dating Liam

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The rumours just won’t go away, and we actually stuck our noses out last week and confirmed the pair were dating.

Now Leona, in her latest interview has again been asked about her potential new man Liam, saying:

“All I’ll say about the rumours of me dating Liam from One Direction is you never know where things might end up if they’re given half a chance.”

Now why can’t you just confirm or deny it Miss Lewis? We reckon you get a kick out of keeping us all guessing, don’cha?

Discussing she feels about relationships and the celeb lifestyle, she added:

“Other than that, I’ve never been one to talk about my personal life, because it’s important to keep a little bit of yourself sacred. Too many celebs would sell their souls to the devil just to get in the papers. I have no desire to be ‘famous’ like that; I didn’t when I won The X Factor and I still don’t.”

Leona went on to say:

“The public don’t need to know every nuance of your life. It’s possible to give them a little insight and still have a normal, private life.”

We’re pretty confident the pair’s relationship will be public news very soon – perhaps in time for Christmas – and we think they make a lovely couple.

Who knows, One Direction and Leona Lewis might make some music together?