Liam And Louis Show They’re Great Guys By Supporting Tom Daley

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#TeamGB should be so proud of Tom Daley’s efforts at the Olympics over recent days, but he has unfortunately been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

A malicious and cruel twitter user untactfully tweeted to Daley, saying:

“You let your dad down I hope you know that”

Daley’s father, a big supporter of the diver, died of cancer last year. There has been an outpouring of support for Daley and we are pleased to tell you that Liam and Louis were amongst those showing compassion.

Liam Tweeted:

“@TomDaley1994 ignore them dikheads mate we all sat and watched you today and we thought u did incredible.”

Louis had pre-empted the controversy, tweeting before the twitter troll, thus:

“Sat watching @tomdaley1994 ‘s doc on BBC. Very moving, seems a great guy!”

We knew that all the boys are total sweethearts and it’s great that they are showing some twitter love to a British sporting star. They are down-to-earth and stay true to their British roots.

You all should spread some LOVE too and show these twitter haters to jog on!