Liam And Niall Get Mobbed In Manhattan

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One Direction played two amazing concerts at the Beacon Theatre in New York on Saturday, but they had to battle through hundreds of screaming fans whilst enjoying a day off in Manhattan yesterday.

The band were left a little worse for wear with reports of their hair and clothes being pulled at by some desperate fans.

Watch a (low-quality) video below:

Niall took to Twitter to say: “This is a complete joke. Ridic. Day off, wana chill.”

Liam followed up with a blunt: “That wasn’t even funny.”

The boys had decided to do a bit of afternoon shopping, but were less than impressed when they were quickly surrounded by a sea fans.

Here’s a few selected tweets from fans:

Feel bad for the one direction boys today. No one deserves to bemobbed #defensivedirectioner

wow really some fans mobbed liam and niall jfc this is why i hate the one direction fandom

One Direction are world famous now, obviously they’re get incidents where they get mobbed etc, it’s what part of being famous..

Moving back to a more positive note, the two gigs went down a storm, as usual, and we’ve got the usual great fan videos for you below.

Ok, first up is 1D singing “I Wish”:

Next we’ve got a cracking one. Who fancies a bit of ‘Fresh Prince’ amongst some hilarious impressions?

Lastly, here’s the classic tearjerker, ‘Moments’:

Another brilliant concert then!

  • Chelsea

    Some of the fans need to calm their tits. Seriously, can they just respect the boys? Who likes their hair or clothes being pulled? God

  • Miristanton

    think Some of the fans need to calm their tits i’m not kidding! anyway ai love u guyzz! x

  • christinahoran

    Not right at all i feel so sorry for niall and liam. New yorkers relly calm down

  • Gkittrell44

    I hate how some directioners are so desperate! I would love to meet them. If I got the chance to meet them, I wouldnt freaking mob them!!

  • Zayn’s Avocado

    Directioners need to calm down. Why would you mob them when they’re just trying to have a nice relaxing day in the city. How would you feel if you were trying to have a nice day and are mobbed by fans to the point that your clothes are being ripped and torn. Some directioners are really disrespectful. -.-

  • Megan

    These directioners need to calm down. The boys just want to live normal lives without random girls jumping all over them. If I met them, I would try to stay as calm as possible.

  • Amal Malik

    LOL MANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlexisHoran

    Directioners calm down!!!!! We have to give our boys some space ya know. I feel horrible for them, they cant ever do somethong normal with the fans mobbing them. I love you one direction!

  • AlexisHoran

    also the clips of them singing are amazing…….i cry everytime i hear the song moments

  • Alysa

    Some fans are way to crazy. They need to respect the boys and their privacy.

  • maddie123

    at least the boys had twoo great concerts

  • Christina Tina Nazaretyan

    if i met them i wouldnt go fan girl all over them

  • Liam’s girl<3

     Dudes or directioners— whatever. Um, you guys need to chillax. Even I can’t stop dreaming about them i my mind. But, at least I’m not the one who went so fliipin’ crazy in front of Niall and Liam. What if they lead into a serious injury? Peeps need to think:) I need to think to<3

  • Leis’l

    omg niall has the best laugh  in the Whole world

  • Lailadrake01

    Wtf fanz r fuckin crazy over there really do u need a a strain of liamz or niallz hair tryin to rip close off wtf calim down!! Here in denver we wouldnt do that not even close to that!!!

  • Toypoodles34

    Those fans that did that to the boys disappoint me, now they won’t be able to come out and greet the fans without being rushed off by their security, I would have yelled at those girls that did that

  • melissa

    people commenting that they wouldn’t mob them , bitch please. If you would be walking and just see them and your a super big fan your not just going to sit there and say : ” hey let’s walk away like we didn’t see anything” Come on you girls are just being liars now. All directionners will scream so please …

  • Jenna Nicole

    niall was punched in the face and liams shirt was pulled off

  • Shayla Mille

    if i meet 1D i would act totally normal…their just normal guys who can sing. i would probely have a normal conversation with them about anything, like the weather or just life. i wouldnt go all fan crazy! i would just talk to them normally. i think its ridiculous that they get mobbed….yes ppl want their adigragh and want to see them but really they are normal people wanting to chill. its not like their gunna get up and marry a random fan cause they are mobbing them…i would be totally normal aroung them;)

    • Shayla Mille

      And yes i misspelled alot of words…on accident i swear!

  • Chynna Styles

    people!! can you just pls chill when you see them i mean i wouldn’t chill to but i mean don’t be to hard on them!!

  • Iloove1D

     i really want 1D concert tickets!! lol

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    I feel bad for the boys I mean cause they want time off but they are having trouble getting it.
    I know that fans love them, but they need to chill i mean everyone needs there space. Those girls I get it I am a super huge fan to and I’m not famous of course but I feel there feeling I have like 8 siblings, so I don’t get time at all they are always bombarding me with crap! Can’t you crazy fans just respect these boys? There not freaking play doll toy things? They are men who have a life, and if you were a true Directioner you would understand and back off. Last, you don’t have to be so desperate geez! I like them to but seriously lay off. 

  • Jasmine

    i love them all please be my future husband harry styles i have a good name for us Jasmine Styles

  • Jasmine

    i don’t

  • nina

    Whoever mobbed them, the are fuckin stupid.

    • nina

       They are fuckin stupid

  • nina

    Those fans are bitches. Not that much, but really mob those two.