Liam ‘Burger Boy’ Payne Strikes A Pose

Now, we all know that Liam Payne is rather yummy, but he’s just got a whole lot tastier with a recent Twitter image.


Liam’s buns are making their way around Twitter pretty quick!

So, the 1D boys hectic schedule is clearly not all that hectic at all, as they seem to have too much time on their hands…

And we all know what happens when boys are sat around doing nothing…


Boys will be boys…

A recent 1D food fight ended up with poor Liam Payne having a burger bun stuck to his forehead.

And being the good friend that he is, Louis Tomlinson decided to snap a pic and tweet it straight away, titled: ‘burgerboy.’

So, even with bread stuck to his face Liam somehow seems to still look gooooood!

Just how does he do it?