Liam Gallagher Says One Direction ‘Got Lucky’ With Their Fame

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It seems another person is jumping on the slagging off One Direction bandwagon.

The leader of course being the one and only Jake Bugg, who we hate with a passion.

But now Oasis and Beady Eye star Liam Gallagher has joined in saying that our five fav boys were just lucky to get where they are. Not due their talent or anything then Liam?

He told BBC News: “Who’s my biggest competition? One Direction.”

“Fair play to them, man, they got lucky – like we all do, I guess – and they’re just going for it.

“That’s what it’s all about, innit? It’s all going to end at some point. And when it ends, you want to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes.”

Hmm that’s not too bad, but in an earlier interview with Q magazine Liam said: “I like them. Fair play to them. Why not, man? They haven’t got a f***ing clue either. I met them at the Olympics and their heads were up their arses, but they’re harmless.”

Liam, oh Liam. Has no one ever warned you about the dangers of getting on the wrong side of Directioners? Just ask Jake Bugg!

If you claim to like them, why say nasty things like that?

Eughhhhh guess thats another head to add to our dartboard!

Here’s some of the highlights from the European Leg of the Take Me Home tour to cheer us up!

  • Pasqui Faure

    they aren´t lucky they are talented!!!

  • FabulousNails

    I don’t agree with your headline at all, you are clearly taking a quote out of context to make it sould like Liam is slating 1D when he is NOT.

    Liam basically said that every successfull music act needed a lucky break, himself included, & was clearly not slating 1D at all. Saying that they are not his musical cup of tea is certainly not horrible, many other artists have been so harsh towards 1D, but he was OK.

    And even in the older quote about the Olympic event, he clearly meant that 1D might not understand the music business, but the main message was clearly that anyone who got this type of chance should go for it (“fair play to them”). Besides, they were still quite new to the business, so was he that far off the truth when he met them?

    I am sure that they are learning little by little about the music craft & business, and that they know more today than they did 1 year ago, they are very young still.

    • Jamie Swain

      He says: “I met them at the Olympics and their heads were up their arses, but they’re harmless.”
      How is that not slating them?

      • FabulousNails

        He has always had a big mouth, but I disagree with the intent behind that OLD quote. So many people say 1D is kiling music, rejoice in slamming them and insulting them , and boast about slighting them at events (Noel Gallagher). To me, even then, Liam was not mean to them.

        The newer quotes were quite fair play, saying that “everyone” needs a lucky break! But the title of this article is making it seem very different from what was said.

        Noel’s boast about having proudly ignored the boys at some even with Damon Albarn was appalling to me. This is not.

        • Jamie Swain

          The way I read the new quotes, he sounds as if he’s subtly insulting them but not in the same way that Jake Bugg does. I think it depends on how you interpret it.
          The main point of the article is that Liam Gallagher has said something about 1D, and the headline summarises the new quotes with a small extract. Once again, I think it’s open to interpretation.
          Thanks for the feedback anyway. Have a nice day :)

          • FabulousNails

            I suppose you are right. I certainly read it in a much more positive light than you did. 😉

            I suppose I don’t like this title because it’s sending thousands of teenagers on the war path in a way… on a quote that’s fairly harmless.

            Have a nice day as well.


      I don’t agree w u…at ALL…he was obviously hating on them in those interviews…

  • Lolo Awad

    he is lucky that directioners can’t reach him , otherwise he would be dead now <3 one direction rule <3

    • Nana Styles

      Totally lol hahaha :)))

    • haileyhaileyhailey

      that awkward moment when I’ve never even heard of this Liam guy…

      • Sarah Payne

        Lol me niether

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        Ya…same thing happened to me! U don’t even know the guy and u start hating him! XD

      • Laura Alice Lee

        Haha that’s how I feel!!!

        • Orla

          All of you are stupid and ignorant.

    • Twyla Burroughs

      I know I was so close to jumping through my laptop cause of this fool

    • Orla

      I have nothing to even reply to this… Jesus Christ, you are an idiot.

  • Aylin Morelos

    The moment when Liam is complains on one direction…. which also happens to have a LIAM in it

    • Sarah Payne

      Lol yeah

  • Mimi Deria

    This man gotta shut his mouth! He definitely doesn’t know what happened to the past ones. Haha Good luck their Pal, I hope we don’t find you dead soon. Hahaha Some people must think about what they’re going to say before opening their mouth!

    • Orla

      YOU should think before commenting. Liam Gallagher is a living legend. One Direction are talentless idiots who just do it for the money. They shouldn’t even be compared.

  • Andi_Payne

    This guy better back off!!! I bet he thinks hes so cool for hating Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis! Doesn’t he have something better to talk about!

  • xKelly12

    I’m getting so tired of these jealous people. Just shut up and accept the fact that you’re never gonna be better then One Direction.

    • Orla

      Jake Bugg and Oasis are millions better than One Direction will EVER be. You need to shut up and get and concentrate in school. Get an education and stop being such a simple minded fool.

      • xKelly12

        What are you doing here? This is a One Direction website. I think that One Direction is better than Jake Bugg and Oasis. That’s mine opinion. And if Jake Bugg and Oasis are millions better than One Direction, why are One direction much more populair? And sweety I already finished my highschool. I went to a University and already have my dreamjob. So back off you hater. We don’t need you here.

        • Orla

          Your opinion is stupid. Straight up stupid. Hitler was a pretty popular guy too. Jake Bugg and Oasis have fanbases of all ages and both genders, not just girls aged 5-16. Obviously your time was wasted in college and university because you still don’t know how to spell ‘popular’ you don’t know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ and you’re just completely illiterate. You’re most likely lying and you’re probably actually 12 years old. I am on this website because I came across this crappy article because a friend pointed it out to me, not that I should have to explain myself to an idiot. Back off, moron. The intelligent people of the world don’t need you here.

  • Yana Kayrevich

    That’s funny I never heard of him but I bet he is probably gonna be missing or dead soon cause if some directioner does get to him he has got it coming for him

    • Orla

      If you’ve never heard of Oasis, you are officially a lost cause. Nothing can ever bring you back from being so ignorant.

      • Vidz

        I’ve heard of Oasis. I noe who Liam Gallagher is. N I’m certainly no 12year old. N I’m not a fresh University graduate & neither am I an impressionable young thing to be drawn to a particular band or singer bcos of their good looks. I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a 1 direction fan. Similarly, I’m a Seal fan too. I like Green Day, MKTO, Rascal Flatts & so on. R all of these people good-looking or just riding on plain luck

  • Carolyneluvs MrPayne

    He must not have hear of what happened to Taylor Swift, The Wanted, Jake BUgg and more.

    • Orla

      I don’t think he cares. Jake doesn’t either.



    • Orla

      Good. I don’t think that Liam Gallagher cares that a 10-13 year old hates him. He’d probably be relived that he doesn’t have fans as stupid as you.

  • 1D Sweety

    Who is this dude anyway, and why does he have the right to say this about our boys? And why do other celebs always have to hate on them? UUGHHH!!

    • Orla

      A member of one of the best British bands ever. British music had a good name until One Direction showed up.

  • Twyla Burroughs

    How dare he have the name Liam!

  • Aastha Ginodia

    The new one was not mean but the old one was i mean ‘harmless’ yeah right wait till they shove you and your band into a very dark place because you will be forgotten and only bands like The Beatles, Maroon 5 and ONE DIRECTION will be remembered!!!

    • Orla

      Oasis wont be forgotten. You are retarded. Maroon 5 probably will be. One Direction probably will be remembered, as one of the least talented ‘bands’ to ever somehow become popular British music.

  • Natalie

    He maybe he just got lucky for being the most famous idiot. Although, that might not be luck.

    • Orla

      No, he has talent, unlike One Direction. Liam isn’t an idiot just because you don’t agree with him. Putting him down because he shared his opinion kinda just makes you an idiot.

  • Ya$hika

    I call all of it JEALOUSY…they are simply jealous of the fame and richness of our lads, #DirectionersForever

    • Orla

      Are you retarded?

  • Eliana HarryMou

    some people…….no i can’t say enything