Liam ‘Hulk’ Payne On Twitter Rampage After Fans Wake Him Up

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Earlier in the week Niall went on a twitter rant after people accused him and the boys of drinking on stage.

Now it’s Liam’s turn to join the twitter rant team.

The usual quiet Liam took to twitter this afternoon to have a go at people who have been ringing his and the rest of the boy’s hotel rooms this morning.

They have a rare day off so it wasn’t taken well by the boys – and we wouldn’t like to be woken up on our day off either to be honest.

Liam said: “Whoever is ringing our rooms please stop it’s not funny ur just pissing everyone off, Next time it’s ur day off school nd u fancy a ly in il call u n see how u like it?”

And then Liam posted a single “:(” after receiving a lot of hate from Directioners.

One Directioner even tweeted: ‘Liam bothers me so much. You guys need to stop kissing his ass. He’s being a brat’

To which an angry Liam replied: “Why? I’m sorry for being mad but I do t get to sleep all that often cuz we travel every day the one day I don’t have to travel … And sleep at the same time and someone woke me up let’s be real here I think you would be a little pissed off yourself right?

Which we think is a fair point? Right?

The angered fan then tweeted: “I love Liam. Otherwise I wouldn’t spend my life trying to meet him and listening to his music and buying his tickets.”

And Liam again replied: “why call me that then I didn’t do nothing to you? I’m just being honest would u rather me lie?”

It seems Liam’s little rant at the Directioner sent other directioners sending her a lot of abuse.

So Liam tweeted again: “Hi everyone can u stop having a go at that girl cuz it’s not nice despite what she said”

But is seems not everyone is on Liam’s side as he said: “Lol thanks to everyone who now hates me sorry for being honest”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

What do you think? Is Liam over-reacting? Are fans being too harsh? Does everyone just need to go for a nap and calm down?

  • Lynnie Lucas

    Wow. The fandom needs to chill out. Wow guys, Liam was only tired, it doesn’t mean he hates you so take a chill pill and leave him alone. He doesn’t deserve hate because he needs sleep…

    • MariaStyles

      Yeah,I agree.

    • ♥ 1D-LLHZN ♥

      Totally, Agree with you !

      The guys are doing so many things for us directionners and some of us are thanking them with hate.. I think some of directionners have to realize how hard it must be to in there place ! Honestly far away from home and from friends and family must be really hard to live with even if it’s for doing something they love sometimes it must be hard … Some of us have to realize that they are like us and that sometimes they can freaked out or things like that ! They are not perfect, they’re normal that’s why we love them !! 😀

    • nialllandthepotatoes

      I totally agree!

      He was just tired.

  • helina

    I’m really sorry b’cos of Liam. Seems like people doing things without thinking,,,next time think before is it right thing to do or not?! Think do u want this to yourself what you’re doing or what you want to do to others…..

  • princessbruhilda

    weeehh.. guys, the boys rarely get day offs and when they get one, they deserve to spend that day for rest. liam’s just probably stressed out and we got to admit, if we were on their position we will also get really pissed off when we are disturbed from rest, right?? and he also is not hating on us directioners, he’s just probably want us to know that they also need to take rest from all the times they make us happy with their performances.. <3<3

  • Sristy Aggarwal

    He is correct on his part…fans need to stop over reacting…

  • SammyStyles

    He’s human people. He needs his sleep. We don’t want sleepy Liam zoning off on stage, now do we?

    • Riel Whittle

      Yes! Why just this morning I got all mad at my bro because he was annoying me when I was trying to sleep! I only had 7 hours of sleep! I can understand the value of sleep! PEOPLE YOU DON’T KEEP A PERSON FROM HAVIN A FEW Z’s!!!!! Not that this is pointed towards anyone on here. People here (for the most part 😉 are sensible people 😀 yay!!!

      • Banessa Perez

        Your brother and my brother did the same thing this morning I really got pissed off now I really know how Liam felt:;
        Y’all guys need to chill!!!!!

  • Stini2526

    chill they need sleep

  • Tom Havrilka

    I agree with lynnie Lucas below me- just chill people, seriously!!!!
    They don’t get anywhere near enough sleep, so just LET THEM BE!!!!! Honestly, just don’t bug them and they won’t get mad. We ALL love them, but why don’t u show that love by letting them sleep in on off days, or not attacking them whenever u see them?
    I know you love them, you know you love them, and they know you love them, so you don’t have to call them early in the morning to say so.
    Okay, rants over…

  • Merry Louie

    Dafuq why is there so much drama in the fandom lately? :O

  • Banessa Perez

    Y’all need to stop messing with them like really you all got problems I don’t hate Liam because he is just being honest!!!
    If y’all wanna get mad at me do it I don’t care you just have to stop messing with them y’all little brats!!its their day off when y’all get a day off and ppl mess with you won’t you get mad!!!!

  • Michaela

    This is why I REALLY can’t stand this fandom sometimes. They work their butts off for us, yet some of us still can’t accept that they’re human, and they need peace and quiet sometimes. The “directioners” who are getting angry with Liam are inconsiderate little brats. Calm down or leave.


    Everyone just needs to take a nice long nap and calm down… The boys are tired and directioners have to respect that and understand that they are human too and they need a break

  • daniele velasquez

    Listen, if someone called liam that there obviously DIRECTIONATERS

  • Directioner101

    Everyone needs to chill out! Their tired and they need their sleep like everyone else! I get why Liam is so upset I wouldn’t want to be woke up either!

  • Areli Acevedo

    This is ridiculous… The boys need a break from all the gigs and traveling… Don’t you guys think that the boys at least deserve some peace and quiet for a couple of hours?… I mean they have said many times that they love theirs fans… But if we keep in acting like the girl on twitter they won’t like us anymore and maybe even delete their social networks… I mean we should at least give them a little bit of downtime…. I think that’s my opinion.. If you guys think otherwise please tell me what YOU think…. Thanks

    • Tiffanylea Rosenthal

      I agree Just Saying

  • Mrs. Horan

    that is right Liam and the rest of them are normal human beings and deserve some time to themselves and they cant do that if they are woken up by loud screaming teenagers

  • Magdelina Rofail

    That one day where he doesn’t need to work or perform or whatever, directioners go to wake him up? He just wants to sleep, he’s a human too, he needs rest not people waking him up when he’s trying to rest, honestly, who does that, that’s just mean -.-

  • Kelsie G

    Id be like that too
    I love sleep

  • Alyssa Styles

    Ok true directioner wouldn’t do that to him and give him hate! Just let the boys sleep it’s there day off and they want to sleep after all the concerts they did! Just leave them alone!

  • Abigail

    That girl needs to take a chill pill! Liam and the other boys work there butts off for us everyday and his only day off he gets woken up by someone!?!?! he needs sleep like everyone eles! If u were working everyday would u like to be woken up on ur ONLY day off!!! Some people just need to chill and stop over-reacting!!!

    I LOVE 1D!!!!!:)

  • Hannah

    If people were polite and didn’t ring his doorbell when he’s sleeping then he wouldn’t be in the midst of a twitter fight. And for the pissed off fan, the only reason she said that was because she was not expecting a response from him. And furthermore, Liam and 1D worked for EVERYTHING they have. There is no ass-kissing as I see it.

  • Maddison Strubhar

    Everyone needs sleep..especially those who have to get up early basically every day and those who perform everyday…it’s disappointing to see “fans” act and respond this way…

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    No he’s not over reacting its their only day off yall leave them alone and stop tryin 2 be seen or noticed by them….! geez give them a break but then again he didnt have 2 word it like that he coulda been a litte more respectful mostly be cause Liam is better than that….!

  • Nialler4ever

    Our fandom has issues.
    I understand why people think we’re insane now.
    I wish people wouldn’t freak out over every stupid thing the boys do. Your such a great directionner, why you picking fights with the boys?

  • liz

    just let liam get his beauty sleep… or else hes hulk smash!

  • alex schulman

    That girl who sent liam hate is not a fan and then she started cursing on loui and zayn and said that they were as*holes

  • marmar margs lominoque

    it’s their day-off they need to chill,relax and sleep.If your famous,do you want fans to go to you like every five seconds,caling your hotel room,screaming in front of you and fans surrounding you no right?so directioners pls know what “personal time” means thank you :)

  • Dannie Howard

    These girls need to calm down! Liam doesn’t deserve rudeness or hate 4 being real and honest. He just wants his sleep!! That isn’t a lot to ask! So calm down and go take a nap!! I ♥ U Liam. Don’t listen to those girls Li. If they were real fans they would respect u. Directioner 4 life!! <3

  • 1D Gurl!

    Well, whoever you were who keeps ringing his doorbell, is very, very, very rude!!!!! Popstars needs sleep to!!! Liam’s right, they travel A LOT!!!! I mean, c’mon people, One Direction barely gets sleep!!!! Just give them a break, please! :)

  • Natalie

    I don’t blame Liam. I would be very pissed if someone woke me up on a day off. I mean if it was one of them I would be just a little mad but not too mad. But all in all, NO ONE MESS WITH SOMEONE TRYING TO MAKE UP SLEEP! I’ve tried. Didn’t end well.

  • Mrs.Payne

    Hi first comment yyyaaayyy!!! anyways the “directioners” arent being considerent of the guys’ day off as hard as they work to please everybody. and ur not a true directioner if u dont support the boys on their day off directioners r supposed to be with the boys through thick and thin we r supposed to love them no matter what … i just think that liam WAS NOT overracting he was just tired i would b the same way

  • Just Emily ❤

    Honestly, those “Directioners” who did all of that, they can go back to where they belong. An active volcano.

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I was tweeting to him the whole time and I was so upset that I almost cried. I don’t want Liam to be mad. I hate that.

  • Sonñet

    WNo Li Li wants his sleep give it to him. He busts his a** everyday to keep us happy. The least we can do is let him rest. We don’t want an exhausted Liam or any of the boys on stage now do we? I would be pissed to.

  • Sonñet


  • Narane (:

    I would be pissed if someone woke me up from my sleep. Idgaf who they are.

  • ally

    If u put ur self himself in his place u would be pretty pissed off too because the one day u get off and get to sleep all these people are waking u up for no reason so I don’t blame liam

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Ailah Khan

    Follow me on Instagram ailahxx


    I can’t understand this fandom. Liam’s a normal person like everyone else and he deserves to sleep and he can’t be there for the fans 24/7. I mean he’s right. if he would’ve called me every 5 minutes on my free day I would be pissed. and I get that girl that called him a brat. she was mad and she’s sorry for it. it was a mistake. everyone make mistakes that they regret, but still it’s not a reason to hate her for life and definitely not a reason to hate Liam for telling you to stop bothering him. those fans who called him to his hotel room should be ashamed. stop being selfish and think about other people.

  • zshekaina

    Sometimes,The boys just need some privacy… and we should respect that..they r also human..they need rest,privacy..

  • victoria e

    wow wow this is not cool we have to respect them they are hard working lads and they tour all around the world sometime the need some peace right? liams a great guy he just needs some sleep I would be like that to . and they are so good to us they make awesome music have concerts in our cities and have meet and greets. so why do we have to be mean? I don’t know but sometimes they just need privacy they hear screaming people every day and everwhere

  • Eliana HarryMou

    i agree with you liam <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    Our fandom wow wow people that’s all I have to say come on people there boys are just trying to have some peace and quiet on there day off and you guys are waking them up no wonder their pisssed i would be to, to all the fans that were ringing them up, what the hell leave them alone their is nothing more disturbing than when a fan keeps on talking about 1D tlike they own them, they’ll be like don’t touch liam he’s mine all of you can have the rest he’s mine not yours. I absolutely hate it when fans do that, to me that is insane, im with liam on this one.

  • lea rodriguez

    I support you liam !!! Let dem haters hate.

  • Adrian Maranan

    Can we please respect Liam? We all know they’re very tired of touring everyday so can we please let them have their own way of relaxation? How can they relax if naughty Directioners bother them so much?

  • valeria martinez

    Honestly, Liam has all the rights to defend himself. The fandom needs to chill. I completely agree with him. Not just because I’m a directioner. But because he’s right, I would hate it if that happened to me.this is why they need those decoy buses. In the end its us who caused that. These are some of the reasons our chances of meeting them are harderr. No signings or anything. Famous or not people need their privacy. Sometimes it us, who become the brats. I honestly don’t care if get hate because I said that. You shouldn’t get offended unless it pertains to you, right?

  • Nidhi

    Some people just need to chill the f out. He’s human and he needs sleep. I UNDERSTAND LIAM, I LOVE SLEEP TOO

  • Tildisen <3

    I only get 9 hours of sleep and I am almost about to faint at school because I’m so tired. The poor guys may only get 5 hours usually. And now that they finally have some time to sleep so will some directioners destroy for the boys! I’m really pissed now! |:/

  • JSRRamsaran

    wow everyone needs to chill out
    maybe the guys were a bit frustrated!!!!

  • Simal Sami

    I’m a directioner don’t get me wrong but some people need to calm the F down seriously would some of our so called directioners like it if liam got no sleep or even rest and not be able to attend parties or gigs or even have fun like any teenager? To me a real dedicated directioner would care about the lads health and not constantly be calling or whatever people are doingto to disturb them. If your one of the “directioners” that are always disturbing the boys all your doing is hurting your chance to meet them or go to a concert etc. Because there all tired and cant perform if your nonstop bothering them why should they put on a show for you again they dont know us and they sing there heart out to us that is an option for them they chose to! Im a true. Directioner unlike some people.

  • Simal Sami

    Why are people doing this liam and the lads need rest all day they just sing there hearts out to some SOME ungratful brats that they dont know thats an option to which they are doing and when it comes time for them to have there relaxing time people want more some of you dont understand they dont have to this for you so the best you can do for some of us true directioners is leave the lads alone before the can have fun or go to parties or gigs due to no sleep whod dome of you like that cuz i definetly would NOT i have never been to a concert but i am more dedicated than some people who take it for granted again if you r someone is supporting them then this message is not to you but if your some one who has been not then this is for you don’t call yourself a directioner if your gonna just i think you get it have good day wait havea bad day if you r these people im out if ive made my point clear.

  • katie markillie

    aw Liam!! im sorry u didnt get sleep and fandom does totally need to chill…….theres so many Directioners that are so defensive……..when sometimes its really not their problem………….i mean other times its awesome but overall ppl just need to CALLLLMM DOOWWWNNN

  • Directionerx4xlife


  • 1D Fan 4eva

    Wow. I’m grumpy enough when someone wakes me up in the morning. I’d he rampagin’ if I was wokin’ up in the night… poor Liam! Leave him alone!