Liam Payne Confirms New Girlfriend Sophia Smith

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One Direction Photo Call

At the weekend, we reported that Liam Payne was rumoured to be dating school friend Sophia Smith, and now it’s definitely confirmed.

So, it seems like Liam Payne has well and truly got over his ex girlfriend Danielle Peazer, as he wasn’t afraid to admit that he’s moved on.

During One Direction’s press conference for ‘This Is Us’ on Monday, Liam was questioned about the rumoured relationship, and confirmed that it was true.

When asked ‘You’ve got a girlfriend?‘ Liam responded ‘Yep it’s new’.

So, as far as confirming a relationship goes, we’d say that’s pretty concrete.

Keen to show off his gorgeous girlfriend, Liam pointed her out when he was further questioned by Yahoo.

They asked him: ‘What’s this about you having a new girlfriend?’ to which he pointed at her, saying: ‘Yes yes I do. She’s sitting right over there. It’s not been long.’

So, there you have it. Liam Payne DOES have a new girlfriend. And she’s pretty damn hot, too!

Speaking about the couple, a source said: ‘She’s a sweet normal girl who likes Liam for who he is, not because he’s in the most famous boyband in the world.’

We think they make a lovely couple, and we’re just glad that Liam’s happy 😀

So, with Liam and Niall’s brand new relationships… this makes Harry the only singleton :O

Will Harry get a new girl anytime soon?

What do you all think of Sophia?

  • Safa stypahorlikson

    Noooooooooooooo never take Daniel place

    • Andy Scott


  • valentina

    Well…She seems to be sweet and kind person..She’s hot too.But to repeat myself,she’ll never take Danielle’s place in our Directioners hearts!

    • Kat Styles

      You say it girl!

      • LauraIceland

        You said it!

        • iluvthoseboys

          I totally agree payzer will always be in our hearts! Im sure this girl is very nice she is also very pretty but she will never take Danielle’s place!!!!

    • 0BEY T0 1D

      Our? Probably in yours. If you were true directioner, you would actually give the girl a chance. And actually move on from Danielle like Liam did. Out with the old in with the new.

      • Andy Scott

        i luf that liam has moved on its just sad i feel bad for danielle :(


        she’s a true directioner because I don’t know if you noticed but everyone is agreeing with her and I agree too Danielle will always be in our hearts not trying to be rude or anything

        • EmmiH

          Yeah, Danielle stays in our hearts BUT I still agree with OBEY TO 1D. We should give Sophia a chance before we yell to every direction that she is nothing compared to Dani. :)

      • kstyles

        i’m not trying to be rude either, but i have to agree with on that one. Danielle has and always will be in our hearts. but i am willing to give Sophia a chance.

        • Ariana♥

          She’s using him. She turned him down 22, I repeat 22 TIMES, and now she wants to date him? No.

          • kstyles

            she’s not the girl that rejected liam 22 times. that girls name was emily or something. the girl that liam is dating, her name is sophia.

      • Snow Whitee

        thank you ! all of you need to get over Payzer. Liam did, and so should you. Sophia is incredibally sweet just give her a chance. You wont regret it

    • ILove Niall

      But she will in Liam’s :(

    • Andy Scott

      totally i was crying for hours when i found out they broke up

    • 5sos+1d=myboys

      oooh preach it girl!

    • Mariam M.

      This is so true!

    • neha khan

      absoluetly 100% right!!!!!

    • charmander rulz!!!!!

      I agree

    • Antigone Davidson

      I totally agree with u
      Liam just broke up with Danielle and this new girl is never gonna replace Danielle

  • Sammy Marsh

    But, but, but, but, NOOOOOO!!!

  • fabienne hakkers

    No please payzer come back !!!

  • Guest

    No.. I love Liam too much. This really hurts

  • Katie

    I miss Payzer :(
    Something tells me that that girl won’t fit in with the rest of 1D’s gf’s
    Danielle was perfect for Liam
    But Liam made his desision and moved on but Dani will never be forgotten to us <3

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ


  • Sara Payne


  • JacquelineMorales

    If hes happy, Im happy. We cant make him feel bad for his decisions. Though what’s there ship name?? And I will miss Payzer so much too!!

  • 1DL❤ver

    I just want them 2 b happy!!!!!! BUT HARRY IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    I still really love Payzer and i so want them two back together but if Liam is in love with Sophia then good luck to them and i hope they’re both happy :)

  • Katie Murdoch

    i like Sophia so im glad for Liam But i think if Harry likes someone, he wont stay single for long, as i mean, who could resist Harry. but i do think the Niall and Ellie rumor is true. i wont believe it until he confirms it! x

  • Guest

    she dont even love him :/ sorry liam but she dont she loved cuz u r famous

  • Miss_sassy_girl

    I’m happy for Liam and Niall. They deserved the girls they’re with =)

    • Jazzy

      It was just a rumour about Niall -_- don’t believe everything you see

      • Miss_sassy_girl

        And when did I say I believed everything I see? I’ve never once said that. Don’t jump to conclusions.

  • justin bieber

    liam im sorry but she dont even love u she loved u cuz u r famous

  • EmmiH

    I’m really happy for Liam! (: He deserves to be happy!

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    She’s really pretty and actually looks like Lana Del Ray. But I’m going to give her a chance and see whats she’s about. Not just send her hate not even knowing who she is. Yeah she might’ve taken Danielle’s place as a girlfriend, but if Liam is happy…then I’m happy.

  • Kimberly Stile

    We seriously need to stop writing fanfictions guys i mean everything we imagine it happens just not to us ughhhhh

  • Anastasya Ho

    Sophia looks a bit like Danielle, but I doubt that she’s nothing like Dani. Hope they’ll be happy together. even though I’m kinda bummed that Liam and Niall got girlfriends now.

  • Petrea Rasmussen

    I will 100% them…. but she will never be better then Danille!♥

  • Whop Whop

    If she is a school friend, where were she at his sweet 16?

  • Jazzy

    Guys Stop Hating Sophia She’s Not The One Who Rejected Liam 22 Times It Was Another Girl Named ”EMILY”!!!!!!!!!!! (His Sister Said That)

  • Moon Liang

    i miss
    Danielle Peazer :(

  • Sarah Payne

    They look cute ogerher i she makes liam happy then im happy!

  • Andy Scott


  • Tess Barend


  • directionnerrrr

    but she is not Danielle.!!! :

  • Luna VdB


  • Samantha Sancen

    Everybody tweet #PayzerForever I know he should be happy but I don’t understand if he didn’t have time for a girlfriend why does he have a girlfriend?! He broke up with Dani for tht same reason! If he want a girlfriend he should go back out with Dani!

    • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

      No. Please don’t do that! I understand that you love Payzer, but it’s no more. Don’t disrespect Sophia and Liam like that.

  • Morgan Abbe

    Ummm NIALL?!?!?! What!?!? I havent seen that story…… omg this is what happens when your wufi is down so long

    • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

      There’s a rumor that he might be dating Ellie Goulding

  • catluver1402

    Wow I really liked Danielle and I will miss her but and niall even has a girlfriend now and wow 2 new girlfriends in one day wow I’m kinda in shock right now well of they really love each other then I guess I’m fine with their relationship but I always will love Danielle too!!

  • marya

    School friend? Were was she when no one came to his sweet sixteen

    • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

      thank you finally some one understands

    • Miss_sassy_girl

      They probably became friends after his “sweet sixteen”. idk

  • Laureen Mwangi


  • kelly

    Your telling me Liam is dating sophia niall dating ellie zayn dating perrie louis dating eleanor and harry has a crush on someone….THe world has stopped

  • kel

    So she doesn’t like him for being in a famous band,,…. School friend ? Was she one of the people who didn’t show up for his 16 BD and was she the one who rejected him many times?
    I just hope she likes him for him and not for becoming someone bigger.

  • Gwen

    im happy for liam:) if he likes her and she likes him than im also happy i want the best for him:) ofcource i will never forget danielle and he moved on so we also need to do that

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    Omg with all this time off they hav now it seems all the boys r looking for relationships! Lol idk yeah i guess yes i do like liam and sophia.. I’m happy for them 😀 … But still.. Niall and Ellie… Idk :/

  • Natyra_1D


  • i_luv_1D_14

    I’m happy for liam , as much as this hurts not seeing him with Daniella , I’m happy for him that he is happy
    And if she is dating cause she likes him and they will last then good luck
    But if its true what Some of the girls saying that she is using we will find out sooner than later so let’s just calm down and support liam with his choice
    #congrats liam on the new girl
    #congrats to my broken heart (I’m a liam girl ) :(
    But if Liam’s happy then In happy and ill never saying anything bad to his new girlfriend or any of the boys
    I’m really happy for liam to move on :)

  • Soma


  • boobear

    she’s no Danielle

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    now almost all the boys are taken . ill just be in my room eating the pain away….:( dont mind me. hostess cupcakes anyone?

  • Ailynnn

    What?!?!? Niall is in a relationship? Who???

  • one direction rules!


  • Dana Ritchel Senato

    I was wrong to treat Danielle bad before. I miss her. She’ll never be replaced in our Directioner Hearts <3

  • Carolyneluvs MrPayne

    I honestly dont think she will fit in with Perrie and Eleanor. I like her though, but hshe will never replace our Dani!

  • Katie Payne

    I’m Happy For Liam ❤ & We Should All Be , But The Thing That Im Really Confused about is how in the hell is harry still single :O But I Still Love You (:

  • samantha malik

    i like her she seems sweet and nice and shes gorgeous

  • Victoria Cortez

    damn she is hot and lucky. liam deservers her …its lovely to see liam happy!!!

  • Beryl Lao

    niall has a girlfriend already??! who!?

  • Alicia Payne

    I wont send her hate but I will just never ship it.She will never take Danielle’s place

  • zoya styles

    Soo! Dis is lophia♥

  • Niall@Nandos

    Aww I’m happy for Liam she seems nice!! that means that only Harry’s Left!!!!

  • JoJo J. Moussallem

    wooooow way to gooo! best wises from all directioners 😀 xoxo

  • Lauren

    She seems nice and she seems serious about Liam and I’m happy if he’s happy but payzer will always live on for directioners, I miss payzer:( xx

  • Kaylee

    So he will finally say yes to the girl who rejected him 20 times back then? That’s not right! Danielle will still be in our hearts she was nice and then twitter trolls bullied her I heard… That’s sad. Liam should take her back. She deserves him. :)

  • angel

    Really he asked her out 22 times and she regected him and he wrote a song and she said yes then dumped him the next day. We should hate her.

  • viviana

    HE should of stayed with Danielle shes sooo pretty they make a cute pretty couple ……
    And he said along time ago when they were done that he mist her they shouldve stayed together

  • Vanessa Joy Avila

    If she was a school friend of Liam, where was she when Liam had his 16th birthday?? #PayzerForever

  • Directioner Forever

    Liam’s happy ending!!! Hooray!! Liam got a Honest hot girlfriend!!! Congrats!! 😀

  • Adela Dushku

    I love Payzer but if Liam loves her and he’s happy with her it’s okay with me! I really hope she wont hurt him!

  • AmberHoranlover4ever

    i love payzer but i still need to get to know her better in order to feel like i did with payzer even tho nothing will replace her if liams happy im happy

  • charmander rulz!!!!!

    im happy that he’s happy

  • Emmy

    What is wrong with some directioners? Yes, Danielle will always be in our hearts, but she and Liam aren’t dating anymore. Payzer was my favorite, however some of the ‘directioners’ are sending Sophia hate. You know her name, not her story. Don’t believe everything, she didn’t reject Liam 22 times. That was someone else. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but seriously. Put yourself in her position. Would you like it if your boyfriend’s fandom started hating on you or telling you Danielle is way better than you? No I guarantee you wouldn’t like it. If ‘directioners’ keep sending hate to One Direction’s girlfriends, then they are also the haters. It’s funny how a lot of us hate on their haters, but then some of us go ahead and hate on the people the boys care about. If this continues, then it is safe to say that we will be our own fandom’s destruction. We can’t call ourselves a big huge family if some of us don’t like with the decisions the boys make because we won’t get along! They tell us thank you and that we’re the reason for their succession, which is amazing! However, we don’t want to be the reason to their destruction. If some of you guys can’t accept the fact that they make their own decisions and have their own life, then we’ll all break apart. Stop hating.

  • Antigone Davidson

    Whoa whoa whoa!
    That’s not the Liam we all know!
    I mean he just broke up with Danielle and I loved her and now he’s dating another girl!
    I don’t get wats happening here :'(

  • Carlyttos Suarez!

    there I Want Much but it that hurts me much
    Liam lime soup I was happy to break her heart eyes

  • Leslieann Solis

    she is lucky and she makes liam very happy she is pretty and there great couple