Liam Payne Misses Ex Danielle Peazer And Wants Her Back

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Daddy Directioner Liam Payne

Most Directioners thought Liam & Danielle were destined to be together forever, with only Louis & Eleanor giving them a match for their long-lasting-ness.

However all that ended earlier this year when the pair split, stating work commitments as their main reason for calling it a day.

A source speaking to Heat magazine said:

“He’s struggling with fame since he split with Danielle. He’s admitted he feels really lonely without her; she made him feel sane amid the madness.”

The secret source added:

“He wants her back, but he won’t get a chance to see her soon.”

Daddy Directioner (whos six-pack and bulging muscles you can see in today’s other story) is apparently struggling with life as a single lad at the moment, though we would have thought having Harry, Niall and Zayn to keep you company would be enough :)

In the latest Teen Vogue magazine Liam said he would “rather be in a relationship”, so is there hope that the pair might get back together?

Liam and Danielle split once earlier in their relationship before getting back together.

They ultimately split again but are they now thinking about giving it another go?

One Direction’s huge 2013 tour is shortly due to take a month’s break after they finish touring in North America. This would give them a chance to spend some quality time together.

What do you think? Do you want Liam and Danielle to get back together?

  • Loraine Sperling

    Noooo if he needs a relationship. Im right over here!!! This just made me mad. Dont hate!!

    • Riel Whittle

      I half agree half don’t :3 I mean yeah it’s nice him being single getting every girls hopes up and him getting back together will crush millions of girls hearts…. Forgot my point there lol anyways the flip side is they were a cute couple 😀 but as I said above “make up your minds!” Don’t just break up make break up and make up again its either on or off u can’t have both!

      • directionerfromnarnia

        yeah we don’t want that Jelena thing

        • Riel Whittle

          True true

          • directionerfromnarnia

            you feel me? :)

          • Riel Whittle

            Lol I think so?

          • directionerfromnarnia

            Hahah :)

    • Tom Havrilka

      I totally get that, but I think he should be with whoever makes him the happiest.
      I’m not saying that you wouldn’t if you met him, but he knows dani and she makes him happy right now so I think we should support the boys, whoever they’re with.

      Im hoping this came out right.

    • Samantha Sancen

      Looking at ur pic I think ur like 12 u should be at least 16 or 17 to date him and I love tht u like him but I always say tht too I say I’m gonna marry them but I know I’m not gonna don’t mean to crush ur dreams but I know I will never ever marry them I just know tht for a fact i might meet them… And I really just think they’re cool guys to be friends with but if they like me then I might… U might get the chance but remember ur 12 u can’t really Marry them… U might just wanna be friends….:( sorry

      • Loraine Sperling

        U kind of took it the wrong way and im 14 not 12

        • Brittany

          But millions of directioners would want that chance not just you don’t only think about yourself you’ll never marry them maybe you’ll meet them but not marry .. Don’t be selfish and think of others they wouldn’t dat a 14 year old either tho … :/

  • becca

    omgosh yeahh payzer were an amazing couple I soo wish they never ever broke up. when I heard the news about the break up I cried cos I was soo sad for them. #WeWantPayzerBack #Payzer4Ever #LiamGetBackWithDanielle TREND THESE fi u agree with me

  • Leslie!cx’

    I really love Danielle so I would be happy if payzer got back

    • Grace

      omg me too! when I found out they called it quits I was just sitting at my computer sobbing :(

      • kerstin

        .Me too! I so want payzer to get back together! they are so cute!

  • Riel Whittle

    Make up your minds people! Lol

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Ok I no single life might not be easy and I loved payzer together but I really love liam being single and I no that it might make him sad
    But if Daniella makes him happy then I’m happy for me
    But Liam being single good aswell in a way

    Plz no hate this is my opinion
    Plus I do like payzer

    • Stephanie payne

      I totally agree

    • Tom Havrilka

      Totally agree

  • Kopal Srivastava

    payzer was really amazing!!! and if Danielle makes liam happy then i dont think there’s any reason y they shouldn’t get back……….

  • Stephanie payne

    I don’t think they should back together. He needs a break and Maybe next year he should try a new kind of relationships so Maybe it would be me :3

  • Brittany

    I hope they get back together I LOVE THEM <3 they are adorable <3 <3
    I wanna see Liam happy as EVER!! If you guys want him single it's your problem because he's never going to hook up with you girls so just be happy for him BECAUSE I AM!! <3 I <3 PAYZER !!

  • ♥♬ One Direction ♬♥

    Awww this makes me cry so much! theyre so perfect together! theyre both hurt but then its not easy being in a relationship with someone from the biggest boyband on the planet! maybe they just need to wait. I hope the future might have something amazing for them. I hope theyll win eachother as a reward for being patient……… And btw I think theyre should be a movie made on them haha theyre just so perfect! #Payzer4ever ♥♡♥

  • Ya$hika

    Yes!! Certainly!!! I have always loved seeing Liam and Dani together!!! They look brilliam together #payzer

  • Stini2526

    aww he misses her and you miss louis name when u said to keep you company

    • Suzanne styles

      I think they meant like he has the single guys to keep him company so they left him out because hes not single ;p

  • H’andee

    Wait. First of all. Why is Zayn included??? He is with Perrie 😛

    • Samantha Sancen

      That’s wht I’m saying why would they write it if they know they’re together….

    • Laugh Page

      They never said Louis could keep him company either >:0

    • Antigone Davidson

      That’s what I’m sayin

      • kerstin

        Me too!

  • Nadine

    Aaaaaw i hope they get back together .i was honestly one of those fans who thought they would be together forever! payzar is just amayzayn and i hope theyll keep each other company:) they might still love each other so the ine month break might hive them a chance to make their relationship right<3

  • Diana

    I love Payzer! <333 I want them to get back together! I love Dani so much !

  • JacquelineMorales

    YES Payzer should be back!!! Any haters here need to relize that it’s Liam’s decision and not theirs. Anyways I really loved Payzer, and it would be amazing if it was to happen again! :) <3

  • Louise

    Yes they should get back together there really cute together

  • Angie malik

    I cried when payzer broke up I hope they get back together!

  • Skittles

    I should be togheter,they are so perfect to each other and even they have problems they somehow can get trough everything and they always end up togheter! I would love see our Liam happy again,becuase it all waht matters..right? :))

    • Tom Havrilka

      Yes. The only things that truly matter about being a directioner are the boys and the music, so we should want the boys to be happy


    I really think they look great together so it will be awesome if they get back together !!!!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    awww i really miss seeing them together!

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    #Payzer WE WANT YOU BACK!!! <3

  • Tom Havrilka

    I really want payzer to get back together.

  • ツ Moon Malik ツ

    ASDFGHJKL I ship Payzer so hard it hurts I want them back together they were like made for each other

  • Samantha Sancen

    I always look at pics and say get married already :p anyways I hope they get together again :) I miss them I hope 1D reads this they might not :( but if they are all their girlfriends are wonderful and Harry and Niall I hope u find ur special girls and Liam if u miss Danielle get back together :) and if u don’t then wait for the girl to come don’t go out looking for her she will come to u :) u will find a girl to treat u like Danielle did and if u don’t maybe u need dani back 😀

  • Jacqueline Ramos

    Yeah poor Liam hope they get back together and btw supposedly (my friend told me ). That Louis and elenour broke up

  • #1liamlover

    I love payzer, give it another try guys, this time it will work, we all love you and Danielle, especially TOGETHER♥;)

  • Nialler4ever

    Danielle and Liam look so good together! I ship Payzer so much, I’ll be so happy if they get back together 😀
    I like all their girlfriends, Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle! And El and Dani are already good friends! They’re all perff with the boys!!

  • Leeyuum’sGirl❤

    Bring payzer back!!!

  • cj


  • Lauren

    Aw payzer are perfect! I hope they get back, it’s good to see Liam happy:) xxx

  • Kat :)

    I miss Payzer so much, They were perfect. #Payzer

  • Ailynnn

    Of course!!

  • Alexandra

    We love Danielle,she is amazing and he makes Liam very happy.Who wants to see our Liam sad?

  • Chassity Varnold

    I Want Payzer Back!!! I Would Be Sooo Happy if They Got Back Together :)

  • SandyT

    YEEESSS!!! I cried alot when i’d heard that they broked up for few months ago!!!! Peyzer!!!

  • Anna Martin

    If he is in that much stress she must be too. I wonder if they danced all night to the best song ever and if they new all the lines now they can’t remember how it goes but they know that they won’t forget each over

  • Leeroy’s daughter ;p

    Uh…… Zayn has Perrie… *wink* Harry & Niall have US

  • Abigail

    I CRYED WHEN THEY BROKE UP! They were an AMAZAYN couple!


  • marcel

    y have danielle when they get back when he can find a girlfriend easily where he is now?!

  • marcel

    i wasnt really a fan of payzer but it would b nice to c liam not lonely. im an eleanor fan. louis is great but harry’s my favorite so i love seeing them together.

  • luxx

    Uhm zayn is with perrie… he’s not single

  • luxx

    I ship dani and liam 100% anything that makes him happy and in love is the right thing

  • catluver1402

    if that what makes liam happy then i think they should get back together
    plus i think payzer is really cute :)

  • iluvthoseboys

    They should get back together !!!!!i luv Payzer !!!!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Directio-Mixer

    Ye I want them back together…I love Payzer <3

  • genat haimed

    Liam and Danielle, Louis and Eleanor, and Zayn and Perry are couples that should last forever

  • onedirection1011

    I would absolutely love too have Payzer back. Anyone who hated on Dani you honestly need too stop. She did nothing wrong too you and is an amazing girl. You should at least be happy because Liam is happy

  • Jennifer Louise Putnam

    Im a Liam girl but im a Payzer shipper so if they get back together or not Im hurt either way

  • Safa stypahorlikson

    I want payzer backkkkkkk

  • Yasmine Bouzine

    PEAZER back !!!