Liam Payne Nicknames Harry Styles ‘Dirty Harry’

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Now we know that the 1D boys are the best of pals, but has Liam took the joking too far, giving Harry a ‘dirty’ nickname because of his womanising ways?

Harry Styles at Liams 19th birthday party

During a recent trip out, while poking fun at bandmate Harry, Liam insisted on calling him ‘Dirty Harry’ throughout the whole day.

An insider from their recent adventure to Laser Quest told the Daily Star: “Liam joked that they should all start calling him Dirty Harry after Clint Eastwood in the movie.

“So that was it – he was Dirty Harry all night.”

Apparently, Harry wasn’t bothered about it and went along with the joke;

“He didn’t seem to mind at all and they were saying it had a double meaning given his exploits with the women,” the source added.

Despite being all loved up with new beau Taylor Swift, it doesn’t look like Liam will be letting people forget about his pals’ womanising past.

And it looks like it’s true that it really IS in the past, as he’s smitten with his new lover.

Rumour has it, Harry may even be willing to move to America to be with his girlfriend a lot more.


Haylor in England

An insider told Reveal magazine: “Taylor really wants them to stand the test of time, but she doesn’t see how it could work if they weren’t at least in the same country.”

They continued, “Taylor has fallen for Harry big time but she’s realistic enough to know they may not last if it’s a long-distance relationship.”

As much as we’d rather have Harry in the UK with his boys, it looks like it could propbably happen, as Harry has jetted off to the USA to at every given opportunity to see Taylor. So, we don’t see why he wouldn’t be intending to move there permanently if he needed to.

“She keeps telling Harry she can’t bear being apart from him, and he’s so smitten with her that he’s already started looking at ways to make moving to America work,” the insider added.

  • Mrs.Horan

    I live in America so it would be AWESOME if harry moved here but that just wouldnt be nice to the other boys seeing How close they Are ……

  • CaseyBoo

    I respect all this Haylor stuff, I really do. But please Taylor, for one directions sake either you move to UK or ALL of them move over here. Cause I wouldn’t mind them living over here in the US but as long as its all 5 boys! :)

  • disqus_uzrCYyFVUU

    Hasn’t Harry JUST only bought a house in London?
    So why would he move over to America cause he has nothing really over there apparat from Taylor and I don’t think they’ll last so if he moves over there she dumps him and makes up a stupid love/hate song about him he will be rewind :( it will be sad really :( :( :( :(

  • Georgia Woolley

    Harry belongs in England wiv the rest of the boys xx

  • Ivory Maxwell

    ok stop being mean to taylor and say just us skype and other stuff. i love one direction a lot. but it is there life and they pick what they want to do and they did not say that harry was going to move yet. and a lot of you just want harry to move because you want to see harry that is not cool. I bet if you were taylor you would want harry to move with you he is almost 19. i will be sad if the band brakes up to. but STOP BEING MEAN TO TAYLOR SHE IS A PERSON TO. have you herd of cyber bully that is what this is. SO STOP

  • alexa<3s1D

    Omg that would be awsome I live in texas but I kind of still realy……….desperatly hate haylor alot


  • turquoiseC

    If she loves Harry that much then she would move to the UK (she has no band members to leave behind)!!! Even if he did move there he would come straight back cuz he’d miss to many people!!! If she splits up 1direction then I will kill her

  • disqus_Yitc7032mJ

    i wonder how many times they had sex?? (harry and taylor)

  • Kailani Hays


  • iconicdirectioner13

    It’s gone to fr he’s not leavin the boys wtf Taylor she’s so obsessive she’s crazy but if he want to move beside me I’m okay with it (;

  • abby

    OK THIS HAYLOR THING HAD GONE TO FAR. HARRY DON’T DO THIS TO THE LADS PLEASE THAT’S HOW ONE DIRECTION WILL SPLIT. I will be mad and sad. And I will kill taylor cause one direction ment a lot to the fans and ur just gunna make them sad. ALSO IF SHE’S GUNNA TAKE HARRY SHE’S GUNNA TAKE THE WHOLE BAND WITH HER

  • tessa harvey

    She can’t do that it should be illegal she’s using him and she cursed out directioners and called Niall a pig sooo you know what I don’t think harry can see it but she is a b!@$/

  • tessa harvey

    Oh and why does he have to move why doesn’t she move to the the uk that sounds a lot friggin better to me okaiiiiiiii

  • Shadow_Hearts_Forever

    Maybe Harry will listen to us. Maybe if we make a big enough deal about it, he might have second thoughts on whether he should move to America, break up the band, and then later getting dumped by a girl who’s had may bfs and could easily get another one like she got him (I’m not trying to downgrade either of them) or live his dream, and stick with his bestfriends, the ones who’s cared for him as family… cause he worked hard for what he has now… it was just a thought I had.

  • Janet horan

    He is taking it to far in opinion

  • Helia Nicks

    I understand Liam n he doesn’t like Taylor at all!!:)
    N i think that Harry is doing a bit too much now even if i love Harry the most!!:/

  • ZarMaz

    Don’t wanna sound rude or something but I have this fear inside me….what if harry moves in with Taylor, he will be apart from the rest of the band, which means that they will be separate, which further means that Taylor could be a stepping stone towards a split up between the band :( n I don’t want that to happen :'(

  • Jhanna Ruth Baltazar

    Why, oh why, is this keep on happening? STILL, I’ll respect this “Haylor” thing it makes me go nuts!

  • Adrienne

    harry and taylor so not cool…

  • Taiba1DLuva786

    She can’t just take him away… instead of harry moving from his him could try nd fasns and band why oesntg Taylor move s e is a Single artist so therefore it wpont be that much more of. Big move sand shock!!!!! :-) :-) :-) xxx

  • Darcy

    Of course Taylor put him up to moving to AMERICA. -_-

  • Darcy

    Of course Taylor put him up to moving to AMERICA. -_-

  • JSRRamsaran

    so why don’t taylor move to the uk instead
    she has to understand that he is in a band but she is solo so she could live anywhere she wants but if harry moves to the uk i think that might be a step closer to 1d breaking up –
    oh harry please rethink your decision!!!

  • Gisselle Cortez


  • Aylin Morelos

    I belive top 3 woud be new york miami or calornia top ite but it can canfe but please come live in califrnia up in long beach la santa monica or hollywood comn conm