Liam Payne Speaks Out About Twitter Abuse Towards Sophia

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Liam Payne has said the abuse his girlfriend Sophia Smith receives on Twitter is upsetting.


Since their relationship started in July, some One Direction ‘fans’ have been sending death threats and abuse.

Talking to E! News, Liam said: “I think it upsets me a lot more when I read things about her. There is stuff out there you just don’t want to see.

“Sometimes I think it’s kind of hard for her. Lately, for me, Twitter has been a bit twisted and some horrible things get said.”

Giving an example, Liam added: “I had somebody on there the other day who was pretending to be her and tweeted that my mum had died, which is just weird.”

However, Liam revealed he looks out for Sophia, and warns her to ignore the tweets: “I don’t think she looks too much at it to be fair, because I told her not to.”

Away from the abuse, Liam is having the time of his life with One Direction, and said: “I love it, I can’t believe we are about to set foot on a stadium tour next year. That is so crazy, we drove past Wembley – which is the biggest stadium in our country – last week knowing that we’ve sold out three times.

“You would never have expected that to happen. It’s just crazy.”

Finally, after their very busy time together, Liam revealed they’re now taking a short break before the new tour. He said: “I think we have a couple of months off, which is the longest vacation we have had in the history of One Direction.

“There is the next record to be written, so I guess we’ll try to do a bit of that, but most of the time we’ll just slob about and eat rubbish food.”

  • Zayn Lover

    No hates but I don’t really like Sophiam…

    • Shivi luvs 1d

      I agree with you there is just something about sophia that seems a bit weird plus i miss danielle

      • 1DFan

        Mmhhmm also I was looking at a comparison between Danielle and Sophia talking about Liam. Danielle says, “oh yeah, I am dating this really nice guy named Liam.” Sophia says, “I am dating Liam payne from one direction.” See the difference? I just think Sophia’s getting wrapped up in the fame

        • Shivi luvs 1d

          If sophia broke liams heart i swear to god i will find and i will kill her so anyone else on board

          • 1DFan

            Yes! Because Liam has so much riding on this relationship because so many fans don’t like her and don’t trust her. Dani we loved (mostly) so it was ok when they broke up, we were all really upset with Liam. With Sophia I feel like it would turn into a “I told you so” kinda thing.

          • Shivi luvs 1d

            I know right i predict that liam and sophia will split up and liam will go back to danielle (i hope im right)

          • 1DFan

            I hope your right too

          • Princess Kath

            I dont have trust in her…

          • azra cecunjanin


          • Julie

            Yah… Dani was awesome and Sophia is ok but I don’t really ship sophiam… But it seems like he’s happy so it should be fine but I’m not so sure about her

      • Julie


      • azra cecunjanin


    • ♥ Directioner

      even i agree!!

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    I love Sophia and I think it’s really good for Liam to have her so that he can rely on to someone whenever he’s feeling down.. I love Dani too but guys.. Past is past.. We can bring it back but not for now.. :)) Just try to understand them both.. Be kind and understandable :))

    • Lauren

      I agree!!!

  • Stini2526

    i hope that the boys know that we all do not abuse there girlfirends

  • Grace

    in my very honest opinion, i like sophia. i really do. but there was something that danielle had that made me absolutely love her. but i do understand that payzer is no longer real, so i really do have to move on. and since liam is happy, thats really all that matters. but i’d never send sophia hate. i actually can’t because i dont have twitter

    • 1DFan

      Yeah. Idk Danielle was so nice! I mean Sophoa is nice I am sure, but dani had a connection with us!

      • Grace

        exactly! she could do anything and id still love her

      • azra cecunjanin


        • 1DFan

          She would talk to fans if she was out with Liam. She always would acknowledge us like Liam does. Sophia completely ignores us

          • azra cecunjanin

            uhhh ok i gt it

  • shannon

    honestly ii dont think that sophia deserves hate, Because she didnt do anything wrong, and i think that some of the fans who are sending hate to her, should realise that the things that are being said about her, hurts! and i mean y’all dont have to like her, but at least respect her, as a person, Not an Enemy

  • Lauren

    Why do people do that? I don’t have anything against her, she seems nice, she’s beautiful and she makes Liam happy, why do directioners want to ruin his hapiness? That clearly isn’t being a true supporter to the boys<3

  • 1DManiac_xx

    I hope they dont think we are all like that :(
    Personally, i havent heard much about sophiam recently, theyre the quietest relationship yet they get lots of hate xx

    • i_luv_1D_14

      Omg soo true I agree with you we hardly hear anything about them but they get so much hate

  • taylor

    i dont have a problem with her it’s just odd that she rejected him in highschool so many times then suddenly wants him #nohate

    • Liam Fan

      Me, too. Doesn’t she seem like the kind of girl who was popular in high school and probably looked down on Liam? And now that he’s the popular one – she wants to date him. #idohateher He might just be even-ing out that score. I hope he realizes she was and is no better than he is… And I don’t buy into this PR that she was his “friend” in HS. What senior befriends freshmen? HSers stick to their own class. She’s not right for him.

      • michelle

        urhhhhhhhhhh!!! sophia is NOT the one who rejected liam many times!! it was another girl! why don’t people understand that!

  • taylor

    also no matter what, liam is happy. and if all the haters were TRUE Directioners, then they would respect her like she deserves to be respected. and besides as long as liam is happy so should every other directioner.

  • katie_styles

    We all don’t abuse their girlfriends!!! Some people will just go out of their mind and abuse them because they’re jealous!!! Not everyone can be models, not everyone can date One Direction because they clearly like models. I’ve never abused Sophia but I dislike her because she cheated on Liam before. I know I’ll never get the chance to date 1/5 on one direction, nevermind meet them. Maybe you should think about why some fans abuse their girlfriends. I’m not saying it’s right too, but we all get jealous sometimes.

    • Liam Fan

      I don’t like how she treats Liam. I agree – not everyone gets a chance to date someone from One Direction. You would think she would respect him for it. I think she keeps putting him down, making him feel like he isn’t worth while, and then… She’s a headcase. I think Liam’s dad had the right idea being a chaperone when they first went out again.

      • katie_styles

        Yes go Liam’s dad haha

  • Bella

    I think Sophia is probably a wonderful girl, but considering no one has met her personally you can’t assume something or automatically say “I don’t like you.” She could be the most amazing person, or she could be terrible, the point is you don’t know, and there is no excuse for hate. I loved dani too, but that is the past and we need to embrace the future. That is what Liam wants and you should too.

  • Chloe J

    I don’t care who the girl is, no one should be receiving hate. I miss Danielle as much as anyone else, but let’s all remember one of the big reasons they split up: online abuse. If you have been doing it, please stop! Whatever makes Liam happy makes me happy!

  • Antigone Davidson

    I’m not a huge fan of Sophia but I don’t hate her at all
    She’s pretty and seems like a nice girl
    Even though I miss payzer and wish that was back I don’t hate Sophia
    And us as 1Ds fans should never send hate to their girlfriends and to whoever does they are not real fans
    If they are happy we should be happy too and we should never try to break someone’s relationship apart

  • i_luv_1D_14

    I have never abused one if the 1D boys girlfriend and I’m not planning to.

    As much I am a liam girl and am upset he is dating I wouldn’t hate his girlfriend a true dab would be happy for them seeing their idol happy should be their number 1 perioty

    Anyway at the end if the day it’s not like if you hate their girlfriends they would date u even if they wre single
    I think they should just leave them alone and stop being childish
    They have a life and they wanna live it let them

    Plz no hate just giving my opinion

  • Eleanor Jane Calder

    It’s becasue she is a new girl friend.. me and perrie Know better. I mean sometimes i even look at hate. Then Louis screams at me for it….

    • katie_styles

      *slaps forehead*

      • Julie

        Ikr haha

        • katie_styles

          just gotta do what ya gotta do 😉

    • cupcake306

      for the last time: YOU ARE NOT ELEANOR CALDER!!!

  • enidirectioner123

    omfg!!!!sophia doesen’t deserve to be abused like this!!she might be really hurt!!true directioners wouldnt do that to their idols!!pls stop hurting them!!!i miss payzer so much!i cried when they broke up!but thats the truth even its hurtful!!im so sorry to larry shippers but that is so so wrong!!stop calling tham gay !thats the reason why the wanted make fun of our boys!and i do not allow this ok??when my boys are hurt i am hurt as well!!!i hate those kind of directioners!!true directioners would support our boys in hard times!!

  • azra cecunjanin

    who ever does tht sn d abuse to his girlfreind u are not normal LEAVE HER ALONE IF SHE MAKES LIAM HAPPY WHY DO U CARE ITS NOT LIKE UR EVER GOING TO DATE LIAM ALL U DID IS UPSEET HIM

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    If you don’t want to be abused on twitter, then don’t go on it, simple as that! Or you gotta grow some balls and give back as good as you get!

  • JustARandomGirl

    You guys need to stop hateing on her I swear I’m not even a directioner, and don’t ask then why are you on here bla bla bla, the point is if they like each other then you don’t need to be bringing up his ex I mean seriouslyif you don’t want to say anything nice then keep it to yourself and how do you think she feels reading stuff like this and seeing how much you guys like her ex better then her. If things arnt going well between him and her they can handle it.