Liam Payne Sports A New BEARD – What Do You Think Of It? #BeardsAndBottoms

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Daddy Directioner Liam Payne shocked fans this weekend when the beginnings of a new beard were revealed on-stage in the US of A.

The picture below appeared on Twitter and shows the 19-year-old from Wolverhampton sporting a new crop of facial hair.

What do you think?

Love it or loathe it?

Liam Paynes BEARD

If the Payne’s bumfluff isn’t to your taste, then what about the Batman style goatee seen below (courtesy of @m3l4n1390).

We reckon he looks kinda cute.

Liam Payne with a Batman beard

Bumfluff or Batman though? We wanna know …  :) Comments below…

And in a totally random act of senseless linkage, we thought we’d bring you a picture of Louis Tomlinson’s bottom, seen here in a hotel window with a hat keeping his…. head…. warm.

Louis Tomlinson naked showing his bum!

How’s that for an article. Liam Payne’s beard and Louis Tomlinson’s bum.


We wanna see that as a trending topic very soon 😉

  • brianna horan


    • briana payne

      you have the same first name as me :I

  • Stini2526

    omg bottoms but i do not like the batman beard but i do like liam in the 1st pic

  • EmmaHorab


  • Genesis Horan

    I think Liam looks older with a beard but hey he is 19 turning 20 so I think it’s appropriate it’s his choice,his face.

  • Sammy Marsh

    Oh Louis… I love you

  • Raegan

    He looks a lot older with a beard, personally not my favorite but it is his choice… But the batman idea is pretty funny. Oh god, Louis you crazy kid! But that’s why we love you :)

    • The DIRECTIONER :)

      He looks good though :)

  • DanieleVelasquez

    SHAVE IT!!!!!!

    • iloveliam

      i no agree dont shave it i agree a little

  • kay_101

    Liam looks sexy 😉

    • iloveliam

      HE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nikki Horan

        Looks to me like we have a carrot. Welcome to the fandom!

  • Emily Wiggins

    I love Liam, but personally I don’t think he looks very good with a beard. It’s his choice though, so I respect it.

    • Abigail

      I agree:)

  • Magdelina Rofail

    Who was Louis standing beside!?

  • tunalina12

    i dont like either! Louis’ bottom is a little disturbing though

    • iloveliam

      i made a weird face at it

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    I really dnt like the beard I am srry Brilliam but the beard just doesn’t work! ;(

  • mehnaz mourshed

    no thanks. no beard.

  • Kelsey

    He looks older and I don’t like it but oh we’ll and oh god louis!!!!!!

  • Megan Payne <3

    Aw my baby is growing up :'( I personally don’t like the beard that much, but it’s his, he can do whatever he wants with it. That Batman idea was funny! I wonder who took the pic of Louis though….

    • iloveliam

      f***k you he mine

      • Melissa

        Rude much? Liam isn’t anybody’s so just shut up! Liam is his own person.

  • valentina

    DEAR HEAVEN WHAT A BUM!! #gottaloveit

    • briana payne


  • cj

    I loveeee it

  • Ailah Khan

    NOOOOOOOOO!! Plz Liam

  • Sydney O.

    Love Liam, not the beard.But it is his choice so I respect it

  • Jovana

    I like liam with beard,he’s so cute <33

  • Samantha Wollacott

    Oh my gosh! Louis’ bum XD

    & Liam looks gorgeous no matter what he does!
    KEEP IT! :)ox

  • Maddy Hatch

    Ok the strangest thing so I was doing this one direction game where you can dress them up and like change thier hair color of like give them facial hair, and I gave Liam I a mustache like in the first picture o.0 It was strange when I saw this artical.

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    I mean imm nott in love with the beard but its his choice and he looks ‘OK’ in the beard…..!:))

  • Jessica Directionner

    I prefer without the beard but maybe it’s just a phase like Zayn’s hair.

  • Jessica Directionner

    Was Louis drunk because his “in front” is facing the window…

  • Lucy Williamson

    Louis is soooooooo HOT

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    My friend is gonna flip when i tell her this ahahahaha

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    Liam Looks So GROWN Up With His BEARD :) <3
    *-* Louis' Bum… Ahah NICEE

  • 5secondsof1d

    ok to be honest i love liam payne with all of my heart but this beard just makes him look….. old

  • 5secondsof1d

    oh dear im soo desperate to slap louis bum now

  • Hate the wanted

    Oh yes louis! Now can I see the front side of the glass?! <3

    • 5secondsof1d

      haha! love your comment and username

  • Hannah Logan

    I think he looks sexy!!! Well he always does so…

  • Victoria Cortez

    mr.tommo has the best bum in history! bless the Lord!

  • malik4ever

    Omgshh…liam looks a lot like a young James Franco. Looking good Liam^^. O.o Louis bum… I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy looking at it XD

  • Abigail

    I LOVE Liam to pieces but I really don’t like the beard:( and Louis oh my Louis is just so funny!:)

  • Kristen Hunt

    let me see the front of louis 2

  • Michaela

    Liam can do what he wants, but I’m not really feeling the beard. I miss his baby face :(

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    He looks older with the bread. I don’t like it. But hey, if he likes then I will grow to like it. And with the whole Louis and his butt, somebody should’ve at least give me a warning before that big pic comes up while people are in my living room. Lol.

    • disqus_uLWQva9TKL

      he look more sexier

    • iloveliam

      my computer in living room too and my bedroom and my parents bed rooms are by and my dad walks in it ALOT

  • Celine

    Im pretty sure “louis’s bum” is photoshoped. And i think its a bit inappropriate. My opinion though.

  • Monica Nicely

    The beard is kinda like a reminder that the boys are growing up day by day :/ but I love Liam no matter what along with the other boys too

    • iloveliam


  • disqus_uLWQva9TKL

    Liam Looks Smoking

  • Anastasya Ho

    shave it! shave it! shave it! I don’t want anyone from 1D to look older than their real age!

  • Ooha

    the bum is photoshopped

    • Tildisen <3

      Are you sure?;)

      • Ooha

        yea duh its too small and the wrong color

        • Megan Payne <3

          Well it’s the “wrong color” because his body tans in the sun but he never tans his butt in the sun! (Or does he… 😉 )

          • Ooha

            Well if ya realise it still looks unnatural!

  • Nia malik

    Tbh I prefer him without a beard

    • iloveliam


  • JΔNE

    noooooo Liam come on no beard, you’re 20 years old not 64 :l

    shave itttttt

    but if he likes it and feels comfortable with it then just keep the beard but i prefer a smooth face

  • Nikki Horan

    Louis has the perfect butt.

    • iloveliam


  • Jennifer Tictac Ingram

    he should keep it, it taken him almost 20 years to grow it :)

  • Ya$hika

    I’d rather prefer beard-less Liam…but everything depends on his choice. His face, his choice…

  • ZarMaz

    He looks different in a good way =P n LOUUIIISSSSS smbdy please censor that picture! It’s not a good sight for lil DIRECTIONERS!

    • iloveliam


  • Lauris Reyes

    I don’t like Liam’s beart but I love him…and Louis looks so sexy

  • yeissymia

    ooooo dios muero! con louis°!!

  • 1Dlover1D

    Number 2 is not hes beard!!

  • Xochitl Sanchez

    While everyone is thinking about Liam’s beard and Louis’ bum, my thought is, ‘who took that picture of Lou?

  • Stormy Nix

    bumfluff look older with firzt one

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    I love Louis Tomlinson bottom and Liam Payne beard there are just perfect :-) :-) :-) B-)

  • ♡radical♡

    dont like it :/

  • Kanaanmoon

    It’s funny but it’s not really suitin him that well

  • Daniella Styles

    Oh so very manly :)>

  • DayanaDirectioner

    Not trying to disrespect but that beard its not working for him

  • Tom Havrilka

    It’s fine. It’s his face, so it’s his choice!

  • babyulightupmyworld

    Look at Louis’ s bum!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    He looks soo cute with the beard makes him look older and sexier

  • kendra <3 1D


  • briana payne

    the bum its oddly disterbing