Liam Set To Watch Danielle’s Racy Routine

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Liam is to cheer on more than sporting prowess at this year’s London Olympics, with his dancer girlfriend set to spend most of it in the company of ANOTHER guy.

Danielle is part of a dance troupe at the games that will entertain onlookers in between competitions. The routine has been put together by none other than Madonna’s choreographer Aicha McKenzie and judging from some of Madge’s more edgy sets…it doesn’t look like it will be easy viewing for Liam!

Apparently, Danielle has been training diligently for the performances and we’re sure she will be great.

However, a source talking to The Sun said:

“The dancers have been working as hard as the athletes while training for their Olympic performances. The dance routines are really energetic and at one point Danielle is thrown all around by one of the male dancers before she straddles him. Liam might want to nip out for a drink at that point.”

Yeah, a drink or five might be the way to go Liam!