Liam Treated To Christmas Curry Feast & Hits 8 Mil On Twitter

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Being in the biggest boy band of our time certainly has its perks, but that doesn’t mean Liam forks out for Christmas dinner. Nope, he swapped the Turkey roast for something a bit more unconventional and for the second year running went for a Christmas curry instead!

Louis & Liam at The Late Show with David Letterman

He turned to his mum and dad for the Xmas treat and visited a local place in his native Wolverhampton. The Payne’s rocked up to Penn Tandoori for some of his favourite chicken delicacies.

A source from the restaurant said:

“He prebooked about two weeks in advance for the dinner and they came last Christmas as well, so it’s become a bit of a tradition with them now.”

“Liam’s a regular and he used to visit the restaurant lots with his parents before he became famous. He loves his chicken tikka bhuna.”

Personally we’re more a fan of Lamb Jalfrezi 😉

“There were quite a few fans in the restaurant and, of course, everyone recognised him.”

“After his meal was finished, they asked to take pictures with him, which he was happy to do.”

“He might be a millionaire but I think his dad might have paid for it.”

The restaurant dude added:

“No matter how famous you are, I think we all like to let mum and dad pay. I think he was just enjoying taking a break from fame and enjoying a meal with his family.”

Meanwhile, the handsome hunk from Wolverhampton has reached the massive 8 million mark on Twitter – well done Daddy Directioner!

Liam Payne 8 Million Twitter followers

His dad, Geoff, also revealed what Liam got for Christmas which included some his favourite things. Batman goodies, an aeroplane model, clothes and chocolates – but also a Toy Story movie boxset! What a lucky lad! At least he is still very much a boy at heart, despite emerging as a sex symbol.

We hope you enjoyed your meal Liam!

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    Loooooove him more than ever

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    Sweden love him <3

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    Liam is ma fav.

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    Congrats Liam!You deserve it!Love you! 😀

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    Well done Liam, I like the choice of presents! Hehe! X

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    Don’t you just love Liam!!!!!

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    Liam <3
    ( I can't believe u still made it dad pay)
    Glad you got to spend time with ur family <3

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    It makes me sad that some of the boys have less followers than the others. They probably feel like they aren’t as loved :(

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      Yeah, I feel the same way…

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    Wow! Indian cuisine !!! It’s my favourite too!! Hope you had great fun on Xmas. Liam!!!
    Eight million is certainly a number. A huge one!!!! Congrats Liam!!!

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    I followed when he had less than 3,000,000 IM SO PROUD LIAM 😀

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