Liam Wants To Work-out with Taylor Lautner and Harry Fancies Kim Kardashian

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Liam’s always been a guy that looks after himself, and with his history of boxing, he’s not shy when it comes to throwing himself around in the gym.

Now he’s revealed that he wants Twilight star Taylor Lautner to help him achieve an even hotter body than he already has.

Liam wrote on Twitter: “Ive now decided that taylor lautner needs to come and take me to the gym!!”

Here’s a couple of selected responses to Liam’s tweet:

THIS! Is just perfect! Both the people I love

Hahah Thats Super Cute!

Liam and Taylor, working out together. Now thats something we’d pay to see!

Following on from Niall’s tweets to Khloe Kardashian over the last couple of days, Harry has revealed his fondness for her sister, Kim.

Whilst on Pennsylvania’s Q102 radio station at the weekend, Harry revealed a huge poster of Kim in a bikini, with a note on it saying: “Call me, maybe ;)”.

What’s with all the Kardashian love flowing through the bones of One Direction at the moment?

Share it round a bit please boys!