Lily Allen Bigs Up One Direction Whilst Jessie J Doesn’t Slag Them Off!

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On the back of the news that another British boyband export has just hit No.1 in the USA iTunes charts, Lily Allen has took to Twitter to give her opinion on the overseas success of One Direction, tweeting: “its amazing how well One Direction are being received across the pond ,no ? Good luck to em I say , seem like good lads.”

Harry Styles noticed the tweet and replied back, saying: “thanks for the support Lily! Hopefully meet you sometime soon, hope you’re well .x”

And only last week, Jessie J got herself into a spot of bother over a mis-read tweet, when she re-tweeted something that a random fan had said about The Brits:

“Each of the really c**p boyband OneD spoke at The Brits but they cut 6 times grammy winner Adele short. Really? #TheBrits @jessiejofficial.”

Jessie replied back saying: “Why am I tagged? I didn’t cut her off :(”

A lot of Directioners took the tweet to mean that Jessie J was calling the band rubbish, and she was forced to defend herself, tweeting: “When did I say 1D were c**p? Stop reading into things on twitter people. Sheeeet! They are a great boyband. Congrats on your win boys 😀 x”

Oh the problems that Twitter can cause eh! Whatever did we do without it!