LIONA? Are Liam Payne and Leona Lewis Dating?

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Reports are emerging this morning about a possible new One Direction couple in the form of Liam Payne and Leona Lewis!

This comes after many sources reported that Liam had left his girlfriend Danielle of two years recently. Apparently, the One Direction lad is totally loved up with the “Bleeding Love” singer after only 2 dates.

A source said to the Mirror Newspaper:

“As soon as the chance came to ask her out he grabbed it – and they really enjoyed their dates together.”

They added:

“Although they were in London they managed to stay out of the limelight and are really into each other.”

The age gap of 8 years is nowhere near close to Harry Style’s usual rumoured girlfriends, but it’s still an impressive difference.

Liam has been very vocal about having an attraction to Leona, often hopping on Twitter to express that Lewis is in fact his “celebrity crush”.

Leona has said in the past that she finds the One Direction boys sweet but that they are little bit too young for her. Although after she followed Liam on Twitter they have grown closer, with Miss Lewis having this to say about him:

“I met [Payne] and he is just the sweetest boy – he is so lovely, so I’m really pleased everyone got me to follow him.”

Leona was previously dating German dancer Dennis Jaunch, but the pair have drifted apart recently, and talking about whether Liam and Leona would be able to cope with such a high-profile relationship, a source said:

“She would have loved to have seen more of Liam, but his career had to come first. It’s sad they’ve had to part. But you could understand why a woman like Leona Lewis would be able to cope with Liam’s superstar status.”

No word on whether there is any truth to the rumours, but it seems very quick for Liam to have moved on already, don’t you think?

Would you like to see Liam dating Leona?