Listen to 1D On Air With Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan is the big-time American TV presenter, famous for American Idol amongst many other gigs, and One Direction spoke live on his radio show yesterday, being asked lots of juicy questions.

The boys are currently riding high in the USA iTunes charts, with both editions of their album in the top three, and “What Makes You Beautiful” at number five. America can’t get enough of 1D!

Here’s a few excerpts from the interview:

Are The Boys of One Direction Single?
“Three of us are single. Liam and Louis have girlfriends, but for the purpose of this interview they don’t!”

How Did You Build Up Your Chemistry?
Niall said“We all went to Harry’s house and we all spent a week getting to know each other to make sure we were all friends before we were band mates. We were playing soccer all the time and just jamming on the guitar…we all get along really well, and even when we’re not at work we all spend time together and we all live next to each other.”

Listen to the interview in full below!