Little Mix Jealous Of One Direction’s Success

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We imagine that Little mix aren’t the only ones jealous of One Direction.


Imagine if you were about to release a single, and you thought ‘yessss we’ve got this in the bag!’

And then you hear that One Direction are releasing a new single in the same week, what would you do?

Sit in a corner and cry that you have no longer have any hope of getting the number one?

We would, and we suspect that Little mix did something similar.

Considering that Little Mix and One Direction are like bezzies, it just goes to show that there is still mega rivalry between them.

Little mix member, Jade admitted that it’s ‘tough’ competing with the boys.


Well, they ARE the biggest boyband in the world, Jade.

Speaking to Digital Spy about their second single ‘DNA’ failing to reach the number one spot, Jade said: “We were kind of disappointed because it sold really well.

“I think it was just the timing because One Direction at the time shot straight to number one with ‘Little Things’ – it’s always hard to compete with the 1D lads. And we’re chuffed to bits for them; we’ve always been supportive of them.

“We were really happy with the sales but a little bit disheartened just because we worked so hard on that song. It is one of our favourites on the album and we kind of thought as well that ‘Wings’ was amazing and that was on the same level if not better.

“At the end of the day getting number one isn’t always everything. It’s more how you sell it over the weeks, isn’t it?”

Yes, it’s all about keeping positive Jade.


Even if you probably will never get the number one spot when One Direction are in the running, sorry.

But then again, who knows? We love Little Mix…just not as much as we love 1D 😀

  • roooomy

    Yep we loooove 1D!!

  • roooomy


  • Mrs.Horan

    I would be jealous to because they are so cute who wouldn’t love them

  • Camille

    Ouai et puis moi j’prefere encore plus les one direction nnnnaaaahhhh c’est dit pour moi ils seront toujours Number 1

  • Mimi deria

    Okay we know that everyone is jealous of the boys but little mix is Amazing I love them so much, most directioners love them as well as i do <3 …. But they're the biggest boyband in the universe so Good Luck Little mix 😉 … But i'll assure you that no one will beat the boys and we all know that :)x <3

  • Lucy Williamson

    Go 1D

  • Nyxiia

    if i was a part of Little Mix (which would actually never happens because i sing like strangled cats) i would have either advanced the date of the release or push it to another day… you cannot compete against 1D unless you’re like Rihanna or something (and here i’m talking about the U.S where they saddky didn’t make no1 :/)

  • Brenda Boyce

    <3 Im lesbian for Jade Thirlwall

    • katie


      • Brenda Boyce


  • zayn malik fan

    Yh one direction rock

  • Olivia Jones

    Little mix can make it to the top they just have to believe in themselves and not worry about everybody else it’s cray

  • Zayns girl

    I am team one direction!

    • mrs. payne

      I agree wit u me too GO 1D

  • Keke

    I love both groups! Little Mix is amazing and they’d made it so far im so proud of them!!! I don’t think it’s really a rivalry, more like good natured competition. You never hear either groups saying bad things about each other or anything.

  • Valentina

    Sorry Little Mix,as much as I love you,you can really go sit in a corner and cry:)

  • Jazmine

    Poor little mix

  • paris

    one direction AND little mix are both totally amazayn though just to make things straight!

  • katie

    i love both 😀

  • Ella schwartz

    Sorry Jade but you can’t beat 1D

  • Paula Galvan

    I don’t even know little mix,but I do know 1D.And this news,I feel bad for them but I don’t whant them yo ruin 1D

  • Anita Rzewski

    I love little mix sooooo much!!!

  • 1D forever❤

    I’m still trying to figure out where Leigh-Ann’s legs are

  • Darcy Styles

    I love LM as equally as I love 1D!! They are the best girl group EVERR!!

  • Christine Says Hi :]

    I love Little Mix and i love One Direction but when u’ve got a hot talented boyband that lots of girls like competing we all probably know who will get more views. But little mix is awesome and talented!

  • Nicole Styles

    Who isn’t jealous of them? And correction they are the biggest band in the world not just biggest boy band and I had never heard of Little Mix till One Direction.

  • Ashley Reyes

    Ok i can admit i love little mix but i also love one direction.
    p.s. i love one direction more!!!
    but i do understand why they feel that way

  • Hallie Lavin

    i am honestly not surprised that they are jealous! I love Little Mix (especially Wings! buy it you wont regret it!) and i love One Direction but I kinda want Little Mix to get at least one number one song… just once!

  • Louis William Tomlinson

    One direction for life

  • gest

    Little mix is good its just one direction will always be better♡♥♡♥ LLN (laugh like niall)


    Awwww it’s ok Little Mix

  • 1d_sister


  • ZarMaz

    Come on, Little Mix! Your band member is dating a 1D boy! Show the band some respect, don’t be jealous! There are highs n lows! Maybe someday you WILL get number 1=)

  • Nia malik

    One direction always <3

  • Kerri

    1D:lots of girl fans
    Lil Mix:less not by too much but less
    Reason:boys don’t obsess over bands,girls don’t obsess over girl band bc they’re not into that…

  • Gabriella Clifford

    I prefer little mix but I love them both:)

  • sarah

    I love Little Mix soo much and I think Little Mix just got the number 1 spot with Wings in the USA since the just released it here….

  • Fiona

    Love you 1D.

  • Kathleen Chandler

    I personally adore both groups <3

  • brianna

    Little mix don’t get jelous get glad!

  • jessica.horvath


  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    This is my own personal opinion but sometimes Petrie looks terrible and not pretty but sometimes she is very gorgeous
    Luv u Perrie

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    This is my own personal opinion but sometimes Petrie looks terrible and not pretty but sometimes she is very gorgeous
    Luv u Perrie

  • Selena rosales

    i love both of them sooooooooo much!!!

  • Lilli Malik

    If I have to choose a side I would choose one direction