Living While He’s Young: Harry Flirts With Natalie Imbruglia

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Everyone knows Harry likes the older ladies but we thought he was weaning himself off the cougars. Not that 37 year old singer Natalie Imbruglia could be considered a ‘cougar’, because even she is too young to fit into that category – but cradle snatcher could be a good way to describe it because she is more than twice his senior!

Harry and Natalie met at James Corden’s wedding recently and the pair apparently hit it off straight away, giggling away and cozying up to each other all night long. Other guests even commented on how the pair were well suited to each other.

They then went back to the same hotel together after the festivities and coincidentally arrived at breakfast the next morning together and at the same time.

A discernibly more embarrassed and quiet Harry apparently kept his head down in the morning with an inside source saying the following:

“Everyone was talking about how Harry was really smitten with Natalie.”

“They got on like a house on fire and were clearly very into each other.”

“The next morning Harry was given a grilling by the other guests. He was overheard telling one that he thinks Natalie is an amazing woman.”

YEOW! Talk about chemistry.

Natalie is a stunner but we feel this is probably just more over exaggeration of what could be a good friendship. Remember the first song that 1D performed together was Natalie Imbruglia’s hit song “Torn” – so maybe they were just chatting about that?

What do you guys think?

PS. Have you watched the ‘Live While We’re Young’ video yet?