Louis “As Serious As You Can Get” With Girlfriend Eleanor Calder

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Sorry ladies, but a source has told heat magazine that Louis is “as serious as you can get” about his student girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

After getting Rihanna to sing her happy birthday, buying her a mini cooper car and the most elaborate disney cake we have ever seen, it goes without saying – they are deeply in love!

However recent rumours about the love birds being engaged have been quashed. This doesn’t mean they aren’t in a super serious relationship though. Apparently the jokester of the group gets on very well with Eleanor’s mum and is very cheeky to her.

Great way to get in the good books Louis!

The feeling is mutual as Eleanor is also very fond of Tomlinson’s mum. Dating someone who isn’t famous when you are the hottest thing right now must be tough, but at least they are making it work. It is also keeping Louis grounded which can only be a good thing!