Louis’ Sister Insists He Is NOT Gay

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The Larry Stylinson rumours will just never end will they?!

Eleanor and Louis have been snapped over the past couple of months looking stronger than ever, holding hands, affectionately looking into each others eyes and exuding L.O.V.E.

But for some reason, fans really want Harry and Louis to come out as being in a steamy gay relationship and sometimes it isn’t too hard to believe.

Louis’s sister has come out to defend her brother’s sexual orientation with a very politically correct and to-the-point statement in a recent web chat.

She said: “I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be gay, it’s just kind of rude to me because I know he isn’t gay. They’re [people] all just like ‘oh yeah your brother’s gay’ and I’m like ‘no he’s not.”

Fizzy added: “Shut up!”

We know that they aren’t. Everything is pointing in the direction that Louis is definitely not into boys. But there is always just something lingering in the back everyone’s mind, there has never been a boyband so affectionate of each other before!

Besides, statistically there has to be at least one!