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Are Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Calder About To Get Engaged? Another 1D Wedding?


Ok, we’ve still hardly gotten over the fact that Zerrie are now engaged to be married, with rumours that their mega-celebrity wedding might be as close as CHRISTMAS.

Now, Louis and Eleanor were spotted ring shopping at a jewellery store earlier this week, no doubt checking out some bling-tastic offerings!

Louis and Eleanor ring shopping

However as well as Louis spending some quality shopping-time with his better-half, he was also spotted with Zayn himself.

Splash the cash lads, splash the cash.

The loved-up couple have been together for nearly two years now, and with Zayn popping the question to Perrie last month perhaps Louis is feeling the pressure.

Zayn, Louis and Liam

Last week Louis’ mum tweeted about Eleanor, saying:

“Eleanor is involved in everything Louis does & as a mum I could not wish for a nicer GF xx.’ Aww, so sweet!”

Out of all the members of 1D, Louis is the only one to have stuck with the same girlfriend since joining the band. With hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him daily, he sure must love her to bits!

Louis and Eleanor

Awww :)

Here’s the pair over in the US recently when they paid a visito to the Shamrock Tattoo parlour in Hollywood.


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  • Beth Hills

    They’re adorable together :D If they want to get married, I say go for it. As long as they’re happy, it’s all good

    • THIS IS US


  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    A picture can tell a thousand stories..!!

    • ash_cuesta

      yes.yes it is

    • Jacqueline Ramos

      Omg dude u madey day yessssss sooo true and with dat ppl may get wrong ideas

    • Anamiletartis

      Exactly :p

  • Isabel Nadine O’Reilly

    I think the boys are rushing things TBH… !

    • annabella s.

      Yeah they are still so young and have a lot ahead of them. But it’s their life so they can do what they want. But I think that if they were really truly,deeply,madly in love that they would wait and not want to rush things. This is not directed just to Zerrie but for all of them in general.

  • ♡waiting for 1/5♡

    Lets just wait till they actually confirm it

    • Jade Styles Horan


      • karen bustos


    • THIS IS US

      i love you

      • ♡waiting for 1/5♡

        Aw, i love you too ♡

        • THIS IS US

          lol follow me

  • genat haimed

    OMG I’d be sooo happy if they do get engaged!

  • Kelly Ann


    • Stini2526

      you are so right

    • Soma

      AMEN! ELOUNOR FOREVER!! but im not too happy about all of them getting married so soon.. But i love them!!!

    • Amanda Anderl

      Thats just cruel. Im a LArry Shipper. Thats just mean

      • Kaylee

        Not trying to be mean but you need to realize that louis DOES NOT like people shipping Larry

      • Clair Tomlinson

        Same :/

    • http://niall-ate-my-potato.tumblr.com/ T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

      It’s just a picture, we dont know what they’re even doing.
      I, personally, am a larry shipper. :3

      • Kelly Ann

        whatever. :/

    • http://www.onedirection.net/ Nialler4ever

      UGHHHH LARRY IS NOT REAL. THEY’RE NOT GAY. I can’t believe people are still going on about that!
      Well, anyways, if they are getting married, i’m giving them three years. Five at the most. I think they’ll last longer then Zayn and Perrie idk why

      • karen bustos

        Actually larry is real! I mean we so many proof of larry (:

        • THIS IS US


          • THIS IS US

            opps i had caps on
            read that with no caps :) lol

          • Sampada Kapur

            heheeh :) its okay

          • ~ Kate ~

            i couldn’t agree more! xx

        • Jade Styles Horan


    • karen bustos

      Um actually this picture was photo months before this rumor… how do I know? Well a few months ago i saw this same picture on a girls instagram, so yeah!

      • Isla Dunn

        Well there you go!

  • Directioner

    I think that they will confirm it and I am happy for them!!

  • Trinity Allen

    I don’t want my babies to grow up D:

  • JacquelineMorales

    If its true then, well we’ve been wanting them to get married for a while now. And if not, than only time will tell :)

  • MarcelStyles

    This happened ages ago…like a week before Zayn proposed to Perrie.
    But how are they supposed to be engaged if they’re BOTH looking at rings?
    Usually, doesn’t the boy propose to the girl as a surprise? Maybe they were choosing the ring for Zayn so he could propose to Perrie? :D

    • iluvliamandniall

      ikr i thought that too

    • Jade Styles Horan

      I agree why spoil the surprise

    • Sammy Tomlinson

      Hey I was supposed to cry hearing the news but I kinda agree on what you said. Thanks alot for that. :’)

    • Kaile

      Sometimes it’s a mutual decision. It depends on the couple. It doesn’t have to be a surprise.

    • Kennedy

      Well they could be looking at wedding rings and not engagement rings. He could of already proposed and now they are both looking at wedding rings but it could be a misunderstanding and we shouldn’t believe everything until one of them confirm it.

    • Guest

      Ya not always some people do go shoppin together for the ring

  • Alexis

    It fake and set up a few days ago when the brake up rumors started and Louis and Harry tweeted about Larry but deleted it 30 seconds after the next day they released that pictrue and its from her birthday obviously and now ring shopping they want you to think they are soooo in love

  • Angie malik

    Oh yeahh!! I TOTALLY ship ELOUNOR!! :)

  • Norah

    noooooooooooo :(

  • Freya Hawkins

    he hasnt stuck with the same girlfriend since joining the band he was still going out with hannah during xfactor and the majority of 2011, get ya facts right (this is not a hate message to el, i love el) x

  • Samantha Sancen

    When I saw the video I heard ppl screaming Eleanor! See we do care for her!

  • Emmy

    :) I can’t stop smiling! I’ve always wanted Elounor to get married first. I hope they are really getting married. ♥

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Awww…. I’ve been waiting for this to happen… So sweet :)) #NoHate

    • iluvliamandniall

      yep #nohate

  • hallah

    i love how in the end when they came out of the tatto parlor, they all didnt start screaming they all just said “hi louis” lol (:

  • Nia malik

    But surely Louis would buy the ring without Eleanor

  • Lynnie Lucas

    So I’m crying. I love her but hate her at the same time. The feels!

  • Lynnie Lucas

    I freaking love them. They’re so adorable together. No one say we didn’t know this was gonna happen because I did.

  • 1DL❤ver


  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    Awwh Louis and Eleanor are seriously the cutest couple ever! ..but i dont really think this pic shows them picking a wedding ring, cause the boyfriend in the relationship always picks the ring himself and proposes as a surprise to the girlfriend…

  • Lauren

    I would be so happy if they got married:) although that is just a picture maybe they were just shopping for someone’s birthday present? Xx

    • Jade Styles Horan

      totally true

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    Larry is real.

    • http://www.onedirection.net/ Nialler4ever


      • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

        how bout you let me post my opinion and not give me hate :) kay thanks

  • Kat

    Long live elounder and no offence but in yo faces larry shippers

  • Kat

    You have no idea how much i want them to marry omg im pulling my hair out get married already

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    Yes Yes Yes!(: Louis And Eleanor Should Definitely Get Engaged!(: Their Perfect For Eachother!(: ♥♥

  • Kimberly Stile

    Im so happy for them, i heard a story that they were supposedly buying one for perrie and zayn, but i think that louis just doing that to se which ring elouner likes that way he gets it for her, ugh theyre so cut!!!

  • Ally

    They should totally get married they’re meant to be! They are so cute together

  • becca

    I would love it if Louis and Eleanor got married they are soo meant to be ,but I am not believing anything until lou or EL admits it themselves but saying that they are soo cute together and they really should get married :)

  • Niall@Nandos

    Look what zany a started !!! I would be nice if Louis was married I can see little Louis running round !! It would be so funny!!

  • Sky Shadow

    OKAY LISTEN UP: That tweet that Louis’ mum sent? She sent that tweet to someone who didn’t say a word about Eleanor. And who goes ring shopping with your “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” for your own wedding? Not saying that they are getting married, but who even shows each other your own wedding/engadment ring? No one! I don’t think that they are getting married. I think they are just doing it for publicity.

  • Where we are tour :)

    That picture was taken ages ago before zerrie Evan had a ring on …

  • Jenna

    Just because they’re looking for rings doesn’t mean it is for an engagement. Maybe it is for someone else!

  • Narane (:

    Im a Louis girl, and have been from the start. If he does pop the question I don’t think I could handle it.

  • L(love)arry…

    Just to be sure, if Louis was going to get married with Eleanor, then why is he together with her? Isn’t it a supposed to be a surprised? And I agree with the other comments, this picture was taken way before Zerrie. Probably it would be a birthday gift, maybe Zayn asked Louis to buy him a ring for Perrie. You know, stuff like that can happen. But anyways, I still believe that Larry is real. xx No hate. :)

  • Infinity

    don’t really believe anything or even elounor.Sorry but i think larry is real no hate

  • http://niall-ate-my-potato.tumblr.com/ T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    there was already a rumor about this like, weeks ago. it’s just a picture… seriously, we’re making an ENGAGEMENT RUMOR over a picture of them together?! i mean, a picture can tell a thousand words. who knows what theyre doing, besides them. :3
    For all we know, louis could be buying a watch or something. xD a picture in a jewelry store doesnt “prove” that theyre engaged.
    i dont think theyre engaged. I’m a Larry shipper. c: but for everyone who ships elounor, good for you! and i wont say anything bad about it, we all have our own opinions about it i guess :3

  • Superman_Batman

    I will be one of the bridesmaids for louis and eleanor wedding if they get married

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    that video was so cute ^.^ but I don’t like how that person shouted “Larry !” at them . that’s f*cking disrespectful . I know we can ship whatever we want , but like … that’s Elounor . don’t shout Larry at them . it pissed Louis off already once , why would you do it again ?

  • asal

    Well if they are going to engage why both of them are looking ar the rings ?? Always boys surprice girls

  • Nicole

    This is proof that elounor is real. Management didnt get them together. Larry are just best friends. I am both a Larry and elounor shipper.

  • Carolyneluvs MrPayne

    Wouldnt it be sick if Zerrie and Elouner did their weeding together omg!

  • catluver1402

    people need to calm down i mean this photo is from like a month ago! literally…i saw this pic so long ago and definitely more than a week ago….so i dont know where they got that from…..and this is so obviously i publicity stunt….i mean wat couple goes shopping for engagement rings TOGETHER….like isnt the guy supposed to get a ring and then he proposes to the girl like thats what zayn did with perrie….and when celebrities get engaged they get a ring PRIVATELY with a jeweler…they dont go shopping publicly at a public jewelry store….u dont see any pic of zayn and perrie shopping at a public jewelry…so for people who r going to use this as proof against larry shippers or non-elounor shippers need to calm down…this is so obviously for publicity and management make it so obvious

    • catluver1402

      sorry if that looked rude to u or something like that….i didnt for that to be offensive

    • Infinity

      i literally love you right now

  • yoanna cisneros

    The ring could just be a gift but if the are getting married I am happy for them

  • Natalie

    Oh my gosh!!! I hope Elounor gets married!!!

  • swifting

    Maybe he’s just getting it as a present or something

    • Natalie

      True but I’m an Elounor shipper. I really hope they get married.

  • Kaylee

    What?! Another marriage!!? Well at least Nialler isn’t getting married!!

    • Tildisen <3

      Then I take my little Harold < 333 ;)

      • Kaylee


        • Tildisen <3

          Haha! Yes, it sounds good!;)

          • Kaylee

            Ha! Thx!!

    • THIS IS US

      this pic was taken long ago so the’re not getting married

      • Kaylee

        OH dear lord thanks for telling me!!

        • THIS IS US

          that why im here

          • Kaylee

            Thank you!!

          • THIS IS US

            follow me

          • Kaylee


  • Paola_malik<3

    Aaah!! I really hope so!! I livw elounor :) <3



  • Andie Espineli

    Louis… This is JEALOUSY!!!

  • ✌✯lux✯✌


  • Zaybel Nharry Alfonso Alinson

    im excited on this wedding yeahhh best wedding ever if ever (cross fingers)

  • Chloe Hodgson

    Im starting to reverse my thoughts i think…. I mean, they are so young and after they get married they are going to want to have children, and then after that then we could have a slight problem as they might end it all there, as they will have to support the mum of the children and won’t be able to go and be One Direction. They have to think very carefully about this as they won’t be able to make the ‘Same Mistakes’ as each other….

  • Casz

    I am a Louis Girl and this… Its not that easy…
    I ship ELOUNOR really bad.. I think theyre perfect for each other.. :D And, this pic doesnt mean that theyre getting engage… THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A “RING” AT THE SAME TIME! now thats just silly…
    And Louis getting engage, i do think its too soon.. Yes, I admit, I was FURIOUS when I saw that “zerrie” was engaged.. (i dont like perrie, nh pls) and with another member getting engage.. ITS JUST TOO MUCH, KAY?
    And I am also a Larry shipper.. ONLY AS A BROMANCE THO
    And lets just respect each others opinion…

  • Sammy Tomlinson

    I don’t ship either Elounor or Larry. I’m happy for the both. :) Even it hurts so bad I’m happy where Louis is and I love Larry Stylinson so as Elounor. :) Stop arguing ok?

  • Jade Styles Horan

    the picture showing them in a jewelry store was taking about is an old picture

  • Melissa

    Nope nope nope this isn’t happening because larry is real!!!!

  • Cat

    For one thing why would he buy her an engagement ring with her standing right there. 2 it could just b a simple present. 3 one picture can tell a million stories

  • ghaid al-thobity

    hi one direction i love you so much

  • niall styles


  • Directioner301

    Awwww!! Louis and elanor are so cute together!!

  • halie jackson

    They are so perfect for each other. I love Eleanor. She is so pretty. She is my role model.

  • http://niall-ate-my-potato.tumblr.com/ T۰۪a۫۰۪y۫¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    Oh… so I say one word about Larry and they delete my comment. Isnt that lovely.
    Well, excuse me for having an opinion.

  • Anise Aarden

    One Direction Get Married, New Book!!!

  • Roshni :)

    i hope they get married. but then again i dont. i mean, dont you think, especially louis girls, directioners will be sad? but mostly im happy that they might get married. i just hope that they do, they’re my favorite couple. #elounor #elounormightbeengaged

  • Guest

    If she Does ever say something mean about/to him, she will be with Taylor swift with her head pinned to the ground in the graveyard

  • Superman_Batman


  • ~Ashley~

    People will be waiting a long time for these 2 to get married. A long time.

  • Genesis Ross

    I hope hes not marriing El. Im a Larry shipper. I want him to be with Harry. Why is it so bad to have to men in love?

  • None of your business :)

    BULLCRAP LARRY ALL THE WAY CHICAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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