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One Direction Lyrics


Sing along with our One Direction Lyrics

Want to know all the lyrics to One Direction songs? You’ve come to the right place. We have lyrics to all the 1D songs you listen to right here, and as soon as new ones come out you can guarantee that we’ll have them available here for you straight away.

Lyrics to all of One Direction's songs

‘Midnight Memories’s is the third 1D album and we’ll be adding words to all of the songs as soon as they’re released. Check back soon!

Midnight Memories (2013)

Here’s all the songs from One Direction’s second album ‘Take Me Home’, featuring their lead single ‘Live While We’re Young’ as well as their hit ballad penned by Ed Sheeran, ‘Little Things’.

Take Me Home (2012)

The album that kicked it all off for 1D  was ‘Up All Night’, featuring their very first song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ amongst a ton of others.

Up All Night (2011)

There’s a few songs that don’t appear on the albums above, so we’ve listed them below for you. Whether it’s their  X Factor favourite ‘Torn’, or possibly a B-side such as ‘Another World’, you can sing along all day long.

X-Factor, B-Sides and Everything Else

Whatever your favourite One Direction song is, click it above and learn all the words off by heart.


  • alayssa or a c m

    You are are the best band in the world

  • alayssa or a c m

    X o x o x o x o

  • alayssa

    Harry you need to man up and ask me out I cry for you I love u and I can not who wait for you performance in 2013 in Texas we love you one direction we need to see you

  • alayssa or a c m

    Harry up and ask me out Harry

  • alayssa or a c m

    Nialls got that one thing :-)

  • alayssa or a c m

    What makes Liam beautiful?
    Everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!

  • alayssa or a c m

    I love you Louis

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    Thinking of zayn keeps me up all night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But Harry is 24 – 7 I love you

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    I love one direction

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    I go out side and look for falling stars and every time I see 5 and those stars go one direction

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    its LOUIS

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    I love you Luis xoxoxoxoxoo

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  • Ehdaa

    I love you so much harry I can not sleep without hear your voice I loveeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu so so so so much

  • Ehdaa

    Harry my dream is see you and give you ahug big hug and give you akiss

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you one direction

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    Kiss and hugs

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    500000 hugs and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009 Kiss

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    Call me one direction hugs and Kiss

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    I know you are the cutest band in the world

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    I love you and miss you one direction

  • Jessi Raquel_2012

    I Love One Direction For Ever

  • Jessi Raquel_2012

    you are the best band in the world and i love you Harry style, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlison and Niall Horam

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    Harry you are amazing because you are you
    You are your self that why I love you not because you have money because you are you
    Some people like you cuz of your money and fame but not me I love you and I love the way you care about what people say about you I wish I was you cuz I don’t care what people say about me I love you Harry and if you reed this I hope this makes you feel better

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you so much and everyone know that why cuz you are you and don’t cry any more if you cry then I will cry and one thing
    are you ok Harry ?

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    Hugs and Kiss when you cry reed this you are the amazing cuz you are you
    You are your self the why I love you some people love you or think you are amazing cuz of the money I don’t I don’t care for the fame or money I love you cuz you are you don’t believe that bad stuff they say about you what ever you thing about you it true if it bad it not true I won’t to be you cuz you care what people say about you I don’t I don’t care at all what people say about me but you do and that good but if it bad then don’t believe it I am here for you love you lots

  • Jewelrollins

    im one directions biggest fan

  • Kathi

    I love everybody in the Band! But i think Harry is the best! I love him really…<3

  • OneDirectionFans

    no I’m the biggest 1D fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am the #1 fan in the world I think Harry called me cuz there was a # on my phone cuz I put call me Harry that same day that the # was there and I forgot about it a the and I erased the # so this is for Harry or one direction call me I need to talk to you love you
    Alayssa if you don’t have my # call Alana Deleon

    • KiaraHoran

      No one wants your #

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    One direction
    Hugs = 10
    Kiss = 10000000000000000000000000000
    Alayssa + love = Harry
    Alayssa + love = Liam
    Alayssa + love =Niall
    Alayssa +love = Luis
    Alayssa + like = zany

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    Love I need you
    You one direction

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    I love you so much
    I like you so much
    Hugs and Kiss
    Lots of hugs
    And lots of Kiss
    One direction has that one thing

    • Mrs.Styles_143

      i guess u dnt love One Direction so much cuz u spelled “Zayn’s” name wrong lol

  • alayssa or acm I <3 1 D

    I love you one direction you are the beat band in world

    • alay

      I love you Harry call me

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    Harry you are the best singer in the world love you so much hugs and Kiss alayssa you need to come to Texas

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    Call me Harry and if you need my # call Alana Deleon and Harry Niall Luis Liam where have you been all my life and the song where have you been by Rihanna is for you

  • alayssa or acm I <3 1D

    Lots of hugs and kis and Harry I love you cuz you are you I love you so much
    Harry = <3
    Luis = <3
    Liam = <3
    Niall = <3

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    O love you one direction so much hugs and Kiss Harry you are an amazing singer and you know how to use it

  • Directioner

    I <3 1D i hav no words 2 express u <3<3<3<3<3 these r for5 of u <3 u guys !!!!!!!!!

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    My friend magen tells me she wants to marry Luis

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    One of my Luis and she want to marry him

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    I like Zany

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    One direction is my life

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    Hugs and Kiss :-)

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    I love you one direction hugs and Kiss

  • Tiannahilton

    Harry and Taylor swift r a good couple… and zayn

  • Tiannahilton

    Harry and Taylor swift r a good couple!!!!!!!!

  • jazel renteria

    omg i love there music

  • Aine Mccafferty

    I love little things

  • ghada

    hi one direction I just try to talk to harry and he didn’t want to talk to me why

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    hi one direction I love you so much just I say that I just try talk to you many time and you didn’t say just hi iam just a big fan of you and buy

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    I love Harry Zayn Niall Liam and Louis
    the second i listen to ur songs i knew you will be everything i need. Kisses

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    What’s wrong with u zayn?

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    You Forgot MAGIC <3 & Truly,Madly Deeply (: Magic is my New Fav I Loooove it <3 i <3 1D

  • Sparklefuzz

    Niall and Harry ♥

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    your the best Band

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    If ur a true directioner u don’t need to use
    this bullshit …. I’m on here cuz my cousin
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    pics of 1D !!!!!!!

  • Sarah-Jane Youll

    I like Niall and zayn and Liam and Louis but I like Harry too so I <3 1Direction

  • Lydia

    Thank God everyone on YouTube has different lyrics !!!!!!!

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    Liaaaammmmm <3

    • Morgan

      HARRY AND NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    they r awsome

    • Fatema

      So true

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    Ha I love on direction but people always say that I like Justin bieber because we have the same birthday if you don’t believe me look me up

  • Fatema

    I <3333 you Niall!!!

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    One direction is perfect

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    I havee already compleated all songs of one direction but by the way love you harrilyn a perfect couple please catch them on face book and tweeter

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  • One Way Or Another ❥

    i love 1D

  • Elyza Bendicio

    is there an one way or another lyrics??

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    I love u harry styles will you marry me please reply back by the way my name is gabby and I am nine years old xxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love liam backof lady’s he’s mine mrs.payne

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    1D is my fav boy band in my life ! Follow me on twitter @onlyoneniall

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    Omg i have just got tickets to see one direction at the o2 area next week!!!!!! Omg what am i glnna where i’d betta get planning dkd i mention they were front row tickets and for the fact zayn is defo not racist

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    I love all one directon:-)

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    And I gat to say…..that zayn so hhooottt

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    Can you do the lyrics to truly madly deeply?

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    I love harry!!!!!!! People best stop calin him names!!!!!!!!!! I love you harry! Stay strong!!!

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  • Tildisen<333

    Did you can do lyrics to magic? <333 Can't stop sing that song! It's so good:)

  • Amy Talman

    Then they’re directionaters. AKA annoyances!

    • Morgan

      One girl told me she was a “directionator”

  • Amy Talman

    No. it’s a pet name, like Zanny.

  • Amy Talman

    Stay strong! :)

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