Gotta Be You Lyrics

  • Bethany Fieldhouse

    apparently there’s a rumour that its gonna be played on wednesday by scott mills? anyone know anythaaang?! SO EXCITED RJESGLHIFLISRTFD

  • Melissa

    So the text is not available yet?

    • OneDirection.Net

      Well spotted! We’ve added the lyrics now x

  • Jaz

    can i ask their cell number????? may i ask for it??? plzzzzz…………………. :(((

  • Reyna De Leon

    This is such an amazing song!!! So amazing it’s one of my favorites song all around!!!! And for a song to be one of my favorite songs it has to be AMAZING just like this song!!!

  • angel

    One Direction is the best!! I LOVE ZAYN!!

    • Cheryl_leo Love

      Im in luv wif zayn as well n harry!!! n tis song!!!

    • Brooke

      OMG Ikr Zayn is sexy!

  • krysta styles

    i love one direction just picture all 8 walls covered with one direction you can not even see the real wall

  • Desberni

    I love this song but harry styles is so hot and the best part is my last name is styles that’s so awsome cuz I love harry styles

  • Cheryl_leo Love

    If u guyz notice normally only zayn, liam n harry sings their songs alot compare to nial n louis…n its pretty obviuous in tis song, bt i still luv one direction!!!

  • Mya Rodriguez39

    Harry sounds so hot in this song

  • محمد هداية

    So sad. Nialls gf is in Comma

  • Kaytlaynepoorman

    i LOVE all of your songs and I LOVE all of you im your #1 fan so is my friend

  • A c m

    This is the best song in the world but it is reminding me of a friend Alaina Deleon

  • A c m

    One direction is my life and the air I breath I am so your number 1 fan

  • Salina Weimert2007

    Omg I love this song!! HARRY STYLES is so hot and so is zayn 1D for life
    <3 <3 😉

    • Naseem Hashemian

      I’m with you on zayn

  • Naseem Hashemian

    I have gotta be you and what makes you beautiful on my ipod

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love this song it makes me feel special

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you 1 D

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you Liam

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you Niall

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love you Luis

    • Louistommoismine

      His name is LOUIS! Ok?

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I love love love you Harry please be mine

  • Bavanni199

    I love you one direction.Louis esp.He makes my day

  • Bree humphrey

    I love u Niall!!

  • Esmee’ García

    Los amo! One direction

  • Andrea

    i love zayn!! <3 :)

  • 1 Directioner


  • Missharrystyles123

    I love 1D there songs r so caring and really good. I love the most would be harry

  • Missharrystyles123

    Thumbs up if u like harry styles!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) 😀

  • Kamila Malik

    This is they re 3 best
    1 What makes u beautiful
    2 One thing

  • kyasia

    i love harrys solo


    Niall….Niall….Niall….I LOVE YOU

  • Sydney




  • Arianna Vaslami

    Dont saw crazy things zayn is my one thing

  • Yara Janssen

    top liedje!

  • mina

    nice song