I Should Have Kissed You Lyrics

  • Hadeel salih

    Omg every song is better than the other but seriously this song is really wicked i love u one direction can’t wait to se you at the states wish you guys all the best

  • samatha

    omg k i love this song is great i should i should i should o kissed you

  • Anna

    Omg! I love this song :***

  • Kylee

    Ikr this is one of my fab songs!!!!!!!!!

  • christa

    omg omg omg Like this song so much & Love You 1D

  • lauren


  • safura

    Olds.. Come to India.. Kolkata!

  • Mia

    *sighs* oh louis i

  • s.s.h


  • Michaelah

    Nice songxxz♥♥♥