I Would Lyrics

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    Love the lyrics!!!!

  • kiara

    Love this song wish I could meet them!!

  • rebekah

    this is really my favorite song ever got it already stuck in my head hmmm i really want to meet louis

  • Sarah

    Love this song!! I wish I could meet One Direction I am there BIGGEST FAN EVER!! I am a true fan!!

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    This is my fav song

  • tristen

    i love this song so much.

  • tristen

    i meet them

  • Jacqueline

    LOL one direction Love

  • Directioner

    I love this song<3 And i want really meet them!!!<3<3<3

  • Hannah gilpin

    I met 1D 6 times!!! but times 6 by 2 then subtract 12 that’s how many times I met him

  • angie

    I love you zayn

  • Emily Styles

    Omfg love this song ditrrctioner lobe

  • nikyta tomlinson

    I love you louis

  • Madison Payne

    Liam is so HOT!

  • layla

    naills so h-o-t-t hot this is from layla call me when i get a phone

  • Carmen Benitez

    You missed the best line…after Niall sings Reality ruined my life. Liam says: Go Tommo Go!

  • hitoishee