Little Things Lyrics


    i have nothing to say but just wow! boom dead amazing

  • Marisela Romero

    Harry’s solo is all me….I was like awwwww wen he said “Your perfect to me” :’)

  • amari wade

    This is my favorite song out of one direction history

  • I Luv LIAM!!!!

    This song makes m cry but I love this song so much it reminds me of all the little things that I hav that I don’t like
    This song always makes me feel better 😉

  • this is my favo song from 1D l

    Love this song love this1D

  • Directioner

    This song is so beatiful!<3 I love this song<3 And i love 1D sooo much!!

  • this is my favo song from 1D l

    Zayn’s solo’s are the best

  • Kimberley

    This is a beautiful number

  • ❤Yara Malik❤™

    Omg Get’s Me Weak Everytime I Hear It! <3

  • Kira

    I love this song every time I hear it, it makes me think that I can be perfect even with all of my flaws. when I hear this song it explains everything about and I mean everything, but the only thing that is wrong is that I don’t have anyone to tell me these things and I never will. that’s why one direction is my idol even though I am a girl I look up to them because they mak everyone feel like they are meant to be in this world and are always loved by someone. as I’m typing this it explains this song and this message and song make m cry I will always listen to this song before I go to bed and when I wake up and throughout the whole day! I love one direction so much<3


    Describes me all the way :’)