Live While We’re Young Lyrics

  • madison

    love 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prittal

    this is the best video and best song ever

  • One Direction no.1

    wtf?I love you Harry

  • sena

    I love one direction sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Jennifer

    OMG i LOVE no am CRAZZZY for 1D!!!!!!!Harry i am in LOVE with u!u guys did such a good job!again LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!Bye!!!

  • i<3Niall






  • Kasie Ward

    Love this song so much!!

  • Ashley Malik

    Love you-One Direction! <3

  • Ashley Malik

    Love you-One Direction! <3

  • kaylee Bradford

    hey Have fun at the grits awards tonight xx luv u harry styles xxx

  • leah Bradford

    HELLO one direction I love u so much zayn and I want to hug u by the I am 7 and I’m called Leah

  • kaylee Bradford

    btw me and Leah b r sisters we love 1D she loves zayn Malik and I love Harry styles xxx

  • leah Bradford

    Hello One direction I love zayn and by the way I’m 7 and called Leah

  • kaylee Bradford

    leah sucks xD

  • leah Bradford

    Kaylee sucks xD

  • disqus_Slsx12Joev

    Wonderul song want to see them live

  • mia

    i wanna meet one direction but mostly harry zayn and niall
    >.<love you guys keep up the good work

  • mia

    i would like to meet one direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!>.<love you guys keep up the good work

  • emilymorrison775@

    I love harry styles

  • lorena

    Onee Direction is my life

  • lexi bowen


  • Ellah Styles

    This song is song

  • Chalayna Scott

    I love that song

  • Yaritza Ramos

    Awesome even my brother who’s 4 sings it its his favorite song

  • wynona rabanes

    nice :)

  • Niall’s Potato

    #2YearsOfLWWY :’)