Moments Lyrics

  • Lise Stabel

    I just love this song! I can hear it all day and night if I could!
    And I just have to say that I think Niall is the best, no offense, but he stand out in a special way that I just love. But you’re all amazing! And I love you so much! Just bad that I can’t afford a concertticket… But I will save all money that I get, just to meet you guys!! Have a great day !!:-D

  • Kim

    this is my favourite coz it’s so real :(

  • Samantha

    I have a question is this song really about a guy’s gf dying and him committing suicide? Some say yes and others say it was just something someone made up.. Either way I still absolutely love this song, its very good and has so much emotion.

  • nicole

    this song like is so awsome i cry like evry time i hear it cuz ill probibly never get to see you well love ya

    love nicole

  • Nimmie

    cool i love one direction and I LOVE LIAM PAYNE!
    my fave song is moments ‘coz’ its sooo sweet

  • Maria

    Well I love all of One Directions songs their amazing and im in love with them<3
    I hope to see them in concert someday:)

  • Mariahhennawi

    Love u 1D :)

  • marijalovesliam

    The best song in the world!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Drumgrl16

    I love this song. I makes me cry everytime i hear it. it reminds me of how far the boys have come. love you 1D <3

  • Lil Mrs.Lewis Tomlinson

    I LUV U LEWIS oh I luv this song too its so sweet

  • francisca

    Im in love with this song<3

  • jaz

    ID is the best band ever I just love them!! 😀

  • Michi

    I love all of their songs!

  • Stella Queencie Stylark

    actually zayn’s part is:

    flashing lights on my mind going back through the time playing games in the street kicking balls on my feet. also it is pile not part

    and lou’s is Hands are silent
    Voices numb
    Try to scream out my love
    But it makes this heart ache
    And the tears stream down my face

  • Kailani Hays

    the lyrics are always wrong on this site lol

  • Beatriz horan 1D

    Eu choro, eu canto, eu sorrio cantado essa bela música! Directioner com muito orgulho :) I love you so much much

  • Kaitlyn Otterbine

    Does anyone else read the comments of something before they pay attention to the stuff?(also,I am a MEGA Directioner. GO 1D!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Zaynsbabe

    Love this song(;

  • Joslynn Ashley Skutt

    Well i knew the second half

  • Joslynn Ashley Skutt

    Well i knew the second half

  • Andi

    This song is so sad but yet it is my favorite song

  • Andi

    The first time I heard this song it made me cry and now I still am close to crying

  • T-Pika

    Ed Sheeran wrote this song. Sorry but it’s about Larry.

    • Aubrey Roces

      How? :/ #nohate

  • ghazal