More Than This Lyrics

  • Luna

    Oooooh so beautiful… But I’m not so sure if it’s “when YOU open his arms”, I think that it’s “when HE open his arms”… But I’m not sure, as I said 😉

    • http:/ Jessica

      I think this song is like a poem….(: I HAVE DIRECTION INFECTION!!! yeah that’s right .. better than BIEBER FEVER.. yoo… follow my tumblr all: http;/ i’ll follow back your’all tumblr!! DIRECTION INFECTION! ALWAYS AND FOREVER I’LL BE “DURECTIONERS/DIRECTIONATORS!! bye.

  • Sophie

    i absolutly love this song, one direction are just…Wow, there aren’t even words to explain how i feel! 😀

  •!/BreHoran bre

    I love this song<3 It's the best ever<3

  • Niall’s Nerd

    I love this song<3
    But there are a lot of lyrics you got wrong.

  • Emilie Kragh

    I love this song <3.

  • Becky

    You have got loads of lyrics wrong!!!

  • Zully

    I love this song and Becky ur super WRONG kk

  • Jessica

    It says I CAN love you more than this.
    But I love this song <3

  • Jessica

    You’re right ! It annoyed me -.-

  • mikayla

    Finally nialls solo and its my ringtone of course!

  • destiny perez

    This is the best song ever but it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend and he was a real jerk to me. He made do everything for him like he didnt have any legs and i just want a guy that i can cuddle at night and who will love me for who i am. <3

  • Caitlin Payne

    I love that song!!! By the way u got a lot of lyrics wrong but either way I still love this song. I love Liam so much he is so SEXY!!!<3<3
    "I can love u more than Danielle, Liam!!!"<3<3

  • SamloveArchie

    I can’t stop singing this song! Probably my favorite. <3

  • Angeliz martinez

    I love u one direction u guys are my heart my life my dream.:)

  • Mahra

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  • A c m

    I love this song cuz I can love one more then this and they have my heart 100%

  • 1Dlovertara

    Oh my God not even guys can hate one direction:-*I love them so much

    • HeavenPayen305

      my brother hates one direction he says there gay but there not he is

      • Heaven305

        i love them so much

        • Amal Malik


  • Paige Reddicliff

    Louis’ solo in this song <3

  • Amal Malik

    i wish

  • Heaven305

    tell liam i said i love him so much

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I feel bad cuz I can love one direction more but they alreadyhave my heart 100%

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    Lots of hugs and Kiss one direction

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    You are the best band I the world

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    I need one direction

  • alayssa or a c m I <3 u 1D

    One direction you are my life

  • Iloveniallhoran

    No offence to whoever wrote this… But those aren’t the lyrics..

    • Iloveniallhoran

      It’s pretty brutal… Lol… No offence anyone…

  • zainaluveszain(zayn)

    Some of the lyrics r wrong. But its ok cause I still love one direction

    • cheyenne


  • Kamila Malik

    Rong lyrics! If fan site, it should b right!

  • lilly payne

    There are alot of mistakes in these lirycs

  • ghazal

    Omg this song is…….so beautiful♥

  • cheyenne

    Nialls part is adorable

  • Emma

    Well most of the lyrics are wrong.. But i still love one direction especially Niall and Louis :)

  • mina

    love it so muchhhh

  • Emily Malik

    wrong lyrics