Stand Up Lyrics Lyrics

  • I-love-monkeys1999

    I love this song. I heard it and fell in love!(:

  • A c m

    One dorection stole my heart I love them so much

  • emma

    i love this song

  • Louisismine

    I love them so much that I know every word to everyone of their songs, I know all of their full names, their favorite colors, their favorite foods, and about everything about them! -directioner till death

  • Michi

    Ing I love this song so much!!!!!!! I wish I could see the boys singing this song live! I bet that’d make everyone’s day!!!!! I love 1D!

  • tristen

    i love this song

  • brianna

    i love this song even though its old

  • Sergio Leo Burruel

    Love this song!!!!! <3

  • Elianya Peguero

    I love this song!