What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics

  • gianna

    U dont know your beautiful

  • KanaanMoon

    I love this song it explains to girls who don’t feel worth anything or don’t feel pretty I felt that way until I heard this song now every time I hear it I know I’m worth something and that I am pretty no matter what people say about me

  • KanaanMoon

    Thank u one direction ur my hero’s

  • Tori Granger

    When I saw this app I knew it was perfect for me !!!!!!! And my sister

  • simon10

    I love it so much it is so awesome thanks for the time you put in to make the app.
    PS. I love one drecton

  • Ryan Kaiser

    1d is awesome

  • http://twitter.com/wabosoudah 1D LOVER

    Its so true

  • http://twitter.com/wabosoudah 1D LOVER

    I LOVE one direction there songs make feel special and beautiful and more importantly the make me feel happy that I am me and all the haters out there just admit it ur jealous ofnthem thats y the haters hate

  • alicat love 1D

    Omg I love Louis soooooooooooooooo… much

  • ghazal

    Its so beautiful

  • directioner!!

    Luv this song !!!! And the rest of one direction!!!!

  • sara

    when i heard that song that message made me feel like i am beautiful and everyone is telling me that i am beautiful

  • leah

    How come niall doesnt sing on his own

  • jasmin

    can you marry me maybe

  • Brandi Burnett

    This is how they started :3

  • Aleah

    i love it