Mom Offers One Direction $1 Million To Spend A Day With Her Daughter

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American Moms will do anything for their children.

Even offer the world’s most famous boy-band a cool $1 million to spend one day with their daughter.

Yup, that’s the crazy amount of cash a die-hard mum in Ford Lauderdale, Florida offered to pony up to One Direction, if the lads would spend time with her little girl.

That’s according to former 1D bodyguard Andy Davies — known affectionately by the famous fivesome as “Baldy.”

“Baldy” told The Sunday Mirror:

“We were in a lift in Ford Lauderdale, Florida. And this lady offered the boys $1 million to meet her kid.”

“This lady didn’t understand why we couldn’t take her offer,” continued Baldy.

Baldy admitted it wasn’t the first time desperate mums on both sides of the Atlantic have offered huge booties of bucks for the boys to meet, sing, or party with their obsessed daughters.

“Sometimes the parents can be worse than the actual fans,” he said. “Some of these very wealthy people will do anything for their daughters.”

“Three years ago, you wouldn’t have paid a fiver to meet the band!” he chuckled. “It’s truly astonishing!”