‘Our Moment’ Breaks Records As Fastest Selling Perfume In History!

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One Direction’s hotly anticipated fragrance ‘Our Moment’ has broke records!

Just like everything else that One Direction do.


The Perfume Shop has revealed that bottles of the stuff were flying off the shelf faster than any other perfume they’ve ever had!

A representative of the shop, Michelle D’Vaz said: “Our Moment has outsold any other fragrance, based on first week sales alone,

We reckon we should definitely be invited to their record-breaking celebration party, seeing as we bought about 348 bottles of the stuff.

The store have awarded 1D with a “Golden Perfume Bottle Award”, after breaking records with bottle sales.

This makes it officially THE fastest selling perfume in history EVER!

Faye Langworth of Modest! Management spoke of the record-breaking, saying: “The success of Our Moment is something One Direction are very proud of,”

“The incredible level of sales we’ve seen so far of Our Moment, and the overwhelming feedback given by fans, is a reflection of the band’s involvement in every stage of its creation, and their desire to make a personal and unique product for their fans.”

Well, at least we know that about 99.9% of the girls in the world are smelling absolutely de-lic-ious!

Have you got a bottle of ‘Our Moment’? How much do you love it?

  • Judith Phlmnn

    proud *_*

  • Anamiletartis

    Omg so proud (:
    2nd comment
    &&’ i guess Im that .1% that doesnt smell de-lic-ious because I dont have Our moment yet :/ Sucks

    • Kat Styles

      We are so much alike on that topic in every way!

      • Anamiletartis

        Haha lln (:

    • The Payne Of Being A Fangirl

      Im also proud! My mom actually went to the mall two days ago and came back with a paper with the fragrance (I was so jealous bc she saw the perfume in person). The only reason she didn’t get it was bc it was out of stock. We actually went to the mall today and the people at Macy’s said that they just became out of stock AGAIN.

  • Directiongurl4life

    OMG so happy now.! My ‘friend’ said that Taylor Swift’s perfume is much better based on a stupid magazine but now I finally can prove her wrong ^_^

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Directioners made all of this happen.. :)) Proud of them! Teehee! I love Directioner! :DD

  • Anonymously Harry


  • Directioner

    Omg…..so proud of u 1D!

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Wow the boys must be proud as they were scared that us directioners wouldn’t like it but we do like it WE LOVE even my mum loves it
    I still haven’t bought but every time I go shops I spray from it and I’m buying it soon hopefully I have the our moment body lotion but not the perfume yet

  • i_luv_1D_14

    Proud directioner

    So proud of the boys

  • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

    IM SO PROUD OF OUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Busot <3 1D

    Whoo! Haha we beat Justin Bieber’s fragrance… Oh yeahhh

  • Cat G.

    I have it and it smells like freaking heaven! It is so amazing!

    • Riel Whittle

      Yeah I do too! High five!

      • Cat G.

        ***highfives Riel***

  • Stini2526

    I love it way to go

  • Ailynnn

    I haven’t got one yet but I’m dying to have one.

    • PoptartsI̲̅D̲̅

      Me too :)

  • Rayann Chabbo

    OMG I love it soo much. Got it for my birthday and was so excited. They really have nice taste.

  • Alexis

    It smells as good as they look..Which is Awesome!


    I got a bottle :) It’s amazing it changes scents every couple of minutes and the final scent is a berry a vanilla creamy scent. At first it will smell like very sweet flowers and next it’ll smell like plain berries and the final is beutiful. It smells like berries and vanilla over all :) xxx.

  • onedirection


  • 4everdirectioner

    as usual!WOW

  • Angelica Styles

    Im crying because I live in Puerto Rico

  • vicki

    where can i find it in new york????

  • Abby

    I love it!!No one here likes ine Direction but when they and as the nam Im gonna be…bam Our Moment by ONE DIRECTION!!But are the only doing perfunme or are doing other thing like ,body wash?

  • Summer Love

    I love it, smells good

  • Christina Nichole