One Direction Music

  • Faith

    I love one direction so much every time I am mad or sad I always blast oned songs

  • fazila

    i love every son on every album

  • fazila

    whene i see them i smile even when i’m sad

  • Like Harrry

    Na na na I like HRAAY’S eyes best.

  • Harry styles

    vmet me now

  • Allyssa Kaye Soler

    I really love their songs!!

  • Allyssa Soler✌

    I love them so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!

  • Christie Penny

    i want to meet them someday? I wish they could come to my school. Hey 1D, Can yall visit St. Pius in lafayette louisiana? 😛 Jk. I wish tho…

  • Mrs Malik-Hood

    I absolutely adore you and I and don’t forget where you belong

  • chloe hansen

    i love every single song but my favorite is little things

  • chloe hansen

    i was reading through these comments ansi saw people saying that they’re the biggest directioners and i really hate that cause all directioners are equal to me and it just makes every directioner feel like there not a big enough directioner and then when more and more people say that they just stop trying and dint even like 1D any more i have a best friend who stopped liking 1D cause of what people were saying so all directioners are equal and any one who says that they are the biggest directioner aren’t really a directioner to me cause were all the same and we all like the same people yeah maybe some people only have like 2 or less posters but hat doesn’t mean that they like them any less then every other directioner

  • Raheel Bhamjee

    Hi guyz. Just wanted to let you guyz know that im like such a huge fan of zayn. One direction is like the closest thing to perfection. I hope to meet someone just like zayn. And im really happy for zayn and perry. :))

  • nancy nguyen

    i love niall

    • i luv niall

      ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)



  • Simmy


    • Simmy

      I love Zayn

      • Ms. Chispa Malik

        ME TOOOOO!!!!!

  • alicia

    It is my birthday in October 21 and I want to know if you can tell me happy birthday or a picture and you sign it

  • shelbywhittington

    I love the album guy’s

  • Alexis Kalthoff

    hi everyone

    • Ms. Chispa Malik


  • Alexis Kalthoff

    anyone on?

  • Ms. Chispa Malik

    Why did I find out about this blog 2 years after this people??? I LOVE ONE DIRECTIONNNNNNN!!!!!!! 😀

  • lissy

    I love one direction harry love

  • @homer_ladera

    when I cHat 1D feeLinghApie:)

  • Tiffany Leonard

    I hate it when people say that One Direction is the worst boy-band in the world. Cuz it’s not

  • nagham

    i love all of them

  • Diana Martinez

    I’m one direction fan i love liam payne and Louis tomlisom and Zayn malik and Niall horan

  • anaya ♡ tomlinson

    i love one direction 20/20 BABYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • Mary Flor Fronda

    Harry marry me.. <3

  • Lily Mitchell

    i love all of them i wont them to come to my birthday party 8/24/2002 to sing a song for me please 319okewoodave

  • zain


  • deb

    I want 2 know what the song on say yes to the dress is


    you can stole all of my things
    but you can’t stole the heart of harry styles:)
    <3 <3 <3

  • Isabel

    little things is my fav song and btw…. i have a friend who knows niall and harry lol

  • Sabrina latif

    Love Zayn Malik he is the best member in one Direction

  • kylie

    I’ve been to one direction’s 2013 concert it was alsome

  • kylie

    I got a autogragh by nail and harry and a picture with nail*************************************************************

  • maddie nagai

    I Love Louis i want to see them at miller park

  • meldred

    can i meet one direction

  • jamilatou

    i love harry that the best song ever

  • Eskild Hillerup Pöckel

    So, I have just noticed that irresistable is not on the “Take me home” album on spotify. I have also seen that One Direction has no live performances with this song. Why is that so?